"Boden Gate 3" Full-line full-branch all-branch all-partner task strategy general, full task list (including "customs clearance and full task process", "full branch task" and "task refinement overall view")."Baldur’s "Gate 3)" is by Larian A magic adventure RPG produced and distributed by Studios is also the latest masterpiece of a series of legendary "The Gate of Bude" series. As one of the earliest RPG games, "The Gate of Bade" has a huge impact and milestone significance in the world, and has set a benchmark for the entire RPG game industry. More than 20 years have passed since the previous work "Borders 2", the latest sequel of this legendary series once again provided us with the epic adventure chapter of the Ferun World, let us work together to enter the new legendary journey!


This task system is similar to the original sin 2 of the divine world. The task time and place span a long span. There are many branches that can be selected. Many tasks are hidden and complicated.

Therefore, the author first produces a task for the player’s reference. The overall viewing and task details will be fully replenished and increased after being fully explored.

(The content of the game that can be explored is very rich. You are also welcome to add and express opinions to make the strategy more perfect.)

For detailed task strategies, please move the author’s full Raiders: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3818003_10.html

Please refer to the all-hundred science tutorial: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3818093.html


Chapter 1

1. Summary

The mission system of "Boded Gate 3" is similar to the original sin 2 of the god world. The task time and place span a long span. There are many branches. Many tasks are hidden and complicated.

In addition, there are many important encounters that are not tasks, so the author first conducts a chapter and the total viewing of various regions to summarize important tasks/encounters in each region.

This story takes place in Ferren, and new and old players can discover the hidden history here and create legendary adventures.


Chapter 1 The main content is to explore the area and find the way to cure the infection of the cure.

Players need to gather teammates to deal with robbers, adventurers, goblins, gray dwarfs, Tifillin, Druid, and crickets.

There are a lot of encounters and tasks on the map.


Note that the key on the right side of the small map can travel quickly and return to the camp to rest.

Be sure to complete your teammates during the camp.

Although the partnership mission in this chapter has not been fully launched, such long-term tasks should be step by step.


When resting the camp, the plot of the devil and the person (the person who squeezes the character when creating a character) will be triggered.

All characters will get skill rewards.

The thief will also get additional blood-sucking skills because of the partner’s plot.


If you like to act with the protagonist’s field of view, it is recommended to choose a race with dark vision as the protagonist.

The protagonist actually needs to be perceived and interactive.


Chapter 1 Total: Task-Main Line

Second, task

1. Leezel in the cage

In fact, players need to walk around to gather teammates, not only Leezel, but the location is obvious. Lyezel, who was found near the crash of the spacecraft, can be found by Tidflin, who can save Ledezel without blood blade and other tests, or attack Tifillin.

2. Abandoned ruins

It is recommended that the team level 2 or higher challenge this task. There are 4 entrances to the ruins north of the spacecraft. The position of the shadow heart near the beach is the entrance 1, which can be unlocked and entered. The position of the strong stealing team on the mountain is entrance 2. The robbers can enter the door to enter, or you can cut the ropes of hanging stone at the red circle and smash a hole in. Finally, the cellar door on the right side of the chapel is entrance 4. Deep in the ruins, open the agency, obtain the deceased’s conversation necklace, and defeat the Lich talked after the secret room (the practical deceased talked necklace) can invite him to the camp to help the player resurrect the teammates.(The current test version does not need to defeat the Lich, he will also come to the camp to meet with the player after leaving.)


3. Remove the parasite

This is the main line of this chapter, including a large number of branches. The tasks of the following 3.1 to 3.8 are related to the main line.

3.1, Druid’s apprentice

The Druid Land in the forest land of West Fansas entered the Shimen to find the doctor Needi. Seeking Needi help will be poisoned by her. It can be avoided by judging from far away, agile, etc., but it is very difficult. After poisoning, persuasion, theft, or even kill Nete can get antidote (there are props such as poison on Needi).

3.2, Earth Captive

The land captive Catalum in the forest cage of Xifan Nas asked the player to save her. After unlocking, you can take Saza out of the dense road by the cliff. This can easily enter the ground essence and see the goblin leader.

3.3, Di Jing Girl Priest

After entering the earth-sophisticated fortress, unlock the team link. Single people follow the priests to the chapel. She will let the players fall asleep black tea. After drinking, she will be imprisoned to the dungeon. Regardless of whether it is successful or not to get rid of the predicament (plot killing), the dense door behind the dungeon leads to the dark area.

3.4. Elderly pharmacist

The south of the map can find Essel (ghost), seeking help to get a permanent Debuff who will get the eyes of a ghost woman, and learned that the parasites are specially produced.(You need to know the face of the broken ghost to trigger this task, but you can still achieve this goal without triggering tasks. Because it is a side effect, it is recommended not to choose. Please refer to the tea room task.)

3.5, find Druid

Talking with NPCs in West Fannas’ forest land and NPC can know that their Great Druid is missing. Druid was imprisoned in the northeast (upper right) cell inside the earth’s fortress, and Druid was a bear form. Choose to attack goblins. Two small essence will escape out and block the house door as soon as possible to kill the goblins. After clearing the exquisiteness of the room, the bear turned back to Druid. Halxin asked you to kill Di Jing three heads and return to the camp after completion. Halxin checked that the parasites were transformed by the followers of the Supreme God, and they must go to the tower of the month to find the answer.

3.6, Guangyaohui

When asked about the player, the Earthquakes of the Village can tell the truth when asking the player. After collecting the mushrooms of Qi Gaoxin’s potion (the mushrooms are in the Olympic Tower in the southwest of the dark region, there are 0 load-bearing shoes in the balcony box on the right side of the door. Jump from the balcony opposite the door with slow settlement and add light to the generator to add lightly to the generator. The language tree flower starts the elevator. After watching the script in the middle layer, you can get a bottle of flying potion in the dialogue with the robot. Take a ring called the lighting on the table. You can take the elevator to the basement of the tower. There is a staff.)Take the magic system for a good bottle of medicine for the player to drink. No matter how it is judged, the parasite will become stronger, and the role of drinking medicine will get a new AOE ability. Said the Mind Magic to sell a ring for players for sorry.

3.7, go to the monthly out

There are three roads that can go out to the tower area of the month. The map is climbing in the southwest, the northwest hidden mountain mouth, the dark area-beach by boat.

3.8, Gi Siye’s healing method

Rescue Layezel told the player that there is a Gisan Yanji patrol in the Northwest. Later, Liezel was found infected and then started war with the patrol.

Chapter 1 General Examination: Task-Branch Line

4. Save refugees

This task includes three branches of 4.1 to 4.5.

4.1. Attacking forest land

Communicating with the earth, he asked us to find Zhuer Ming Sara, and Ming Sara plans to attack the forest land. Players can return to the forest land as the inside to open the door for Ming Sala, or they can report the plan to Tidlin in the forest land, and the siege of the siege of the attack troops (that is, by the way, the Druid mission is completed).

4.2, deal with gelatin

Finding Greater Druid in the ground camping, he will let the player kill Di Jing. A painting can be found in the camp, and there are three leaders in the painting. All three leaders are in the earth-sophisticated fortress, one incense Sala, a geomantic, and a female priest. It is recommended that the priests, Zhuoer, and earth essence are killed. It is best to sneak attacks, and use more scenes.

4.3. Chief Druid

You can find a lock box in the Library of Druid Gate. After prying open, there is a secret letter in Khaha. There is a big tree (near the edge of the ghost wife swamp) (there are 2 elements and 4 bats nearby), and another letter can be found on the cracks on the tree. After going back to ask Kaha, 3 animals nearby will become a shadow Druid. Here you can persuade Ikaha or kill her with other Druid. Then I found the Rune of the Wolf to get the Lasan award. An An was on the stone pillar in the stone gate in Druid to activate the four runes to open the secret room. The runes of the wolf can also be stolen.

4.4, suspicious connection

After the bookshelf of the servant residence in the Druidi Land Hall, he found the Kayha box suspiciously. Based on evidence to go to the swamp to find the letter in the gap, suspiciously proved that Kaha was a shadow Druid.(See the chief Druid mission)

4.5, deal with Druid

Contract Kaha through suspicious connection tasks, or directly kill Kaha (hostile to Druid).

5. Trial child

In the Kaha room of West Fannas, he found that Haka caught a Tofillin child, and he could choose to save the child. After saving the child, you can go back to find his parents to reward, jewelry and lighting.

6. Tea room

The south of the map found that two young people were looking for ghosts, and they would continue to find that the two young people died tragically. Come to the tea room to meet the ghost Po Essel to force Melina to eat. Whether you choose to accept the eyes of ghosts or fighting, the ghosts will escape into the rear channel of the fireplace. Followed it in and found a road blocking (actually an illusion, you can pass it directly.) Finally found the ghost to enter the battle through a large piece of poisonous gas. Here we have to put down the cage according to the control ball in front of the ghost to slap the cage.(The ghost-in-law will disappear when he fights, and it is a bit under pressure to not hit the avatar. It is recommended to use a spell missile to clear three illusions at a time.) Kill the ghost, find the ghost wands and magic wands in the back room. During the ghost puppet nest, Melina found that in front of her husband’s coffin, she used a ghost wand to resurrect his husband (zombie), and then chose to give her a magic wand. Melina would take her husband to the door of Bude.

7. Rescue the bard poet

Outside the Goblin Fortress, Voro will encounter a forced voya poet, and he will find that Voro is locked in a cage in the fortress. After saving him, he can let Varo go to the camp. Let Varro treat you with parasites, the eyes will permanently damage the debuff. The main function of this guy is a rumor inquiry machine.

8. Suspicious singing

The beach in the northeast of Druid Lynch can save the Tidelin child who is confused by the singing of the banshee. You need to come here before Toflin left to trigger the task.

9. Stealing the idol

If the child in the suspicious singing voice is saved, the forest land in Xifan Nas is suspicious, and there is a Tidovling child named Doni on the channel to Druid Lynch. If you talk to him, you can enter the shattered stone pileCovering the dragon hole. The Moore in the dragon acupoint allows players to steal the statue of Xifan Nasce. It is best to solve the Khaha problem before stealing it in the inner hall. Once he was stolen, the forest land would be caught in a civil war.

10. Operation from time to time

A dwarf was tied to a windmill in the middle of the infected village. The handle on the right side of the bottom of the windmill would throw the dwarf out to death. Go to the backpack (inside the cellar next to the windmill).

11. Pharmacist’s cellar

You can find a pharmacist’s house in the infected village, and there is a cellar door next to the table in the house. There is a secret passage behind a large cabinet in the cellar. The switch is switched on the wall behind 3 boxes (there are three stacked boxes on the left side of the wardrobe, and the tie rod is hidden behind). Open the passage and find that the pharmacist is a necromancer. At the end of the passage, there are two stone statues and ghost spraying fireballs in the room. You can choose to destroy the law book, read or read it yourself. After reading a book (verification), you can learn the skills of undead, and then if you continue to read the failure, you will have a 50 -round perception disadvantage. After this period, you can continue to read again after this period. EssenceSpells such as sacred light on the ground can be destroyed, or swallowing Gal can be destroyed.

12. Lost journey

On the north of the map, there will be a bunch of wolves around the two elves. You can choose to control the beings to kill others with a parasite to kill others and get a locking box. You can choose to open the box or find the owner of the box (there is an iron bottle printed with a 4 -level eye demon). The rescued elf will tell the player’s dens of San Tarin. Behind the house that was burned by Wak Jin’s dormant place, one of the houses in the middle of the two livestock sheds could go in with him. After opening the locking box, it is difficult to move in it peacefully. It is best not to open the box.

13. Escape the devil

In the north, there is a cottage in the east of the Wolf man. The team of the Tyr Saints Andus wants the player to chase a Tidlin named Kaikk. Katak said that he was escaping from hell by a snail shell, and was hunted by the servant of the big devil Tagarle. Choose to help Anders only get his hands. You can also get it after choosing to help Cayk, and Kayak said he would see you at the door of Bude (potential ally).

14. Rescue Duke

A hot house can be found near the dormant place in the northwest corner of the map. It is recommended that single people go in to save people. After breaking the door, the consultant told the player Duke to be hijacked to the West.

15. The trapped semi-elf

Wo Jin’s dormant land rescued Benlin in the fire house, and Benlin asked to find his wife. On the second floor of the partial room on the west side, he can find his wife’s body (throwing the body with a throw to throw the body into the courtyard) Benlin saw that the body would tell the player that his wife was carrying dowry. The dowry is in the cow shed in the west of the house. There is a straw pile that needs to be found to find it.

16. Escape Master

Sanata will go to the den. After entering, I met a businessman to catch the artist Oscar, and rescued Oscar with money or other means (it was OK to sneak in the past).

17. Undurable masterpiece

In the infected village, there are many blacksmith tools in the locked basement. The blueprint can be found on the table, and the light-language bark can be used to forge light-language weapons. Light-language bark is on the light-language trunk of the dark region (not light language).

18. Circle Ring

Entering the habitat of the people in the dark area, agreed to help the king of the people kill the gray dwarf (it is best to find the gray dwarf to complete the gray dwarf task first). After completing the task, King of the Ren will open the treasure house and allow the player to get a hidden helmet.

19. Lost shoes

In the gray dwarf camp, the gray dwarf will let the player find a dwarf slave to get back the boots. Efforts are next to Wang Bos, Wang Bos, you can get his shoes or directly grabbing. The shoes attributes are good, you can stay or return. The gray dwarf will ask players to take a boat to send shoes, in fact, it is to enter the area of the moon out of the moon.

20. Hunting Mushroom Hunter

The habitat merchant Delice told the player that his abbot Baron was surrounded by a bunch of poisonous mushrooms, northwest of the map. You can remotely control him with the backpack next to Baron, or throw him an agile verification to him.

21. Another king of people

On the way to destroy the gray dwarf, another king Grart will help players. After playing the dwarf, Grate wants to build a new ring of the people, and you can choose to help Grate destroy the ring of the king of the king. Players can also sneak directly at the light dwarf camp, and then let King Grart resurrected them. It is easier to fight with the resurrectioner once.(It should be a test version bug)

22. Find the song of dark night

On the way forward to the groundbort, two bounty hunters will be encountered, telling players about the song of the night. The dense door behind the priest of the ground priest leads to the dark area where the night of the night is located. Customs solution method: Four crescents (all black) in the place of light, the upper four full moon, two and a half months on the left and right sides, after entering, there is a dark area-fortress.

Chapter 1 Total: Task-Partner

Partner task

During the adventure and when camping, the team members will be triggered by various events. Players need to closer the member relationship, and the incident can trigger the task of each member all the way. Usually the partner task runs through the entire game, and the author will gradually add.

1. Geis Yanji warrior

After Leezel joined the team, he encountered the Gisan Yankeli patrol in the northwest of the map.

Captain refused to help Leezel, and also framed her as an artifact thief. The player had to help her clean up the siege of the Gisan Yanji.

2. Master of Sham Shui City

I met Master Gall near the ruins.

Gal’s camping said that he needed to absorb the magic nets in the strong aisle props to maintain the core stability of the body.

The ghost wands, the statue of Xifan Nas, and the Senniel amulets can be used. The magician in the cellar of the pharmacist can also give him a sucking, destroying the magician and maintaining Gal’s stability.

3, pale elves

Elven Adarine’s camping will want to suck the blood of the player.

Agree with blood blood (twice to prevent failure will be killed directly) and refuse to suck blood for him to hunt himself, Asdalun will get a blood-sucking skill.

4. Blade Blade

When he encounters Will in Tidflin, Will will let players help kill Di Jing.

In the ground camping place, he would encounter the prisoner of the interrogation, and then talked to Will for a woman who was looking for a woman named Mizola (actually a demon).

The player promised to help Well end and the demon’s contract.

5. Dark daughter

I encountered an elf shadow heart at the snail shell, and learned that Yingxin worshiped the goddess of the night.

Yingxin will fiddish a strange box in the camping.

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