"Boden Gate 3" graphic teaching process encyclopedia, all-ethnic professional attribute skills specialty magic and combat gameplay skills. The Gate 3 of Boded uses the 5th edition of the Dragon and Dungeon Gaming Rules (D & D5E). It is relatively strange for many players. Come on and check the encyclopedia."Baldur’s Gate 3" is a magical adventure RPG produced and distributed by Larian Studios, and it is also the latest work of a series of legendary "Bodid Gate" series. As one of the earliest RPG games, "The Gate of Bade" has a huge impact and milestone significance in the world, and has set a benchmark for the entire RPG game industry. More than 20 years have passed since the previous work "Borders 2", the latest sequel of this legendary series once again provided us with the epic adventure chapter of the Ferun World, let us work together to enter the new legendary journey!


1. Use Guide

1. Inspection

First of all, the DND rules are determined to have a personality. Although it is simple and rude, it is a game of dice.

No matter what you want to do, you need to throw the dice to see if it is successful, or what the effect has been produced, and the dice is called-verification.

Your various attributes are strengthened, all kinds of equipment props, and various operations are for one purpose-through verification or verification, there is a good result, and you can understand the rules to understand this premise.


The verification is divided into three types, and the ability testing, exemption inspection and attack verification. We use the ability test as an example.

When you have to do one thing, for example, if you want to investigate the pool, you need to conduct ability to verify. Specifically, there is a intelligent test in the ability. There will be several elements-

Difficulty level: It is equivalent to the difficulty of testing. In this example, you have to figure out the condition of the pool. The difficulty level is 10.

Dice: The verification is performed with a 20 -sided dice, called D20, and the value of the cast is greater than equal to the difficulty level.

Add value: Of course, it is not to say that you can listen to the sky by the dice. You can also have a lot of additional value to adjust the results. For example, if you conduct intellectual testing, the intellectual value can be added to the result. The author is very sad here, the intelligence value of intelligence is negative, that is, the impairment, which is also "added" to the result. In other words, even if I vote for 10, the end result is 10-1 = 9, and it is still impossible to pass the verification.


So, there are several ways to pass the verification-

Selection: There are often different methods to achieve the goal, which is simple and difficult, that is, when the income is quite important (this is very important, many times choose different income, the process and results are different), youTry to choose a way with low difficulty levels to achieve goals. For example, the difficulty of unlocking is 20 and the difficulty of smashing is 15, so it is obvious that it is easier to choose. This requires people with all kinds of abilities as possible in your team, so that you have sufficient choices.

Reinforcement: If the difficulty cannot be selected, it is necessary to strengthen the corresponding ability by relying on the enhancement of attributes, equipment, magic, and temporary props. For example, it is also smashed, and you must be more likely to value 10 people than 2. This also involves team problems, trying to make all kinds of "big guys" in the team.

God of God: In the end, it is God’s will. Even if you are all ready, you ca n’t beat the dice and lose 1, hahaha.


What can you get after the verification? Sometimes it is items, sometimes experience, sometimes task information, sometimes a sharp attack, sometimes a ingenious dodge, everything, or that, this is a dice game, this is a dice game., The dice is the world of Qiankun.

For example, just checking the pool, you have passed the intellectual test and found that the shell of the pool is fragmented. This is the information obtained by the verification. You will realize that you do n’t touch it.

Such a verification will give you a sense of increasing, and will analyze and judge and enhance interest.


If you do n’t believe in evil, uh, the pool will be overwhelmed, and you will be hurt.

In short, choose the right person to pass the appropriate verification, and you can get the reward you deserve!


In addition, some verifications are completed passively, that is, it is carried out automatically.

For example, detection can make you discover some hidden details.

This type of passive verification is directly taken by 10, which is equivalent to the dice you have already cast, the result is 10, and then add the corresponding value.

(So there is a companion who noticed the high verification. It is important to find some useful information and place items or something.).)


The order in the battle is also the result of agile+first attack capabilities, which is equivalent to performing agile first-mortem inspection for everyone. The higher the result, the more you act first.

At the same time, there will be a hidden and perceived test during the battle, and if the enemy is not found, it will be raid.

The raid characters were unable to act in the first round.


Attack and damage are also the result of the verification.

After attacking 20 -sided dice, plus the value of proficiency and attributes, compared with the opponent AC (armor level), as long as it is not lower than its AC, it can hit the opponent.

If you pass the test, you may not be subject to or less harm or immune to reducing some negative effects. For example, the agile exemption verification passed the trap damage.


1. Bit Guide: Properties/Add Value

2. Properties/value-added

We often mention the value added (impairment) in the previous section, so where does this value increase?

The value of value can be added to attributes, proficiency, level, equipment, magic, props and various effects.

One of the most important basic sources is the attribute.


Each attribute starts at 10 o’clock, and the additional value is adjusted at 2 points for each increase (otherwise the impairment).

For example, the 14 force corresponds to +2 adjustment value, and the 18 force corresponds to +4 adjustment value. These adjustment values are value-added/impairment.

These addition (reduction) values will provide bonus (reduction) -s (reduced) to the player’s roll (dice) results in the verification.

(Pay attention to the key attribute with the star number in the attribute.)



Affect the jump distance and weight.

More importantly, the power adjustment value affects the hit and damage of the attack (strength weapon).

Affects exercise testing.



It affects the first attack (the order of action in encounter) and the armor level (AC value to reduce the chance of players hit the player).

Agile adjustment value affects the hit and damage of the attack (dexterous weapon).

Affects gymnastics, clever hands, hidden verification.



Affects the upper limit of life.

Affecting the system based on the system (note that most of the judgments are actually based on various basic attributes, the same is true of strength, agility, intelligence, etc.).



Affected spells and spell success rates (DCs, the difficulty level of confrontation judgment).

Affects mystery, history, investigation, nature, religious testing.



The cast attributes of Druid, Ranger and pastors.

At the same time, it affects perception, medical care, survival, insight, and animal traineness.



The cast attributes of binquets, sacred warriors, warlocks, and evil artists.

Like to negotiate and control the ability.

Affect deception, intimidation, performance, lobbying test.


At present, the single attributes of characters in the game generally cannot exceed 15, and then there are two extra points.

At 2 o’clock, one bonus, players can distribute two attributes.

That is to make the attributes reach 17, and another important attribute can reach up to 16.


1. Bit Guide: Proficiency

3. Professional value

This is a special value-added to the level.

At level 1 ~ 4: Proficiency value is 2

At levels 5 ~ 8: Professional value is 3

At the 9th to 12th: the proficiency value is 4

At 13 ~ 16: The proficiency value is 5

At 17 ~ 20: The proficiency value is 6


The proficiency value will be added to all your good inspection.

For example, if you are good at lobbying, in addition to the charm added value, you will add your proficient value.

If you are good at dagger, you will also add your proficiency when you attack it with a dagger.


There are also many professional skills and expertise that will add proficiency to some verifications.

In short, although the proficiency value is only linked to the level, it is a stable source of additional value. It is the most cost-effective income to introduce it to your verification as much as possible.


Another important feature of the proficiency value is to increase the number of attacks (it can also be said that the number of levels increases the number of attacks).

At the beginning, a single weapon can only attack once per round, but as the proficiency rises, the number of attacks in each round will also increase.

The number of attacks is related to occupation. Taking soldiers as an example, the number of attacks per round at 5, 11, and 20 is increased.


1. Benefit guide: Advantages/Disadvantages

4. Advantages/disadvantages

Whether it is various interactions or combats, in other words, whether it is capacity testing, attack verification or exemption, as long as it is verified, there may be advantages and disadvantages.

Your equipment, expertise and choice may allow you to obtain the advantages/disadvantages of the verification.

For example, if you are pinching your opponent, you have an attack advantage.


When obtaining an advantage, check the dice to two, and choose the one with a big throw result.

Conversely, there are two dice when the disadvantage, and the one with a small one.


Common advantage

1. Melee clamps and backstracks.

2. Remotely occupy high platform attacks.

3. Sneak through a motion to make the next attack advantage.

4. Use the ability to manufacture advantages such as virtual tricks to make the next attack advantage.

5. Reador Rev. Guide divine power to create phantoms, so that teammates have an advantage in attacking.

6. Some magic items comes with the advantage of enemy attack in the abnormal state.

7. Monster fire, enable the attacker to gain an attack advantage.

8. Dating, so that the caster has an advantage in the charm of the recipient.

9. When the enemy is falling to the ground, teammates within 5 feet have an advantage.

10. When the enemy is sleeping or unconscious, the attack is gaining advantage and hitting a crit.

Common disadvantages and response

1. When there is a disadvantage in the shadow, you can remove the disadvantage by obtaining dark vision (such as a candle of a fire handle).

2. When the enemy is close to the disadvantage of remote attacks, you can jump out of the scope of the opportunity by attaching evacuation.

3. When the enemy obtains a fixed advantage (such as recklessness), you can use the field of clouds to cover the vision to forcibly return to the balance.

4. Create your own best offset the disadvantages.


Note: No matter how much advantages, only one advantage is the same, the disadvantages are the same. The advantage can offset the disadvantages. Also, regardless of the quantity, that is, one advantage can offset the infinite disadvantages.

Try to make yourself an advantageous verification will make all kinds of verifications much easier.


1. Bit Guide: Skills

5. Skills

We mentioned a lot of skills in the verification before, which is the key to various interactions in the game players in the game.

Complete the interaction through skill testing, so as to obtain rewards and promote the continued development of the game.


For example, religious skills are related to intelligence.(For the attributes corresponding to the skill, please refer to the description in the attribute above.)

When players want to find a clue from religious information, they will make religious skills.

Players will invest 20 dice. After the results are rolled, the result is added with the mental difficulty (DC) of the information (DC), which is not less than the success of DC.

If the player’s religious skills are skilled skills, then the judgment results will be added with proficient adjustment, so that the possibility of exceeding DC is even higher.


The same is true of other skills testing.

If you want to judge the success, high-attribute adjustment is important, and this skill is more important to be skilled skills.

It is recommended that novices use medical, insight, perception, lobby (intimidation, deception), hidden and exercise as initial skilled skills to facilitate exploration, exchanges and fighting.


All include unrealistic, try to include medical and exercise through the background and birth choice.

Interactive (lobbying, intimidation, deception) is best to have one.

Inspiration and perception can better discover the enemy and secrets, and hiding can sneak into operations more conveniently.

Of course, skills do not have to be forced (or centered on race and career choices). Through the addition of subsequent characters, the skills covered by the team will become wider and wider, and they can cope with more judgments.


How many skills can be familiar with the character are related to races and occupations.

For example, human beings can be more proficient than other races, and wanders will have more proficient skills than other occupations.


1. Starting Guide: Action

6. Action

In battle (you can even click the round-round mode and operate according to the turnaround to avoid the special and complicated team’s operations). All characters take the "round" unit in turn (6 seconds in 6 seconds), and each round is in each round. You can do some movements.

The action is divided into ordinary actions (directly called action in the game) and an attached action. For example, the movement in the red frame in the figure, blue is an accompanying action, and brown is ordinary action.

Or directly look at the action description, there are differences in action/attachment to action, and even the differences between green and orange symbols.


Affiliated action is generally fast and simple action. Usually it can be performed once per round, which can be seen as an instant operation.

For example, using weapons across the flame to complete the accompanying action "dipping", so that the weapon has additional flame damage bonus.

Or jump to a certain place, push away people or objects, and conceal.


Check the classification below to see if the action is an attached action.


Ordinary actions are actions that consume more time, and usually can only be performed once per round.

For example, throwing the objects out, walking away (doubling the speed of movement in this round), fainting, assisting (helping teammates who are dying, falling to the ground, and controlling).

The use of attacks and many magic is ordinary action.


The red box below is mainly weapons and attack movements.

The blue box is magic, props, and skill movements.

The green frame is a moving bar. Each character has a movement speed (converted into a distance at 6 seconds per round). The character can be freely controlled in your own round.

In other words, if the character can move 25 feet in a round, he can allocate these mobile distances before, medium and after various actions.


In addition, when an enemy tries to leave from your side (or you try to leave the enemy), it will trigger the opportunity to attack and get an automatic free attack.

The character can get the opportunity to attack the attack bonus from different professional characteristics, equipment, and expertise.

Take the opportunity to attack the conditions automatically (you can click closely), and it will be carried out automatically outside the player’s round, and the opportunity to attack will have an advantage.


The character enters the dying after life drops to 0.

Each time the injury test will be performed, usually more than 10 will display stability once, and it will deteriorate once below 10.(You can pass the various capabilities to make the verification more beneficial)

Note that the icon in the diagram, each stable or deterioration will make the progress strip go further towards hexagonal (recovery) or skeleton (death).


Players can use assistance to help the wounded to stabilize the injury.

You can also use treatment and recovery magic to treat the wounded faster.


1. Bit Guide: Battle-Take-out/Response

7. Fighting

① Reaction/Take the opportunity to attack

The Gate of Bade is basically a standard DND war chess battle. All characters act in the order of first attack (through D20+agile adjustment+other attack effects).

The attack of the raid will be assaulted if they notice that the verification is not approved. The first round (generally called a raid wheel) when the raid is not performed.

Therefore, the more critical battles, the opportunity must be arranged in a hidden position, try to raid as much as possible, surround/cut/close to the enemy.

Active characters can move, standard actions, comes with giving action and response action every round. Basically, each action can only be performed once.


Standard movements: Standard movements are the actions that can perform once in your own round. Often, it will be some of the actions and more time-consuming capabilities. For example, perform a spell and attack. Standard movements can also be used for throwing, walking, uncomfortable strikes (stun) and assistance.

Affiliated action: Actions that can be performed once in your own round are often some faster actions or abilities. Such as a fast spell, or a deputy attack. Affiliated action can also be used for jump (evacuation), dipping, pushing, hiding.

Reaction action: The reaction is an action that can be performed in any round, and it is a response triggered when the condition is reached. But when you execute a reaction, you can no longer use the reaction until your next round. The most common reaction action is the opportunity to attack when the enemy leaves the attack range.


Here we emphasize the opportunity to attack:

The range of 5 feet around each character (you can see as a close body) is its control range. As long as there is a hostile character to leave (not to enter), it will trigger the opportunity to attack.

Therefore, when your entangled opponent wants to leave, or he wants to go through the teammates behind you (after you are close to you), it will cause the opportunity to attack.

Take the opportunity to attack you automatically attacking him once, and this attack has an advantage (two dice are big).


Therefore, the basic strategy of combat is to use tank/high-mobility melee characters (usually more resistant) to seal the high threat goals (especially remote) of the main opponent to prevent the enemy from attacking your fragile character.

Let you hit your firepower to eliminate high threat goals.

Even if the enemy wants to get rid of entanglement, the cost of spell/movement will be paid, or they will be taken to attack.


There is also a benefit of the goal of the high threat to the enemy. Such goals are often long-range damage.

Remote damage (no matter the bow and arrow or the spell), it will be disadvantaged when there is an enemy in the near-body range, and the dice are two dice.

Such entanglement will force the opponent to make a choice of delaying attacks (using action to get rid of entanglement) or bearing the opportunity to attack (leaving) to win the advantage of the battlefield.


Some spells also use reactions.

Use this spell (no action will be consumed), which will be triggered by this reaction when the conditions are achieved.

For example, the countermeasures of spells can react when the opponent is cast, and the cast failure can be decided. It is also a powerful control interruption, which is very important.


1. Bit Guide: Combat-Hit/Strike/AC

② Hit/Strike

D20 (20 -sided dice) during weapons attacks+strength/agile adjustment value+skilled added value ≥ target armor level (AC) to hit the opponent.

Depending on the weapon, the weapon attack depends on strength/agile. Most melee weapons are based on strength, while long-range weapons are based on agile. If melee weapons have smart words, they can also be based on agility. Please note that when using a melee weapon with a dexterous entry, you will use your strength or agile higher value to determine the hit. Some occupations allow you to use other adjustments to determine the hit of weapons attacks. If you use skilled weapons, you can also add your proficient value.


Spell attack depends on your main attributes.(The main attributes of each occupation have different attributes. See occupations and spells. For example, the mage is an intellectual pastor or a perception warlock or a charm.) If your cast attribute is intelligence, then your spell attack hit or not is based on your intelligence. Moreover, as long as you can apply, spell attack hitting will definitely add proficient value. The formula of the spell attack is: D20+cast the main attribute adjustment value+skilled added value. If your attack throw+various adjustment values is greater than or equal to the enemy’s armor level (AC), then attack!


Regardless of weapons or spells, if your D20 dice directly out of 20, it means that your attack will hit directly and cause a blow (double the damage dice, see below)!

If the D20 dice is 1 out, it will not hit directly.

In general, weapons and spell attacks can be divided into long-range and melee, but in most cases they calculate the same way of hitting the same, but more only some expertise/abilities, which can only be used for near//Remote attack.


The armor level (AC) is also an equally important existence in DND, depending on the type of armor you wear, and the computing method of armor will be different. At the same time, the basic armor of a creature will be 10.

Nailor: Basic armor (10)+ agile adjustment value

Light armor: light armor care + agile adjustment value

China A: China A Care + Agile Adjustment Value (only +2)

Heavy A: heavy armor care


Enemies who are unprecedented and dizziness, such as lying down, dizziness, often have a hit advantage, and the advantages can also gain the opportunity to attack or damage the advantage.

Therefore, try to make strong enemies in this unfavorable state during battle.


1. Bit Guide: Fight-Exemption

③ exemption

Exemption represents the resistance of spells, traps, toxins, diseases, or other similar threats. Depending on the different types of exemptions you do, you need to use different attribute adjustments. For example, agile exemption requires agile adjustment. At the same time, the occupation will give you some exemption proficiency, so you can add proficient value when performing these types of exemption. The formula for exemption is: D20+exemption attribute adjustment value+skilled added value.


If your exemption test is greater than the difficulty level (DC), the exemption is successful. Most exemptions will be halved (sometimes reduced) you suffer, and you will be exempted from some other negative effects.(Such as control)

When you show spells that need exemption, your goal will perform a spell exemption, and it is your spell exemption DC.

Your spell exemption DC will depend on your main attributes, not the opponent’s exemption attributes!

The formula of the spell-exemption DC is: 8+ main attribute adjustment value+skilled added value.

《3》 ���

For example, your main attribute adjustment value 3, skilled add value 2, then spell exemption DC is 8+3+2 = 13.

Your spell requires the other party to do agile exemption, so his D20+agile adjustment+skilled adjustment must be greater than 13 to achieve success.


1. Bit Guide: Battle-Damage/Resistance

④ damage/resistance

You need to determine the damage when the attack hit or the spell causes damage.

The judgment of damage is not complicated, and it is often a simple XDY.(For example, 1D6 represents a 6 -sided dice, and 2D8 represents 2 8 -sided dice).


Some damage will allow you to add certain attribute adjustments, such as weapon attacks.(The damage based on the weapon of agile life can be added to the agile adjustment value.)

For example, the damage of light crossbow is the value of the Value of the Valley of the Crossbow.


The damage will have different attributes. Some monsters will resist the damage to certain attributes (half harm, take it down), and others will be vulnerable (double damage, take down).

If the monster has dual resistance to a certain damage, the resistance will only be calculated once. For example, monster A is resistant to flames and spell attacks, then when he is hurt by flame spells, the damage will only become half. Therefore, the caster can prepare a variety of damage types as much as possible to break the weakness of the enemy.


Strike is doubled the damage dice. For example, the damage of 1D4 has become 2D4.

Then add the attribute adjustment value, pay attention to the adjustment value without double.

Occupation such as thieves should try to use sneak attacks, pinching and other methods to cause advantages, and then it is easier to play extra damage and strikes. With additional damage to multiple attacks, it can explode extremely high combat potential.


1. Bit Guide: Fight-Keywords

⑤ Battle keywords

Attack: The attack that needs to be hit, compare with the AC of the target. The higher the value, the better.

Exemption: Resisting a certain spell/trap/emergencies, compared with the DC of the spell/trap to be resisting. The higher the value, the better.

Difficulty level (DC): The difficulty of achieving something. The higher the value, the more difficult.

Armor level (AC): The character is used to defend and avoid the value of attack. The higher the value, the better.

XDY: x a yin dice.2D8-> 2 8-sided dice.

Skills: The ability of the role in all aspects of the role is used for verification. For example, exercise, concealment, medicine, history.

Long break: For 8 hours of rest, it will return to full blood, and will refresh all the cooling of all spells, items, and abilities.

Short break: For a short period of time, a certain amount of blood will be restored and some capabilities are refreshing.

Preparatory spell: Remember some spells before rest for the next day.

Ring: The level of spells, and quantity. Using all 2 rings represents you no longer can perform 2 ring spells before rest.

Proficiency: Whether you are good at something, skilled things often allow you to add skilled value.

Sub-job: Professional branch.

Focus: Some persistent spells need to maintain concentration to continue to take effect. When it is harmed, it may be disconnected, and certain controls will be forced to disconnect.

Advantages: A certain test has an advantage or an attack has advantages. It means that the dice is needed twice D20, and the result is a result.

Disadvantages: There is a disadvantage or a disadvantage of a certain test, or the attack is disadvantaged. It means that the D20 is needed twice, and the result is lower as a result.

Resistance: Half of the damage with resistance attributes.

Easy to be injured: double when it is damaged by injury attributes.


1. Bit Guide: Magic-Ring Number/Spell position

8. Magic

① ring/spell position

Many professions can be used for magic, and the basic concept of magic is the number of ring and spell.

The ring number refers to the level of spells. From the beginning of the 0 ring to the 9th ring, the 0 ring will be called a drama, and it is a spell that can be cast without consuming a method.

Generally speaking, the higher the number of spells, the more spells, and some spells have the effect of lift. You can use a higher ring to show it to make it stronger.

In simple terms, many low-level spells have good effects, but the damage value is insufficient. At this time, you can use the ability of liters to improve. Essence


The number of spells and occupational levels do not correspond to it. Generally speaking, to perform the 9th ringworm, you must be at least 17 -instead of level 9 -caster.

For example, the mage does not reach level 17 to get a level 9 ring.


The spell position can be applied to the number of spells, which can be understood as the number of skills.

For example, character A has 4 1 rings, representing character A can use 4 1 ring spells, and so on. (The number corresponding to the mage ring in the table above is spell position).

Regardless of how much spells are known or prepared, the spells he can perform between each rest is always limited.


You can also release spells through magic items, or scrolls.

The CD of most magic items is refreshed.

The scroll is that consumables are generally fixed.


After completing a long rest, you can restore all the spell positions. You can prepare spells for appliance. In short, a spell consumes a spell position until you recover after rest.

Therefore, all cast occupations (except evil surgeons) have a daily list of law. You are ready for these available spells and then moved at each other.

Evil surgeons can be applied by all known spells, but the spells are generally limited (basically it is used as a fire turret).


1. Bit Guide: Magic-Classification

② Apply/caster

Rev.: Need to prepare spells. You cannot learn the scroll. Long break can be replaced at will at will. Long rest ring.

Ranger: No need to prepare spells. You cannot learn the scroll. Long rest ring.

Evil surgeon: no need to prepare spells. You cannot learn the scroll. Return to the ring.

Master: Need to prepare spells. You can learn some spell scrolls in the mage spell list. Long break can be replaced at will. Long rest ring.


If the character has an enemy near the body, it will be at a disadvantage.

The caster is best to use the push, response and other means to place the enemy’s approach (otherwise players should try to rely on and counter to the enemy).

If it does not work, you can take the opportunity to attack once within the tolerance, so as to open the distance to cast key magic.


Spells marked with concentrated (focus) are often spells that continue to cause effects. Your role needs to be concentrated to maintain its existence.

Each character can only maintain the concentration of one spell at a time, and at the same time, it may cause you to disconnect your focus. Therefore, please try to keep the character that maintains your focus away from the dangerous area.

(Improve physical fitness, enhance exemption, choosing expertise, etc. can improve your focus.)


General movements, such as mobile and attack, will not interrupt focus. But the following matters may break the focus:

-The spell that needs to be focused on maintenance: You cannot focus on two spells at the same time.

-Drocar damage: Whenever you suffer from harm during your focus, you need to perform a physical exemption to maintain concentration. The test DC is half of the damage values you have to bear, and the two are high. If you suffer from damage from multiple different sources, such as being hit by an arrow and a dragon, you need to roll the dice separately for each damage.

-Forf or death: If you fall into weakness or be killed, your focus is over.

For example, if you suffer from 30 points, then you have to perform DC’s physical exemption test, which requires D20+physical adjustment value+proficiency value (if it can) be greater than 15 to maintain concentration.


Pay attention to this column option when applying the method of the method of the method.

Whether the attack spell is effective depends on the height of the enemy’s armor, and whether the exemption of spell depends on the corresponding exemption of the enemy.

Therefore, using attack spells against enemies with low armor, and using specific exemption spells for enemies who are not good at certain types of exemptions.

(For example, a spell that requires agile exemptions for bulky monsters.)


1. Bittering: Magic-Preparatory spell

③ Preparatory spell

You can prepare the spells you can perform in the List of Law. That is, select the spells (quantity = main attribute adjustment value+caster level) that may be used in the magic spell.

For example, if you are a level 3 mage, you have 4 level 1 method and 2 level 2 method. If you have 16 points of intelligence, you will be able to prepare a total of 6 (intellectual adjustment value 3+ caster level 3) The 1 ring or 2 ring mage spell in the known magic table, the specific combination is casual. If you prepare 1 ringwheel [Magic Missile], you can choose to consume 1 or 2 ring art. A spell will not move it out of the list of preparations.

Whenever you complete a long rest, you can change your preparation method list.


Professions such as mage, pastor, and sacred warrior need to prepare spells.

The professions such as warlocks, bulky poets, ranges, and evil artists do not need to prepare spells because their spell lists are limited and obtained through upgrade choices.

Therefore, many cast occupations can obtain the ability to learn magic through part-time mage, and expand the available spell list.

Do not prepare the occupation of the law. You must carefully select the available spell-this is also one of the core attention points of this strategy to help players make spell choices.


1. Bit Guide: Magic-Reactions Classification

④ response category

In addition to taking the opportunity to attack and other actions, spells and abilities can also respond.

The reaction is equivalent to the free operation after triggering a certain situation. Generally, there is only once in one round. Some abilities, props, and expertise will increase the number of reactions.

Players can see the response they can make in the spell book response list. It is recommended to check inquiries, otherwise it will automatically react as long as it triggered.


For example, when you are hit, a reaction prompt will appear-whether to use shields.

For example, the small and small devils of the legend can be hit for more than 11 or more. At this time, the author uses a reaction to put the shield, which increases 5AC, and the little ghost cannot hit the author of the author.

The reaction cast is mainly a variety of protection, countermeasures, and control. For example, spell countermeasures are also reactions, so that opponents cannot release important magic.


1. Bit Guide: Equipment/Live in

9. Equipment/load

We take the short sword as an example:

Tactical melee weapons are type keywords. Related proficiency matching can get proficient value in the battle.

1D6 means that its damage is to throw a 6 -sided dice, which causes 1 to 6 points of damage.(Similar 2D8 is to throw two 8 -sided dice, causing 2 to 16 damage).

Pingling is the type of damage, and the corresponding puncture resistance will reduce puncture damage.

Light and dexterous are also weapon type keywords. The relevant Canadian is used in the correlation. For example, the dexterous weapon can use agile adjustment value instead of power adjustment values for attack and damage judgment.

It can be dipped in the weapon that can interact with scenes such as fire, acid, and get additional bonuses.

In the end, the holder can also get a chopping action, which is equivalent to the additional attack skills that can be obtained with a short sword.


Right-click weapons can also view details.

If the player character has martial arts weapons and is skilled and is agile, the short sword is a melee weapon suitable for it.

You can enjoy the proficiency bonus of martial arts weapons at the same time and the agile bonus of attack judgment.


Props are usually consumables or materials.

Players can be used to restore, BUFF or manufacture.

There are also many capabilities such as harm and control.

Pay attention to the use of props in the battle or consumption.


The most important attribute of the armor is the defense level (that is, AC).

The higher the AC, the more opponents can’t hit you.

For example, the leather armor in the game shows AC11,+3 agile. This means that if the player is highly adjusted, the player will add a maximum of 3 agility adjustment values to AC if the player is highly adjusted.

The role of agile adjustment value is 2, and eventually wearing a leather armor is 13ac (without considering other equipment and capabilities).


If your load exceeds 70%of your weight, you will become overweight. If your load is more than 90%of your weight, you will become seriously overweight (humans have a load increase, but also alsoNot particularly useful).

Overweight of items: The movement speed is reduced, and the jump distance is halved.

Severely overweight: The movement speed is greatly reduced, and it cannot climb or jump. At the same time, it will be at a disadvantage when the attribute testing, attack rolling, and strength, agility and physical exemptions will be at a disadvantage.


1. Benefit guide: Rest

10. Rest

There are two ways to rest in the game, for 8 hours of long break and 1 hour (only 15 minutes in BG3). They are many means to restore occupational capabilities.


Take a long time

Longest to go back to the camp to do it, and sometimes it becomes a node triggered by the plot. The long break will restore all the blood volume and reset the CD of almost all capabilities, spells, and items.


Short break

Can be performed twice in one day for a short break, and the cooling will be reset after a long break. The short break will restore part of the blood volume and reset some of the CDs of some capabilities.


2. Character/team: match/companion

2. Character/Team

1. Team matching/companion

Before starting to create a role, it is best to understand our teammates. We will quickly contact the following teammates–

High elves (men)

Half-high Elf Rev. (female)

Human Master (male)

Geis Symbol Warrior (Women)

Human Evil Artist (male)

Toflin barbarians (female)

Bailong Warlock (evil thoughts)


Players can choose the preset character to start the game (I make some newcomers here for the overall recommendation, and the analysis of the ethnic occupation will be seen later).

If you like to communicate, tend to find a variety of problems while interacting, it is recommended to choose human evil artists.

The high charm of the evil surgeon and the high degree of practice of human beings can give you a lot of interaction choices. Such a "leader" allows you to rely on your teammates’ interaction ability.


Although the game emphasizes that people do their best, and professional people do professional things, the author still recommends that players create a "leader" role, so that he can be responsible for most interaction, which can make you easier to play.

If you create your own role, the author’s suggestion is that human beings (dwarfs are also good choices) -Anti-resistance, can also be played, and have a practical cast ability. Power, charm and human proficiency can take many types of verification and interaction one person.


The sacred warrior is very golden and the intensity is still very high, and it is a perfect leader.

And you can also give it a new positioning through the deputy of the Holy Waelery -Guxian can have a better recovery ability, dedicate to defense, and revenge has a good damage explosion ability.

You can even let your part-time scholars/evil surgeons tend to be highly charm and cast strike ability, and there are quite rich proficiency in high procuratorial items.


It is also easier to build a team with the core of the Holy Warriors. The wanderer Asai Lun can make you miss the hidden things, discover traps, open the door and open the box.

Rivers also have a lot of skilled skills. Players who like to expand the content of the game can get a lot of extra benefits.

The wanderers can match a good combination with the Saint Samurai in the melee position and play a large number of sneak attacks.


The effects of spells in the game are very good, and the casting ability of the team is indispensable.

Evil surgeons are a long-range long-range long-range thug. Warlocks can become a high-quality turret, which are options.

But the author still recommends mage. Mage can learn more magic, and you can have different choices according to the situation, so that you have a sense of no preservation.

In addition, the attributes and proficiency of the mage can just complement the saints and thieves and partner.


The fourth teammates can be more flexible, which is also convenient for obsessive-compulsive disorder to complete all companions tasks.

It is a very stable match to treat the stress and face the undead demon.

When the enemy has a tip core, you can choose the mobility and explosive barbarians to clear it at a fixed point.

And soldiers can let you have more tactics, control the enemy with means pushing, inverted, rushing, etc.


2. Character/Team: Race-Elf

2. Race

The Gate 3 of Boddon 3 canceled the race value-added, making the difference between race is relatively small. It is encouraged to pinch people according to their preferences, and do not need to be too attached to attributes.

Race and subcuvenal will bring some tendencies. If you pursue perfection, you still need to match the race-career.


Fairy Essence: It has an advantage for the exemption of charm, and magic cannot allow you to enter sleep.

Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark for 12 meters, and it corresponds to 9 meters moved in one round.

Professional items: detect, long sword, short sword, long bow, short bow


Sub-species: high elves

There is a trick, which is the magic of 0 ring. Although the level is low, it has good practicality.

Attack, defense, and auxiliary are all available, it can be well matched with career.


Subdisia: Wood Elves

The wooden elf has a higher movement speed (1 round 10.5 meters), as well as hidden proficiency items.


Evaluation and recommendation

Elves are relatively suitable for casting, remote and maneuverability.

In the early days, the high essence system was more useful because of the existence of the drama, and the transition period of growth was smoother.

Wooden Elf Wars and Ranger can play a good advantage of maneuverability and hiding raids.

In fact, the wooden elf barbarians are also a good match that can become a meat grinding machine full of fields.


2. Character/Team: Race-Tidhlin

② Tiborin

Flame prison resistance: halve the flame resistance, the flame damage is halved.

Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark for 12 meters, and it corresponds to 9 meters moved in one round.

Qiqi trick: It is also a 0 -ring spell, which has a relatively single role, and there is no diverse choice of high essence.


Sub-species: Astontis Timfrin

Firework: It can be illuminated, or it can cause 1D8 flame damage.


Grade 3 gets purgatory and drink.


Level 5 obtains darkness.


Sub-species: Meffist Timfrin

Mage’s hand: You can interact from a long distance.


Level 3 gets burning hands.


Level 5 obtained a flame knife.


Subsidon: Zarilil Toflin

Strange: Bring advantages to intimidation and performance testing.


Level 3 gets the flame cut.


Level 5 is obtained by the mark (currently the game has a problem but the effect is no problem).


Evaluation and recommendation

Choosing Toflin went to the racial spell 1, 3, and 5.

Astontis is suitable for long-range occupations, while Merfister has further enhanced the turret, and Zaril can provide additional efficient blows for melee occupations.

Toflin is therefore more suitable for the holy warrior, wanderers, and mage who likes "doing things", so that they have more means and resistance, which is more fun.


2. Character/Team: Race-Zhuer

③ ③ ③

Fairy Essence: It has an advantage for the exemption of charm, and magic cannot allow you to enter sleep.

Senior Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark, and the corresponding is that the movement is usually 9 meters in one round.

Professional items: fine sword, short sword, crossbow


Level 3 can get demon fire.


Level 5 can obtain darkness.


Sub-species: Rosa Oath Joer

There are no essential differences between the two sub-types of Zhuoer, mainly because the plot occasionally has different choices when encountering related content. These influences are very small and don’t care about it at all.


Sub-species: Sidreyn Zhuoer


Evaluation and recommendation

For the players who like to dive into the player, Zhuer is a good scouts and assaulters.

There are advantages in the dark environment, and the skill of weapons is almost tailor-made for the risty occupation.

In addition, you can be competent as a bard poet, ranger, warlock, and evil artist.


2. Character/Team: Race-Humanity

④ humans

Tongcai: Get an additional selection of more skilled items, and the weight-bearing capacity is increased by 25%.

Professional items: short spear, spear, halberd, long handle knife, light armor, shield.

Humans have no subspecies (well, say the same in biology, laugh)


Evaluation and recommendation

Humans seem to be the biggest victims to cancel the racial value bonus. After all, all attributes +1 have been canceled.

But in fact, all +1 did not look so beautiful. Instead of like the author like the leader-type play, it feels good, and human beings are still the same.

The increase in weight is also more useful for players who do not modify, so that you will not pay attention to backpack management frequently.

Considering proficiency, the relative returns of various melee occupations are higher, but don’t care too much, so much oil.


2. Character/Team: Race-Geis Yanji

⑤ Geis Yanji

Star knowledge: Choose a kind of attribute to obtain all skills corresponding to the attribute. Note that this is continuous, you can choose again after a long break.

Mind Power: Some 0 -level dramas that are biased towards fighting.

Professional items: light armor, Chinese armor, short sword, long sword, giant sword.

The Gisan Yanji people have no subspecies (I don’t know, I didn’t say it on the biological book this time, laugh)


Level 1 gets the hands of the mage.


Level 3 obtains jumping.


Level 5 gets fascinated steps.


Evaluation and recommendation

If you also want a leader, but the demand is not high, you can pass it, and you don’t want to think too much (you still have to go, laugh), then the Geis Yanji people provide you with the answer. The game is particularly suitable).

The spiritual power can make the Geis Yanji people have more choices when fighting, it is really practical, and let me have some available remote choices.

Basically, the career of the melee can be competent. Although the proficiency items are often wasted, when you have to engage in a monk with a sword, a maverick warlock or part-time job, he has a good proficiency in value. You can be handy after you are familiar with the game.


2. Character/Team: Race-Dwarf

⑥ dwarf

Speed: 7.5 meters in a round, usually less than 9 meters.

Professional items: Tomahawk, Hand Ax, Light Hammer, Warhammer.

Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark for 12 meters, and it corresponds to 9 meters moved in one round.

Dwarf human body: It has advantages in the exemption and testing of toxins and resistance to toxic injuries.


Subspecies: golden dwarf

Life upper limit +1, an additional additional increase of each time 1.


Sub-species: shield dwarf

Get the proficiency item of light armor and Chinese armor.


Sub-species: gray dwarf

Senior Dark Vision (24 meters) has an exemption and verification advantage for illusion, charm and paralysis.


Evaluation and recommendation

The dwarf is weak, either take a long-range route or block the enemy as a tank.

Undoubtedly, as a bonus of the tank class, the golden dwarf is the most real, and the shield dwarf can bring many long-range armor proficiency. When you are going to rely on armor to protect the wanderers and the French systemAdd agile or physical attributes to other places).

The gray dwarf is a slow running.


2. Character/Team: Race-Half Elf

⑦ Half elves

Professional items: short spear, spear, halberd, long handle knife, light armor, shield.

Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark for 12 meters, and it corresponds to 9 meters moved in one round.

Fairy Essence: It has an advantage for the exemption of charm, and magic cannot allow you to enter sleep.

In fact, the main elf is mainly different from the skilled items of the elves.


Subspecies: half-high elves

You can choose a high-quality trick, which is still a lot of types.


Subspecies: Half Wooden Elf

Inherited the foot of the wooden elves, 10.5 meters per round.


Sub-species: Ban Zhuoer

The dancing light, which was canceled, was given to Ban Zhuo, which was the light source that lasted 10 rounds.


Evaluation and recommendation

The semi-elf is worse than the elves in hidden and perceived capabilities, and has obtained some weapons and armor proficiency.

It is also the race with Wanjin oil, especially the replenishment of melee in the semi-high elves, and the half-wood elves have strengthened mobility.

For example, the half-wood elf barbarians, the half-high elves revenge knight, and the half-wood elf warrior who follows the tactical route is a good choice.


2. Character/Team: Race-Half-Body

Half-body person

Speed: 7.5 meters in a round, usually less than 9 meters.

Lucky: Attack investment, attributes and exemptions, you can re-invest when you invest in 1 and use the results of rewinding.

Brave: There are advantages in panic exemptions.


Subspecies: light foot half-body person

There is an advantage in hiding inspection.


Subsidon: Zhuangxin Half-body (I still like the ambition in the rules of the rules)

There are advantages in toxin exemption and testing, as well as toxin resistance.


Evaluation and recommendation

Regardless of the appearance, most of the time can be better replaced by various dwarf options most of the time.

Light-footed half-bodies are particularly suitable for diveting in the gameplay, wandering, poets, and even no armor/light armor.

You can sneak in more stable, more stable sneak attacks and get more stable damage expectations.


Second, character/team: race-dwarf

⑨ ⑨ ⑨

Speed: 7.5 meters in a round, usually less than 9 meters.

Cunning: There is an advantage in the test of intelligence, perception and charm for exemption.


Sub-species: rock dwarf

Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark for 12 meters, and it corresponds to 9 meters moved in one round.

Timed in historical examinations, the value of the proficiency is added.


Sub-species: forest dwarf

Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark for 12 meters, and it corresponds to 9 meters moved in one round.

Can communicate with animals.


Subspecies: Underground dwarf

Senior Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark, and the corresponding is that the movement is usually 9 meters in one round.

The verification has an advantage when the rock terrain is hidden.


Evaluation and recommendation

Several short-legged dwarfs are very powerful and practical, and they are also high-quality candidates for leaders.

It has a strong advantage in verification, you can also choose the additional ability such as historical reinforcement and animal exchanges.

If it is a sneak flow, the dwarf in the ground is also a good choice (in fact the other two are also good).


2. Character/Team: Race-Dragon

⑩ ⑩ ⑩ ⑩

The Dragon’s itself does not have special abilities, but each subspecies have inherited the ability of the corresponding dragon.

That is, the vomiting damage of various acids, electricity, ice, and fire and the corresponding resistance.


Let’s show a large-scale appearance (laughs) –


Evaluation and recommendation

Dragon’s vomiting is a powerful attack ability, and the corresponding resistance is simple and practical.

It is relatively suitable for occupations with melee capabilities. It is easy to get started, and the effect in the middle and early stage is also very good.


2. Character/Team: Race-Half Orcs

(11) Half orc

Dark Vision: It can be seen in the dark for 12 meters, and it corresponds to 9 meters moved in one round.

Toughness and unyielding: When life falls to 0, it will recover 1 life instead of falling to the ground, that is, you will not hang up (laughs) when you hung it for the first time.

Fierce strike: The damage dice during melee weapons is 3 times instead of 2 times.

Half orcs have no subspecies.


Evaluation and recommendation

The biggest beneficiary of the racial value has appeared, and it feels that Ryerian is to balance the choice of beauty and ugliness (laughs).

Melee strong strikers, whether they are soldiers, barbarians, ranger (melee), thieves, are easy to use, and very simple and easy to use (laughs).

Experts such as lucky and brutal attacks can be well matched, and the deputy profession of warriors is super enhanced.


Second, all -ethnic characteristics comparison table

All-ethnic characteristics comparison table (made from iron ball god doctor GYRO)


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Summary

3. Occupation

① Professional review

Each occupation of the game body can be upgraded to level 12. As a reference, the Legal Legal system can be applied to 6 ringwhelms.

DLC will gradually increase the upper limit of the game level.


At the time of upgrading, you can obtain life (different from occupation, physique, race, and expertise), professional characteristics, actions, and professional spells.

Level 12 is already very powerful in DND settings. As far as the game itself is concerned, it is already rich in playability.


You can even click the increase in the career button in the upper right corner of the upgrade interface to select part-time jobs.

Part-time jobs can make up for career advantages but often cannot play the advanced characteristics of a certain profession. Fortunately, the relative impact of part-time jobs within the 12th level is smaller.


Generally speaking, the priests, mage, warlock and other legal occupations try to do not work as much as possible, so that they can obtain high-ring spells.

Of course, if they are all similar categories, they can work part-time, and they can also increase the grade of the caster to obtain high-circuit spells, but the significance is generally not much.

Usually, part-time jobs are required to provide good returns when a part-time profession can provide good returns. Get contract magic and so on.


Each occupation will have deputy choices at the beginning or level 3, which is equivalent to the direction of specialty.

Although the name is different, for example, the pastor is called the field, but the meaning is the same, just to let you choose a direction.

The melee occupation such as fighters will also have a choice of combat style, which is also a reinforcement of combat.


You can select detailed selection in the upgrade interface. After clicking on the left side of the left side, you can switch each option after clicking.

There will also be important prompts (such as selected expertise) for your reference.


In addition, all occupations can get expertise at level 4, 8, and 12 (so on).

The expertise is considered an additional strong passive ability, which is very helpful for strengthening BD gameplay. It will have more detailed explanations in the future.


2. Character/Team: Career-Ranking Recommendation

② General recommendation

The author will combine Larien’s recent interesting statistical table to make an overall racial career recommendation.

This table does not fully represent strength, and it is a comprehensive manifestation of players’ personal feelings and aesthetics.

For example, players in preset characters have clearer preferences in Gale → Kakak → Asdal → Yingxin → Wil → Leezel.

In fact, these professions have good strong BDs. There are great factors for this ranking and personal preferences.


In terms of race, Wanjin Oil Semi -Elf and Human choices are the most.

Elves, dragons, Tivillin, and Zhuer with strong spell capabilities are really easy to use.

Although the semi-orc is not pleasing, the powerful physical attack has given him a place

Three short legs of dwarfs, dwarfs, and half-bodies are really not very popular.

As for the Gisan Yanji people, it is indeed subject to appearance.


In career, the strength of the Holy Warrior is there, and it is easy to play.

The warlocks and evil artists have two turns. Although the current law is average, it can be well matched with the samurai in part-time jobs, so the statistics are quite advanced.

Due to the unlocking of the road, most of the teams will bring most of the teams, and the chairman is the professional weakened and auxiliary reinforcement version of the ribbon, and even a powerful poet leader BD.

Barbarians and soldiers benefit from the powerful melee BD, which is also a choice that is easy to appear in the team.

Ranger is far away. It is more fun to take into account the ability of survival and other explorations.

The mage is full of money, which is very interesting and functional, and warlocks, evil artists, etc. can all work part-time mage to obtain the ability to copy books.

The monk has a strong BD, but the play and image of bare hands and empty fists have always been unpleasant. Druid also has similar problems. He is still strong, but he doesn’t like it.

The priest’s bottom is basically the problem of strength.


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Barbarians

③ Barbarians

The basic positioning of barbarians is a high-explosive motor battlefield meat grinding machine.

He can quickly appear in a critical position, give a strong blow to dangerous enemies, strong single-wheeled output ability, and the control and strike effect are obvious.

Due to the built-in equipment and props, there are also high-off-defense throwing streams to choose from, and the gameplay is also very diverse.

-Barbarian professional ability comparison table

(Made of iron ball god doctor GYRO, the same below)


-The Heart of Vocational Wilder-Skills of the Heart of Beast


-The heartworm heart-the beast appearance skills table


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Yin Poet

④ Bard poet

The blooming poet has a strong exploration and interaction ability, and it is also a caster with a good auxiliary effect.

The blooming poet can have a good long-range attack, and even choose a melee route.

Poets can exist as a good leader, or to a certain extent to replace the risty exploration functionality (still worse), which is expensive.

-Pochon Poet Occupation Power Comparison Table

(Made of iron ball god doctor GYRO, the same below)


-Epou poet spell pool


-Magic Spell Pond


2. Character/Team: Professional-Pastor (Life/Light/Strange Sope)

⑤ Rev.

The priests in the DND game are more like a fortress-like auxiliary role, and they have strange effects when fighting the demon and the undead.

The field of the pastor determines its type of spell, the life is assisted, and the light bias to the crackdown on dark creatures.

The natural field is biased towards the beast traine, survival, animal and plant interaction, summoning, and a strong spell strike in the field of storms.

The field of war made a priest a devil.

Of course, the power of the pastor under the current level cannot be played well, and the strength is not enough.

-Life/Light/Strange Mods Comparison Table


2. Character/Team: Professional-Rev. (Natural/Storm)

-The natural/storm capability comparison table


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Rev. (War)

-The war capability comparison table


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Druid

⑥ Druid

Druid is a natural partner. Natural interaction, summoning, recovery, and spell strike ability are good, and there is a powerful transformation ability.

Druid’s current performance is a bit of a sense of understanding of the door essence. There are several brushes in various fields. As a caster, it is also auxiliary, control, strengthening, and summoning ability.

-Druid Vocational Ability Comparison Form


-Druid Spell Pool


-Druid Grand Social Terities Options Spell


2. Character/Team: Professional-Warrior (Battle Style)

⑦ warrior

With high life, high weapons and armor proficiency, it is good in strength and physical identification.

Excellent tanks, also have strong melee strike capabilities and advantageous manufacturing capabilities.

-The soldiers’ professional ability comparison table


-Pat style


2. Character/Team: Professional-Warrior (Excellent Dice/Austrian Cavaliers)

-Fat Master Excellence Dice Skills


-Overnic Cavaliers Spell Pool


2. Character/Team: Professional-Monk


The monk’s focus is on a elegant, no armor and no weapon, and flexible mobility to speed up.

It can cooperate with teammates output, and the restrained enemy can cause devastating damage.

High-mobility can help the battlefield to check and make up, and even obtain the application capacity through the deputy.

Although the gameplay is not very pleasing, there is a very strong melee BD.

-The professional ability comparison table


-Fuxiangzong spell pool


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Holy Wait

⑨ ⑨ ⑨ ⑨

The sacred warrior can be a defenseman, and he can be a sweepstake. He can apply for assistance. He can use spells to produce a lot of additional damage, which has an overwhelming advantage in specific evils, undead, and demon goals.

High power and high charm make it have a good space for verification, which is very suitable as a leader.

The sacred warriors can even obtain the strong ability of physics and magic through the part-time job of the law department.

-Shengwu professional ability comparison table


-Agly vower Career Comparison Table


-Pat style




2. Character/Team: Occupation-Ranger (1)


Having a flexible crackdown profession, and also good at ambush and reconnaissance, it is no less affinity with nature/beast than Druid.

Ranger can choose to be distinctive, double-holding, etc., and can also have the ability to control animal partners.

Especially for remote output and animal partners, it can be used as the core of the construction. In addition, the casting ability of the ranger is also very helpful and cannot be underestimated.

-The professional ability comparison table


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Ranger (2)

-The Ranger


-The Ranger Natural Explorer


-Argen method pool


-Argen fighting style


-Hun hunter prey


-Card tactics


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Wanderers

(11) Wanderer

Sneak, ambush, unlocking, and removal of traps.

Walking with agility and intelligence capabilities in shadows, long-distance range can fight, and various verifications are also good hands.

With strong functionality and very good explosive power, the team is tanned (the wanderers in mature teams also have a strong ability to hurt).

-The Randalists Comparison Table


-The Story Master Spell Pool


2. Character/Team: Professional-Warlock

(12) Warlock

The warlock is the existence of all the cannons. It uses various super magic to strengthen the spells to fight high explosive damage.

In fact, the warlock can also work part-time mage to obtain more spell selection rights when the categrator level is unchanged (but it will lose the spell point, and there will be less depth with the breadth).

Players who like to bombard can choose the warlock.

-The professional ability comparison table


-A warlock super magic ability


-Asmate Dragon Blood


-Asmate spell pool


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Evilist

(13) Evilist

Using charm as the cast as the main attribute of the cast, the spell selection surface is relatively small, but the operation is simple, and the role is one.

The early magic explosion can greatly simplify the battle, and the call call can also increase the flexibility of the team.

The main thing is a simple and practical, without fancy.

-The vocational ability comparison table


-Exisa Magic Magic Pray for Passive


-Exisa Magic Eunze


-Smos Spell Pond


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Master (Protection/Plastic Energy)

(14) Master

The cay with intelligence as the main attribute.

Flexible and changing, with the largest spell pool in the game. Players who are proficient in rules can make the mage shine.

The mage is the role of the team from exploring to interaction to combat to assistance, and it is full of fun (it really needs you enough to know the game).

-Amaster Career Comparison Table: Protection/Plastic Energy


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Master (illusion/change)

-Maggrical professional ability comparison table: illusion/change


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Master (Control/Prophecy)

-Amaster Career Comparison Table: Control/Proposal


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Master (Dead Spirit/Mantra)

-Amaster professional ability comparison table: Dead Spirit/Mantra


2. Character/Team: Occupation-Master (spell pool)

-Mage Spell Pool


2. Character/Team: Background

4. Background

The background refers to the past and birth of your character, and the background will give players a corresponding skill proficiency.

In terms of utilitarian, please try to choose the background of the selected occupation/race not yet proficient item.


In addition, most of the plots in the game are carried out by players choose the conversation content, so the player’s conversation content and behavior will get a little incentive point when setting the background setting of the selected role.

The incentive point can be used to re-roll the dice for the attribute test, and the number of incentive points can be stored up to four.


The following is a list of proficiency corresponding to the background.


2. Character/Team: Skills

5. Skills

In the door of Bude, there are a lot of skills. These skills are the key to various verification during the game.

Each skill corresponds to a kind of attribute. The higher the attribute, the better it may be performed in this skill. The proficiency item with this skill (you can add the proficient value to the verification) will further improve the performance.

Let professional people (those who have the corresponding skills and the attribute bonus) do professional (verification) to make the adventure easier.

Players can obtain skill proficiency through race, occupation, background and expertise, and some props and magic will also provide skills.


— List of Skills Action —

-The skills

Exercise: Climbing, jumping, traveling, running.

-Higger skills

Gymnastics: acrobatics, balance, gymnastics, etc.

Small hand: stealing, obstructive eyes, sneaky tricks.

Hidden: Dodge, hide.


Mystery: Magic-related knowledge, spells, magic items, mages, runes, etc.

History: Related knowledge, legend, war, ancient civilization and so on.

Survey: Collect clues everywhere and reason. More than perception skills noticed more attention to finding and thinking about answers.

Nature: plants, animals, etc.

Religion: deity, cult, sacred emblem and so on.

-The perceptual skills

Taming beast: tame the beasts, control mounts, appease animals and so on.

Insight: Psychological judgment of inner thoughts, judging lies, reading (laughs), etc.

Medicine: Condition, medicine, etc.

Feeling: I see, hear, smell, and perceive all kinds of things.

Survival: Track prey, predict weather, judge terrain and terrain, and so on.

-Frusing skills

Bullying: coax.

Anti-intimidation: threat, intimidation, display violence, and so on.

Performance: singing, dance, speaking, rap (laugh) and so on.

Lobby: mouth cannon.


2. Character/Team: Properties point

6. Properties point

First of all, please refer to the role of each attribute in the south of the fingers on the previous article.

Through the skills and verification chapters of the previous article, players also understand the basis of attribute adventure and fighting. A large number of interactions are based on attributes as the core.

Players recommend building characters according to the default attributes without the rules.


Since the Gate 3 of Boda Gate 3 has canceled the race value value in the 5E rules, the attribute limit is limited to 15 when creating a role is 15.

Then give players+2,+1 two free choice items.

Generally speaking, +2 is given +2 to the character’s attributes, and+1 can be given another important attribute.


For example, the samurai is the most important force and charm.

The damage type can be +2 strength +1 charm. If it is biased towards casting and interaction, it can be +2 charm+1 power.


2. Character/Team: Specialty

7. Specialty

Each character can choose one expertise at level 4, 8, and 12. Most of the specialty is universal, but some expertise will have front requirements. Please choose according to the character Build.

At the same time, the attribute value of the BG3 is increased (two points to any attribute value, and the attributes do not exceed 20) are also integrated into the expertise.

The expertise is a strong passive bonus, which is very helpful to enhance the characters.

The following is a list of expertise effects-

Properties improvement: one attribute +2, or two attributes each +1, the upper limit is 20.

Actor: Charm +1, the upper limit is 20. When performing performances and deceiving verification, the additional value of the proficiency item doubles

Alert: Your first attack gets a +5 value-added, and it will not be stunned.

Athlete: Power or agile +1, the upper limit is 20. When you fall, the movement required for re-standing is lower. At the same time, the jump distance increased by 50%.

Charge: Gets charge: weapon attack and charge: push.

Strong crossbow expert: When you use a crossbow to launch an attack within the range of melee, the attack roll will not be at a disadvantage. Paste the open wound with twice the time at the same time

Defense duel: When you are launched by a melee attack on the ingenious weapon with skilled weapons, you can use a reaction to make your armor level +2, and at the same time, it may cause the attack to be unable to hit.

Double holders: Even if the weapon is not light, you can use double weapons to fight. In addition, when holding a melee weapon with both hands, the armor level obtains a +1 added value. Heavy weapons cannot be held double.

Dungeon Explorer: Get advantage in detecting the detection of hidden objects, and avoiding or resisting or resisting traps. Obtain resistance to trap damage.

Live for a long time: physical +1, the upper limit is 20 at a short break, and the full health is restored.

Elemental mentor: Your spell can ignore a type of damage resistance. When you perform the corresponding types of spells, you will not throw 1 point.

Giant weapon master: When launching a melee weapon attack, if it causes a blow or killing creature, you can launch a melee weapon attack again with an attached action. When using a heavy melee weapon with skilled items to launch an attack, the attack on the attack was impaired by -5, but the damage was +10. (You can freely switch this option.)

Use of heavy armor: Obtain heavy armor proficiency, and at the same time +1, the upper limit is 20. Requirements: Zhongjia proficiency item

Master Heavy A: Power +1, the upper limit is 20. When wearing heavy armor, non-magical attacks caused by non-magic attack-3. Requirement: heavy armor proficiency item

Light armor use: Obtain light armor skilled items, at the same time power or agile +1, the upper limit is 20.

Lucky: Get 3 lucky points that can be used to gain advantages in attack roll rolling, attribute testing or exemption verification, or let an enemy re-attack the dice.

Mage Killer: When a creature performs a spell within your melee range, all exemptions and verification will be in an advantage. In addition, you can use a reaction to immediately launch an attack on the caster. The enemies hit will be at a disadvantage in focusing on exemptions.

Flexible movement: The speed of movement is increased. When you go away, the disadvantaged terrain will not reduce your speed. If you move after a melee attack, you will not take the opportunity to attack the target.

Magic Scholar-Yin Poet: Learn 2 types of drama, and 1 type 1 ring spell in the chairman’s spell list. Every time you take a long break, you can perform 1 ringgestion. The key attributes of the three spells are charm.

Magic Apprentice-Rev.: Learn 2 kinds of dramas, and 1 type of 1-ring spell in the pastor spell list can perform 1 ring spell every time. The key attributes of the three spells are perception.

Magic apprentice-Druid: Learn 2 kinds of dramas, as well as a 1-ring spell in the Druid spell list. Every time you take a long break, you can perform 1 ringgestion. The key attributes of the three spells are perception.

Magic: -State: Learn 2 types of dramas, and 1 type of 1 ring spell in the warlock spell list. Every time you take a long break, you can perform 1 ringgestion. The key attributes of the three spells are charm.

Magic Apprentice-Evil Switch: Learn 2 types of drama, as well as a 1-ring spell in the spell list of evil surgeons. Every time you take a long break, you can perform 1 ringgestion. The key attributes of the three spells are charm.

Martial arts experts: From the deputy of the Master of Combat Masters, two kinds of combat skills are obtained at the same time. After a short or long break, the excellent dice that consumes can be restored.

Master Zhongjia: When you wear Zhongjia, it will not impose a disadvantage for hidden testing. The value of the armor grade obtained by agile adjustment becomes +3 instead of +2. Requirements: Zhongjia proficiency item

Performance: Get the skilled item of musical instruments, at the same time charm +1, the upper limit is 20

Master of long-handle weapon: When using long-handle knife, halberd, long sticks, or short attacks, you can use a motion-action weapon grip to attack. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to attack when a target enters the attack range.

Strike as a rock: a attribute +1, the upper limit is 20, and at the same time, the proficiency item of the attribute exemption test is obtained.

Ceremony Captist: Learn two optional ritual spells

Fierce fighter: When launching a weapon attack, perform two injuries and roll the dice and take the highest results.

Sentinel: When an enemy in the melee attacks an ally, you can use a reaction to launch a weapon attack against the enemy. Take the opportunity to attack the advantage. At the same time, when you use the opportunity to attack a creature, the creature cannot move in its own remaining round.

Sagittarius: Your remote weapon attack is no longer subject to the impairment punishment of the highland rules. When using a skilled weapon to launch a long-range attack, its attack roll is punished by a -5, but it will cause additional 10 points of damage.

Shield Master: When using the shield, the agile exemption test obtains a +2 added value. If a spell forces you to perform an agile exemption, you can use a reaction to protect yourself and reduce the damage caused by the effect. If the exemption of the verification fails, you will only suffer half of the damage. If the exemption is successful, you will not suffer any damage.

Cooked: You can choose any three skills and get their proficiency items.

Spell Sniper: Learn a trick. Trigger the number of attack rolling points required for the strike-1. This effect can be superimposed.

Tearr Fighter: When you launch a bare-handed attack, use a temporary weapon or roll a certain object, you can double your power adjustment value to the damage and attack the dice.

Strong: Each level is increased, the upper limit of life is +2.

Capture for Battlefields: The advantage of maintaining the exemption of spell-concentration. You can also use a response to an electric claw that moves out of the target of your melee attack.

Weapon master: Select four weapons to get skilled items, and at the same time of strength or agile +1, the upper limit is 20.


3. Professional BD recommendation: barbarians

EachProfessional BD recommendation

(Note 1: The author mainly recommends some high-quality BDs that are specialized, reinforced, and part-time. Players who are not familiar with the game can better understand the basic gameplay of each occupation with the default BD, and can be washed in the future.)

(Note 2: Refer to the effects of specialty, spells and other effects later explained in detail.)

— Savage BD recommendation —


— Description: Powerful melee, destroying and deadly, even ensuring the maneuverability and not very crispy. Even if it cannot be taken away in a wave, the damage guarantees output.

— Deputy Resort: Mad Warrior, Level 10-12 Part-time Warrior-Champions Warrior

— Attribute: 17/14/16/8/10/8

— Dedicated: Fighting and Wild Fighter/Giant weapon master/attribute improvement: strength

— Battle style: defense

-Reded mad warrior

— Description: The barbaric people taking the remote output route can buy 21 strength potions from the ghost in the early stage. In the later period, there are 23 force gloves and 27 forces. Become a strong killing device and meat shield, and even remote.(Plugs can also be the gameplay of level 11 soldiers+1 -level barbarians.

— Deputy Resources: Crazy War, 6, 7, and 8 part-time workers 3 wanders to obtain the auxiliary action

— Properties: 8/16/17/11/12/10 (If you do not need a force medicine and gloves, you must sacrifice your physique, perception, charm, and even some agility to add strength.

— Specialty: Paunasa fighting person/attribute improvement can be added to strengthen survival

— Battle style: defense


3. Professional BD Recommendation: Yin Poet

— Bard Poet BD Recommendation —

-Double crossbow sword dance

— Description: Using first-class output of double crossbow explosion can also take into account the 4 ring spells. There is no need to use sneaking to play outbreaks. It can be described as a perfect combination of output and auxiliary, and it is also very suitable for being a leader.

— Deputy Vocational: Sword and Dance Academy, level 7 part-time mage obtained the ability to learn spells, level 8 part-time soldiers obtained arrow combat style, level 9-11 part-time wanderer obtained a motion, a 12-level part-time migrant or warrior (see the expertise (see the expertiseBarn explanation).

— Attribute: 8/16/14/10/10/16

— Specialty: Specker/Gan Ruye: In constitution/level 12, you can choose a level 2 prediction mage to take the mage dice or level 2 soldiers to take the movement like a tide.

— Spell: Basically, the ability to get part-time part-time mage to obtain book copying is basic operation, so that there are many optional magic, Tasha laughed, hypnosis, demon fire, fixed, dagger clouds, shields, pets, summoning, etc. You can choose.

-The poet

— Description: It emphasizes spell ability, sneak attack, control, distant damage, auxiliary capture, the battlefield is tens of gold oil, and the team is good leader (laughs).

— Deputy Terminal: Yiwen College

— Attribute: 8/16/14/8/10/17

— Dedicated: Come on Battlefield/Struggle: Physical/Properties Improvement: Charm

— Spell: Healing Mantra/Demon Fire/Smile/Hypnosis/Ben Xing/Yu Luo/Human Determination/Dagger Cloud/Guarding Evil/Anti-Calculation/Anti-Ball/Higher Stealth/Action E free//Monster fixed/different world oaths/summoning elements/belief guards/firewall/Au Tu fans dance/heart eye light


3. Professional BD Recommendation: Rev.

— Recommended by the pastor BD —

-Peoria Rev.

— Description: Powerful assistance, treatment, blessings, protection, manufacturing advantages, and good output capabilities, difficulty/difficult/tackling combat good helper.

— Supplement: The field of light

— Properties: 12/16/14/8/16/8 or 10/14/16/8/17/8 (emphasizing assistance and casting ability, relatively far away from the first line)

— Dedicated: Battlefield Carter/Properties improvement: perception/alert or attribute improvement

— Spell: command/healing mantra/injury/blessing/guardian chain/human defaitment/enhanced attribute/support/spiritual weapon/fireball/guard carving text/soul guardians/firewall surgery/Defense Dead Elima/Manipulating Corpse/Charm Killer/Elastic Ball ball/Different Domestic Oath/Blade Barrier


— Description: This is a relatively unique gameplay. You can use the guardian link to 3 teammates, use blessings, blade barrier defense, and therapy for therapy, so that the team’s survivability is super strong. You can even hire 4 mercenaries, washing into life herds, a chain of a mercenary guardian link to a teammate, which greatly increases the blood volume of teammates and greatly increases fault tolerance. In fact, you can also work freely from level 8.

— Deputy Terminal: The field of life

— Attribute: 10/14/16/8/17/8

— Dedicated: strong/battlefield caster



3. Professional BD Recommendation: Druid

— Druid BD recommendation —

-Ey Moon Druid

— Description: The comprehensive strength is strong, and the output auxiliary summoning has enough strength. Using the lord of the water elements and reactions, it can cause high damage. However, the number of attacks of the Druids beasts and the use of the tavern fighter expertise may be fixed by Ryerian.

— Deputy Resources: Moon association, a priest in the field of 1-level war at levels at the 11th level at the 11th time to obtain a combination and military weapon proficiency.

— Attribute: 10/14/16/10/16/8

— Specialty: the tavern fighter (after the 11th washed the fierce blow)/sentinel/sentinel

— Spell: Jump/Step Ben/Monthly Light/Black Fire Services/Call of Lei/Call Forest Fairy/Summon Element Biology/Hero Feast


3. Professional BD Recommendation: Warrior Warrior

— Warrior BD recommendation —

-Giant weapon champion warrior

— Description: Using powerful heavy weapons to damage the enemy, the melee output is very violent. It is best to have a teammate to create advantages, which can increase their lives more efficiently and play the advantage of improving damage.

— Deputy Times: Champion Warrior

— Attribute: 17/14/16/8/10/8 or as the core of the leader 16/14/16/8/12/8

— Dedicated: Fierce and Wild Fighter/Giant weapon master/attribute improvement: 2 strength (first hand-wave output play can be alertable to replace attributes)

— Battle style: Giant weapon battle or choose defense when as a core of melee


3. Professional BD Recommendation: Monk Monk

— Monk BD Recommendation —

-Stana Sect Monk

— Description: Similar to throwing barbarians, is the biggest beneficiary of the tavern’s talent and strength agent, one of the most powerful melee. Take care of survival and defense, and strike multiple rounds.

— Deputy Residents: Sanda Zong, level 3 part-time wanderers at levels 7, 8, and 9, 10, 11, and 12 part-time soldiers 3 soldiers selected the Austrian knight’s shield, summon magic pets, and protect good and evil.

— Properties: 8/14/17/10/16/8 (Pharmacy, 18 agile gloves)

— Specialty: tavern fascinator


3. Professional BD Recommendation: Holy Wood

— Recommended by the Holy Waishi BD —

-Wevene knight

— Description: Strong enough, almost the strongest, bug is enough to be bug, and it is likely that it is suddenly gone. Utilizing the additional BUG of the evil surgeon and the Holy Worth, the part-time mage obtained the problem of acceleration, so that the revenge knight’s melee and magic ability were very strong.

— Deputy Resources: Vow of revenge, level 6-10 part-time to high fairy evil surgeons, and the contract of the evil surgeon at the 8th level is the key to superimposed attacks. Level 11-12 part-time prediction mage.(You can also have a combination of 6 holy warriors +4 evil artists+1 Rev. or Warlock, with different casting capabilities.)

— Attribute: 8/14/16/10/10/16

— Dedicated: Fierce Strike/Giant weapon master/2 charm attribute.

— Battle style: defense

— Spell: Magic can explode and accelerate.


3. Professional BD Recommendation: Wanderers

— Recommended BD BD-

-Te shooting burst

— Description: Use the two-handed crossbow for remote blows, combined with the long-range capabilities of ranges and soldiers, as the output point of the remote explosion.

— Deputy Resort: Thieves, Level 5-9 part-time soldier-Champions Warrior, 10-12 part-time player-Shadow Shadow.

— Attribute: 10/17/16/8/14/8

— Dedicated: Sagittarius/Alert/Attribute improvement: Agile

— Battle style: arrow surgery/defense

— Enemy: Master Destruction/Ranger Knight

— Spell: Hunter mark/jumping surgery/stride


3. Professional BD Recommendation: Mage Mage

— Master BD recommendation —

-Podding Master

— Description: Using the prediction of the prediction of the dice to change the life against the sky, to ensure the stable and powerful output, it can also reverse the battlefield situation through various means such as summoning and control. It can be used as a battlefield.

— Deputy Terminal: Prophecy School

— Attribute: 8/14/16/17/10/8 or 8/16/14/16/12/8 (the former emphasizes the output, the latter takes into account some survival and assistance)

— Dedicated: Lucky/Battlefield Carter/Alert

— Spell: Master can learn spells through scrolls, so you can try spell choice without stubbornness. Priority output (fireball, firewall), second control (human/monster fixed, dominated), and then assist (shield, recovery, summoning), and can also help explore (animal conversation, flight). In short, the advantage of the mage is that you can learn everything and use everything.

-Luan Protection Master

— Description: The excellent battlefield controller can effectively combat and restrain the enemy, and the control and countermeasures of key targets can make the battle easier and flexible.

— Deputy Resort: Defense School

— Attribute: 8/14/16/17/10/8 or 8/16/14/16/12/8 (more preferred protection)

— Specialty: Properties improvement: Intelligence/Lucky/Battlefield Carter/Alert (4 Select 3)

— Spell: Cloud Misty/Human Determination/Dagger Cloud/Lost Step/Change Giant reduction/Fireball/Acceleration/Spell Cuttering/Guardian Evil/Firewall/Summon element biology/alien bound/Governing humans/monsters fixed/solving surgery/evoking dead spirits/spell invalidal enchantment/heartfelt light


Fourth, gameplay skills: easy injury/ground �restings

Fourth, gameplay skills

1. Easy to hurt/ground environment

A variety of ground and special effects in the game can bring greatly improved damage, and we must master this technique.

-In the use of water-making surgery/throwing water bottle additional humidity effects, it will double with lightning attack damage.

-Plinking the water surface will cause the water bodies to have a charging effect, and anyone who enters the water body will be damaged by lightning.

-In cold spells in humid conditions, it can also be easily hurt.


You can use various spells and props to change the environment (ground) effect.

-The fire attack on the ice can melt it.

-The frozen water surface can make it freeze (at the same time to disappear the power effect).

-It to remove various ground effects, thorns are the most powerful, and the ground effect can basically be covered by thorns.


Fourth, gameplay skills: raid/preface

2. Create an advantage situation

① Attacker/sequence

Raiders are the easiest way to manufacture the opening advantage. Successful raids can greatly simplify the battle.

-The attack after hiding can reach a raid. The word "frightened" will be displayed on the enemy’s head. The raid can also let you move first. This round has an advantage in the enemy.

-As as long as all enemies can’t see you, such as mobilizing remote and magic attacks from above, outside the sight, can also cause assault.

-In the rolling person to trigger the raid.


When the order of your own character is adjacent, you can arranged the order of the action of adjacent characters at the top of the action bar.

For example, let the original priest move first, and launch watermaking to create humid conditions, so that subsequent electric attacks are vulnerable.


Fourth, gameplay skills: high and low difference

-The body can be kept in a box that is not too heavy. When you need it, there are high and low difference in three stackers. You can go up directly when you jump directly. The shooter is very practical.

-It is disadvantaged in the low place in the game, so these boxes are both offensive and defensive.

-Puzzle the box, as long as you can stack it up, you can even use many boxes to open the road (laughs). Then sneak into the box road and lose heavy objects and javelin from above.

-It is also that although there are bonuses at the high place, it is not the "advantage" of judgment. Do not obtain the advantages when attacking as a high place.


Adjust the direction with a mouse roll, and the high-altitude parabolic damage is really great.


Fourth, gameplay skills: make best

When obtaining an advantage, you can take two dice to take large value, and the benefits are very high. We must try to use various conditions to create advantages. The following are various advantages.

-In hiding, stealth spells, and stealth potions, as long as the enemy can’t see you, it will have an advantage when attacking.

-Cat the enemy’s blindness, dark darkness, and clouds.

-Phole, the weapon trip, the enemy is pushed down from the height, the icing and slipping, the fat slide, etc., let the enemy fall to the ground, the enemy who attacks the ground in melee has an advantage.

-In the state of fixed, unbalanced, spell attacks have advantages.

-Forne, demon fire, and pastor avatars allow the team to gain advantages.

-Accupance, such as barbarians reckless attacks, play tricks first.

-Cap the enemy.


Fourth, gameplay skills: avoid disadvantage

④ Avoid disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages are not superimposed. No matter how many advantages and disadvantages are, it is only one effect. As long as there is a disadvantage, it will offset the advantage (vice versa), no matter how many advantages you have.

Therefore, in addition to making excellence, we must also avoid disadvantages. The following behavior should be avoided as much as possible:

-In use armor and weapons without proficiency.

-Ingate when hiding.

-In the ground such as icing, oil and other grounds.

-Mage and archers are close by the enemy (the response method is to evacuate and push away the enemy before attacking).

-Stacked by the enemy.

-The enemy who strikes a high place.

-The remote attack range (response method-standing height can add range).

-The enemies in the dark or invisible (Lighting and other spells make it appear).


Fourth, gameplay skills: manufacture disadvantages

⑤ Manufacturing disadvantage

If the advantage cannot be created, it is also beneficial to our disadvantage to our disadvantages. We should conduct the following tactics:

-The as much as possible to the enemy’s long-range and spell occupations, let them bear the attack disadvantages.

-Ad additional magic effect to add blindness to the enemy, which is also the reason why blindness is more useful. We have advantages in attacking blind enemies, which is equivalent to two-way returns.

-Pelaced the enemy (you can increase the possibility of poisoning by allowing it to bleed or reduce your physical bonus), the physical career quenching attack has good benefits.

-In combined with the method of height differential pad boxes, throw oil bottles and other difficult grounds, so that the enemy is in a bad terrain environment.


Fourth, gameplay skills: potion throwing

3. Pottery throw

This technique is to change the single-person drug to throwing "sputtering", so that the team owner benefits through a bottle of potions.

Press the G key (hold the LT and press Y or X) to switch the team mode.

After turning off the team mode, press O (letters) keys to open the top view angle (the handle R and the right joystick are pulled down) to concentrate the team.


Then open the backpack and right-click to click the medicament you want to use and choose to throw.

Throwing to the ground in the center of the team (must be smashed floor, do not smash people), all members will be effective when splashing.

For example, all staff invisible potions.


Fourth, gameplay skills: dipping/bomb trap

4. dipping/bomb trap

Weapons can dip the additional effects such as fire and poison in the environment to make your attack more effective.

When there is no environmental effect, you can still create it yourself. The easiest way is-candle.

Put the candle on the ground to dip the additional flame damage, which is very cost-effective.


Put flammable and violent items such as smoke barrels, oil bottle, bottle, and rouge powder in the barrel or box.

You can throw it (the greater the strength of the throw), or you can place it on the ground (you can consider the weight and more materials).

Throw directly to AOE damage. Putting it on the ground is a trap. The damage is detonated with a flame arrow/spell.


Fourth, gameplay skills: stealing

5. Stealing

The general theft is very simple, just hiding and stealing theft. Here we say that the holding of others on the hand is stolen.

It is necessary for Druid to become a cat, standing near the target.

Then use commands to the enemy: discard (preferably archive first).


After the enemy was holding the holding object, the cat went up to use the cat to attract the enemy and took the enemy to the distance.

Remember to switch to the round system after the enemy stays away from the cat, go up to pick up things and leave.

Remember the bomb trap above, the cat attracted people to the side of the bomb, run away from the round, and then detonate remotely (well, hahahahaha).


Fourth, gameplay skills: timely/round switching

6. Time/time switching

The activity outside the game is timely. You can shift+space or click the next right button directly to switch the turn system.

When you want to attack the enemy, it is more secure to enter the round system.


If it is a timely controlling attack to enter the battle, it will often consume action and even have no advantage.

However, after pressing C to enter the sneak, switch the retrograde attack, the entire raid settlement will be smooth, and you will get the opportunity and advantage of the action.


5. All spells: review

"Boden Gate 3" full spell list Daquan, full professional spell effect explanations. Master’s spell effect of "Bodate 3", the magic effect of the pastor, the effect of Druid spells, the wonest poet spell, the Saint Wose, the Warlock spell, the ranger spell, and the magician spell."Bodate 3" is by Larian A magic adventure RPG produced and distributed by Studios is also the latest masterpiece of a series of legendary "The Gate of Bude" series. As one of the earliest RPG games, "The Gate of Bade" has a huge impact and milestone significance in the world, and has set a benchmark for the entire RPG game industry. More than 20 years have passed since the previous work "Borders 2", the latest sequel of this legendary series once again provided us with the epic adventure chapter of the Ferun World, let us work together to enter the new legendary journey!


Guide Guide

In the world of DND, spells are generally divided into three main categories: Master (Master, Warlock, Evilist, Bard), divine (pastors, sacred warriors), and natural magic (Druid, Ranger).

In the 5E rules, and also the rules used by the Gate 3 of Bodd, the magic is further simplified, which basically becomes based on the Olympic arms. Essence

The pastoral occupation of pastors and Druid obtained some Olympic arcanes through different fields, and then added professionalism and natural magic, which constituted the cast list of this profession.

This strategy is based on the Master’s arcane cast list, which conducts detailed explanations of all magic, including evaluation of magic and bad, which is convenient for players to choose.


For the basic knowledge of magic, please refer to our 3DM Raiders Station.

Or Raiders Encyclopedia: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3897662_14.html

This section will be described in detail in detail.



You can prepare the spells you can perform in the List of Law. That is, select the spells (quantity = main attribute adjustment value+caster level) that may be used in the magic spell.

For example, if you are a level 3 mage, you have 4 level 1 method and 2 level 2 method. If you have 16 points of intelligence, you will be able to prepare a total of 6 (intellectual adjustment value 3+ caster level 3) The 1 ring or 2 ring mage spell in the known magic table, the specific combination is casual. If you prepare 1 ringwheel [Magic Missile], you can choose to consume 1 or 2 ring art. A spell will not move it out of the list of preparations.

Whenever you complete a long rest, you can change your preparation method list.


Professions such as mage, pastor, and sacred warrior need to prepare spells.

The professions such as warlocks, bulky poets, ranges, and evil artists do not need to prepare spells because their spell lists are limited and obtained through upgrade choices.

Therefore, many cast occupations can obtain the ability to learn magic through part-time mage, and expand the available spell list.

Do not prepare the career of spells to carefully select available spells-this is also one of the core attention points of this strategy to help players make spell choices.



In addition to taking the opportunity to attack and other actions, spells and abilities can also respond.

The reaction is equivalent to the free operation after triggering a certain situation. Generally, there is only once in one round. Some abilities, props, and expertise will increase the number of reactions.

Players can see the response they can make in the spell book response list. It is recommended to check inquiries, otherwise it will automatically react as long as it triggered.


For example, when you are hit, a reaction prompt will appear-whether to use shields.

For example, the small and small devils of the legend can be hit for more than 11 or more. At this time, the author uses a reaction to put the shield, which increases 5AC, and the little ghost cannot hit the author of the author.

The reaction cast is mainly a variety of protection, countermeasures, and control. For example, spell countermeasures are also reactions, so that opponents cannot release important magic.


5. All spells: Master-Spell Pond


(Mage spell pool, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3818003_54.html))


5. All spell: Master-0 ring

0 cyclic spells (drama)

(The drama provides basic damage and interactive functions. Without spell consumption, it can be used at will. Although it is not a powerful magic, there are many easy-to-use functions, which can not be underestimated.)

Mage’s hand

Create a ghost hand that can manipulate objects and interact with it.

During the exploration, the functionality is good, and it has obvious control capabilities during the battle (especially the difficult battle), and the tactical value is relatively high.

The more familiar to the game mechanism, the more powerful the trick.


Flame arrow

Throw a group of flames to cause 1D10 flame damage.

Similar to the frozen rays below, it can be padded with a knife, and the element effect can be provided when needed.


Frozen rays

Call a blue and white ice beam to cause 1D8 cold damage, and at the same time, the movement speed of the target is reduced by 3m.


Secondary phantom

Create an illusion mirror, disperse the attention of nearby creatures, and force them to start investigation. This spell can be kept in a state.

Can be used to gather monsters, restraint, and practical tricks.



Inject light spirit into an object.

Provides basic lighting functions, simple and practical.


Electric claw

Summon lightning in your hand, the lightning causes 1D8 lightning damage, and can prevent the target from responding. It has an advantage in using this spell wearing metal armor.

The damage is inferior to the flame arrow and the control is inferior to frozen rays. Fortunately, there is still a chance to prevent the reaction and metal armor advantage.


Jelly and Cold Touch

Attacking a creature with a grave-like cold, the creature was damaged by 1D8 dark erosion. Instead of recovering the health, undead creatures will also be at a disadvantage in attacking the dice.

From here, the trick of play is generally narrow. Generally speaking, the application/mixed cast/part-time cast generally uses commonly used drama fields.

The following spell-blade protection, dating, and enemies can also be selected according to the situation.


Gas splash

A poisonous gas was sprayed, causing 1D12 toxin damage.


Sour splash

Spray a strong acid bubble and cause 1D6 strong acid damage to each creature hit.


Blade protection

Obtain blunt strikes, punctures and chop damage resistance caused by weapons attacks.



Charm a non-hostile creature will gain an advantage in the charm of the creature. After the spell is over, creatures will know that they have been charm and may accuse the caster.



Create a ray of light to illuminate the radius of 36 feet.


Rivals first

Divination of a biological weakness and make you have an advantage in the attack rolls it launched.


5. All spell: Master-1 ring (1)

1 cyclic spell


It is too strong as a ring, which is why many occupations are willing to part-time in-post.

The 1 -level warlock is used to reflect the feeling of shielding. It does not need to say that the tide of chaos and wild magic is needed.

The priests and other vocational part-time scholars/spells with grades are equivalent to having more reaction opportunities (there are many spells, you can even apply this 1 ringwheel with senior law in the emergency), the survivability has increased.



The 3 -meter movement distance increase is helpful to the card position and the fast raid.

But the real key is that this spell does not need to be maintained in ritual spells (one character can only concentrate one concentration spell at a time), and it does not consume the method of spell before the battle.

Therefore, the use of free BUFF in advance, the liter also benefits the magic of multiple people and earns stable.


Tasa crazy laughter

The strong control in the middle and early stage, the scope of applications is wide, and the control effect is good.

As a high-priced target of the enemy, it can control the enemy’s high threats.

(Note that it needs to be concentrated, otherwise it will be too strong.)



In the early stage, there are not too many restrictions. It is also very cost-effective and very stable. It does not consume concentration.

The life of monsters in the middle and late stages is naturally useful.

(It can be promoted to improve the upper limit of life and choose the enemy freely, but it is still very good, but there are many alternative spells in the advanced level. The less choice of spells, the more cost-effective hypnosis.)


Magic missile

In the middle, the target is arbitrarily assigned, and rarely encounter resistance of resistance, it is not good.

In the early stage, it can be used as a key output spell, and it is also a magic skill to supplement the knife in the later stage. It can also be improved through various capabilities such as lift ring. Multi-goals of the single are easy to use (multiple injured flow missiles).

Basically, the 1 ring damage magic missile is the ceiling in the comprehensive sense.


Ice blade

It can make ice surface, monomer damage and AOE, and even some auxiliary control.

Yes, but because this kind of spell is not as stable and controllable as magical missiles, it is not so smooth to be used in the end.

(Note that this is a spell. If Master Plastic Energy uses it, it will still be exploded to teammates.)



The main thing is to value this ability to leave biological, which can create various terrain killing.

Push to the trap, push it to the ground effect, and push it under the cliff. The specific scene is particularly easy to use, so it is also a practical 1 ring attack spell.


Colorful ball

You can flexibly choose the type of damage, which is very targeted, and many times are useful.

There is also a chance to produce ground effects based on the selected damage type, which can be considered icing on the cake.



Without consumption, the control effect is also good. Good luck depends on the enemy’s roll in the oil.

Sometimes you can ignite it to change control to AOE damage to make up the knife, or the need to burn the ground.

The key is that it does not consume concentration, and it will not lose after learning. There are many occasions that can be used.


5. All spell: Master-1 ring (2)


It is a huge weakness to consume concentration. After all, there is only one concentration position. There are many concentrated magic with higher priority.

The advantage is that it can be hit, and can be soaked through water. After the lift ring, it can be harmed with equipment and super demon every round.

It belongs to the previous period, and the spell that is also okay in the middle and late stages, but it is still that, unless you really concentrate to be empty.



The mouth cannon is useful, and the combat control effect is not as good as sleeping with Tasha, and the colorful spray is the same.


Animal conversation

The plot task will be useful, but there are also potion scrolls to replace.



Extremely covered by stealing things.



Running, plot interaction is good.


Burning hand

The following attack spells are naturally not comparable than magic missiles. They are much worse than ice blades, thunder, and witchcraft arrows. Even many are not comparable to the tricks.

The following control category/interactive/protective functions can be completely replaced, and it will not be evaluated.

Therefore, as long as there is no evaluation, it is useless.


Disease rays


Hua Beasts as Friends



Skip obstacles and special terrain are also useful, but most of the time, there are other methods of treatment.

(But this can be used for a variety of bugs, skip the map plot, and do not discuss it in detail.)


5. All spell: Master-1 ring (2)

Get the magic pet


False life






Colorful spray


Magic armor


Protect good and evil

It is difficult to use the applicable surface too narrow and occupy a concentrated position.


5. All spells: Master-2 ring (1)

2 cyclic spells

Human beings

The centralized position needs to be paralyzed as long as the target cannot be perceived the exemption test.

After the lift, multiple control can be performed. The controlled enemy is default critically attacking by melee attack.

As a 2 -ring spell, although there is the possibility of out of control, the overall performance is still very bright (not the big deal, laugh), it is completely reversing the victory of the war situation.



That is the common displacement in various games: transient.

The fanfare only consumes an accompanying action, which helps the positioning and can easily avoid taking the opportunity to attack this troublesome "restricator".

When exploring the map, the fans can also play well.

(Note that the Geis Yankees can unlock the race spell at level 5, which is a great balance that has a great balance and disadvantage, laugh.)



Consumption is concentrated but cannot bring significant improvement or provides powerful functions, which is destined to be not easy to use (high hidden or good).

In fact, the invisible potion is pretty good. After the non-war state is promoted, all the members are invisible and sometimes have strange effects (the box without unlocking will not destroy the stealth).

In fact, the spell effect in the 5E rules is 1 hour, which is basically explored. It is not easy to make tricks in the game in the game for 10 rounds.


Dagger cloud

Strong, it is not to say that the dagger cloud itself is against the sky, but that the 3 -level unlocking the dagger cloud has a hard effect during this time.

Although the consumption is concentrated, there is no exemption, which is the must-have AOE.

The cast is lost once, and the enemy will get again when the enemy moves.

It can be said that the dagger cloud after 3 ring spells is not so useful, but when there is no 3 ring, it is a top flow.



It is mainly used to provide information, and it also provides an advantage for the next verification (it can even pass directly, such as some persuasion).

In non-war, it does not consume the position of the law. It is especially easy to use for players who like to explore, like-mouth artillery, and the sense of plot substitution, so that our leader is more powerful (laughs).

The disadvantage is that there is a detection of ideological necklaces and pharmaceuticals. In fact, it is not a disadvantage. It is simply to reduce the status of the spell itself because it can replace it.


Burning rays

High-ring rays are considerable, and can be used as a main output game.

If the targeted enhancement is strengthened, it is also a strong skill in the later stage.

(For example, the Golden Dragon Warrior.)



Boxes and doors in the middle and early stages are open casually.

And the lock that cannot be piloted can also be knocking.

The exploration effect is very good, and there are gloves that can be attached to strikes.


5. All spell: Master-2 ring (2)

Blazing Ball

The damage is average, but the hatred can be pulled, and the functionality is not bad.

As AOE, it can still have a good effect, but it is easy to be replaced.



It can be put before fighting.

It’s just that the current game is less difficult, and shields are completely enough and more flexible.

Only the advantages of high AC in high-intensity battles can be exerted.



Consumption is concentrated, but the ceremony is applied to add points.

Sometimes functionality will have strange effects, and there are not many choices in the early stage, but in the middle and late stages, it is not used.

In addition to opening up the start time or forcing the opponent’s position, silence can also make the enemy who report the letter unable to achieve the goal.



Do not occupy a concentrated position, and the remote control of the enemy is still relatively obvious.

Targeted control remoteness is sometimes stable than human settings (after all, this kind of monster exemption is not easy to pass), but it is still far less than the fixed offensive and defensive integration and stronger control.



Let NPCs kill the person you want to kill, you can not increase your own hatred.

It is useless to use it during the battle, and it is a bit speculative effect when exploring.

(For example, let the guards near the merchant kill each other.)



The consumption concentration is not too strong, which leads to little use.

During the exploration, stealing Dongxi can use it (laughs).



Usually it is useless, but if you lose your friendly forces, you can use it to save your life.

Enemies without dark vision basically cannot respond to the friendly army in darkness.


Malf strong acid arrow

It must not be used to use damage with magic missiles and fireballs.

However, it can make a acid liquid ground and deal with high AC targets.



The range is larger than the dagger, and you can also hit some non-magic objects in the range.

It is an OOE damage skill, but the output ability is still worse than the dagger.


Reduced surgery/turning giant

Reproduction is also used in special circumstances such as drilling caves.

Change giant surgery can improve damage and verification, but the cost is concentrated.

Basically, you can better replace the giant surgery with accelerated and hits.


Dark vision

That is, it is not used for the role of spells such as light without darkness, and this role is not much (laughs).

What’s more important is that there are not many occasions that can be used, so it is basically useless.

(That is to match this, it is too narrow, too universal, and the effect is not good.)


5. All spell: Master-2 ring (2)

Protective toxins

The main occasions that can be used are too limited, and it is actually not a problem in itself.


Magic weapon




Weak rays






Secret lock




5. All spell: Master-3 ring (1)

3 cyclic spell


Because it is a reaction spell, it can play a role as long as there is a position.

The role is to abolish all the key spells of the enemy’s law.

The countermeasures of spells are so pure and powerful.

(The mage cooperates with the water element is almost invincible.)



The two-round dual movement is indeed too strong. The drowsy side effects at the end of the interruption/end can also be lifted (such as the priest’s asylum). It is a useful and powerful spell in any period. The acceleration of the warlock super magic is even more powerful.

The only problem is to avoid being interrupted and concentrated (focusing). When the enemy has a spell countermeasure, it will be more headache (prioritize these goals).

Accelerating the potion does not replace acceleration (but still strong), because the potion is only 3 rounds. Although the person does not need to maintain concentration, the user needs to maintain it. Because users often enter the enemy’s kitchen knife, it is often easier to be easier to be easierBeing interrupted.


Lightning beam

The three rings of various spells are really full of large tubes. The damage of lightning beam is already high. You can also engage in "hydropower" (water and electricity/infiltrates the electricity and easily hurt), and the damage is very powerful.

The beam path does depend on the occasion of the occasion (if there is a block/high and low difference, it will be difficult to play), but we don’t have a fireball (laugh).

(Pay attention to the teammates within the range without relevant capabilities.



The lightning beam carries the banner of the 3 ring output. Because it is a ring-shaped range, it is more flexible to use than the lightning beam.

In the later period, there are relatively many enemies of fire-resistant. The effect of fireball is not as good as in the middle and early stage, but it is too powerful before level 8.


Slow surgery

Many descriptions in the game are more "elegant" (laughs), literally translated slowly:

-2AC, with the mobility and movement cannot be used at the same time, do not allow more, and the movement speed is halved.

And it is a specified goal. There is no need to consider the standing/range. The enemy with multiple attack capabilities is basically the attack to cut off most of the attack, the movement is also shrinking, the defense also becomes poor, and the control effect is very good.

It is also a spell that is strong and stronger.



This spell 5E manual must be made for one hour before it can be successfully arranged. Larryan gives players a gift, which is directly ordinary spell.

Elemental damage types can be selected, can also be controlled, and the damage itself can be seen.

It is easy to use directly attacking spells and complementation of spells.


Hypnotic pattern

Most of the time, you might as well break a fireball and do not need a hypnotic pattern.

However, this spell range is large, and the soldiers+boss+strong enemies are still easy to be installed within this range.

The control of 2 rounds can greatly simplify the situation, so it is also a very useful spell.



Although the control effect is not as good as human beings, there is no requirement for race.

The fan-shaped range does not affect teammates, and it is also very good for the control of enemies using weapons.

Compared to the hypnotic pattern, it is weak to control but it can make your follow-up strike easier, and the location is also very useful.



Unlike hypnotic patterns and fear, it is physical exemption.

But the advantage is that the scope is better selected and the control effect is better. The main thing is a complete control.



It is mainly used as adventure spells, similar to strikes, which are useful in specific circumstances.

The flying potion is very strong, and it is still very good for everyone before the war.


5. All spells: Master-3 ring (2)


You can summon a helper, but the strength is weak, mainly used to be a cannon fodder.

Master Nad Spirit will use a lot of strength, and other law departments generally have stronger replacement.

The advantage is that it can be used before the war, and 2 can also summon 2 (but the body), and the tough battle can still play a good role.


Remove the curse

It is useless during the war. Generally speaking, cursing spells must maintain concentration.

However, it can usually be used to remove long/permanent debuff, so that you don’t need to rest frequently or use potions and scrolls.



Basically, it is used for the "blood bag" of the chain of life, and it can even be configured with blood-rejuvenating equipment to enhance survival.



Occasionally useful during adventure.


Protection energy damage

It is not necessary, the weakness does not need to be controlled, it is directly countermeasure, no need to use this.



The damage is too low, that is, to interrupt the focus.



The damage is too low. I suck the blood to do what, it is better to change the means (laughs).



It is equivalent to a 50%probability that it is not harmed in one round and the next round begins to transmit a small range.

It looks like it, but you have to focus on your face too much.



It is not very useful to occupy the focus. Unless there is a specific spell/BD cooperation in the future, it is difficult to come in handy.


5. All spells: Master-4 Ring

4 cyclic spell

Hidden stealth

One line can be described as a must-have for home travel killing.

It is not to say that it is strong to the sky, but whether it is adventurous or fighting, whether it is a blood fight or a pitman, it can always be useful.

It can be cast before the war, and even in this state, teammates can fight the mage without fighting.

Of course, it is written for 10 rounds, but it is not difficult to support high-sensitivity characters.


Ice storm

AOE damage can be seen, agile exemption, not consuming focus (concentration).

With the frost rod with ice, frozen and frozen and wet and frozen water-making techniques. Dual attacks of water elements are 2 times damage (ordinary attacks can also be frozen stiffness).

Basically is to control+output strong.

(Note that if you do n’t need this way of fighting, the ice storm is not very strong.)



You can make the ground, AOE damage is also good, and the fire warlock is very powerful.

Under the special terrain, it is often a large killing device. You can even use the Opti Land elastic ball to block the door and match the firewall.

The actual range is larger than the visual display, and the NPC is easily burned by itself. You need to pay attention to the occasion.


Summon primary element creature

It can be summoned before the war. In the early stage, if there is a scroll, it is even more powerful, and it will be small if you have more advanced summoning (in fact, you can coexist with senior summoning creatures).

The fire dwarves are good for offense and defense, and need to be a big step.

The ice bat frozen damage is very good. The mud bat can be optimized. All the summoning objects are very good.

This is a very useful spell.


Phantom killer

Aiming at the control of difficult enemies+damage composite spells, and is mostly a difficult perception exemption.

As a 4th cycle, it is pretty good, especially when you are willing to SL (laughs).



There are not many restrictions, and they will not accidentally hurt their teammates (the current version of the game is wrong).

The "back row" group that is not good at cracking down can perform excellent interference, lucky and even good killing (mutual kill).

Easy-to-use control spells.



The advantage is that the charm is exempt. Most monsters and bosses in the game are not easy to pass. As long as the exemption is not exempted, the control is stable.

The disadvantage is naturally that the number of rounds is missing and the concentration is occupied.

The warlock can be delayed and super magic can be 4 rounds, which is very good.



Good damage, but physical exemption is not very good, there are also restrictions on immortality and decoration.

Of course, the special effects of planting plants are very good, but they are not too wide.

Basically it is a spell that is still there.


Ai -Ai Black Tentacle

Scope control+damage, it sounds a bit of strengthening the meaning of the phantom killer, but control is the exemption of power (many enemies are easy to pass), and the damage is average.

The effect of suffocation is that the opponent has an advantage when it cannot be moved and is attacked.

Something to look at luck, there may also be a happy scene of controlling a bunch of enemies and blood.


Stone skin

It is basically not used in the battle, and it can be added on the cake before the war.



It is better than the duration of the surgery, and some push and investment operations can be performed after deformation, which can be killed.

It is also good to clean up the mobs if you control the boss. Just do n’t kill the boss. Leave some blood and do n’t trigger the restoration.

The disadvantage is naturally not as stable as the charm exemption of surgery.


Otelobuk Elastic Ball

It cannot be used as a conventional means, but there are strange effects in some occasions.

For example, it is still effective for board games.

With triggering, you can also save your life at a critical moment.

When you want to save people, it is also a divine skill. When you encounter a particular round of the enemy, you can also make him "aggrieved".


Any door

Most of the time, it is basically not as good as the low-loop, but it is very useful when saving people.

There is also a "super maneuverability" that can cooperate with the fan steps.

It will be more useful when it is online, and the 2+2 team will be transmitted.


Flame shield

It is useless. Under certain circumstances, you can give some resistance or as a means of absolute protection+counterattack.


5. All spells: Master-5 Ring

5 cyclic spells

Summon element creature

It is much stronger than the primary elements of the 4th ring (but the primary is still very good), and it can also be summoned before the war and lasting battery life.

Water elements are the most widely used, with various cooperation, and other elements are also practical.

With this spell, the 4 spell team can also exist (and strong).


Monster fixation

Complete control and melee attack than violence are also infantry and defense.

High-quality skills to deal with strong goals are already strong.

However, level 9 can be used to use the arcane totem scroll, and the strong Olympic totem can be beckoned to you (laughs).

Of course, no matter how monster fixed techniques are unquestionable.


Strategy Course: War Arts Art

If it is not only through the three-chapter scroll, it will be too against the sky.

(Four books under the wizard tower, three special spells.)

It is a enhanced version of the magic missile. Master Plastic Energy is even stronger to Li Pu, so there is a short break (laugh).


Dominate human beings

Powerful control, especially the legal system and long-range role of controlling the enemy.

Weakening the enemy can also strengthen themselves, which is very practical.

It can only control humans as weakness.


Remote control

Normally use is terrain killing or emergency throwing NPC (saving people). There are heavy objects around it to throw people to smash people, which is not a big use.

However, now there are "smashing flow" gameplay of the mage’s strength and heavy boxes, and the damage is indeed considerable.



The damage of the 5 ring is not enough, and there are not many opportunities for large-scale dishes.

It can be used to provide a certain degree of functionality, and it is also good to face long-range occasions.

Can’t be the main force, you can always make soy sauce.


Ice cone

The use of ice cones that are greatly reduced by Ryrian are relatively small.

When the location is appropriate, you can still make good AOE damage.

There are many restrictions, when there is no particularly good output method or the ice method is available.


Stone wall

That is to block, forcibly creating terrain advantages, can gather monsters to a certain extent.

However, in most cases, it is not very useful, and it is also possible to use the accident (players who do not want SL at all).


Different Oath

The use of the surface is relatively narrow, basically entertainment, such as controlling Mizola or something.



The plot is fun.


Cluster plague

That is to say, it is not very meaningful to hit the soldiers in a large scale.


5. All spells: Master-6 Ring

6 cyclic spell

Outti dance

According to the rules, Outti dance should be a must, and then perceived from control every round.

Now this kind of must-have for strong control is estimated to be a bug, and theoretically it should be repaired.

However, even if it is repaired, the Ou Tulu dance is still very strong control, and level 9 can get the scroll, BOSS nemesis.

(At present, this state is even more powerful.)


Wose invalid enchantment

If it wasn’t for the enemy and me, this enchantment would be super magic.

However, the use of repellarization and various walls can basically not benefit the enemy, and it is still extremely easy to use.

(Besides, the question is that this magic is only ineffective in spells. I do n’t know if it is bug or intentional. Anyway, the game is now invincible, sweat.)


Chain lightning

Powerful output, the top spells of the "hydropower" career, with the wet storm pasta, can conduct violent blows.

The super magic double flash looks cool and powerful.


Ice wall

Control the ice-based spells that are still OK. The ice method must be used (there is no choice), and other law systems can also play its effect well.

If you don’t need to focus, it is the magic skills, and you need to focus on the occasion.



The place where this spell is powerful is that one goal can be controlled in one round. The control state is sleep. The control target has been sleeping as long as it is exempt.

That is, good luck, you can control a large wave of enemies one after another, and you can try to control the key goals many times.

It is a spell that controls the effect but uses very flexible spells. If the Ou Tulu dance is repaired, the value of the mind will be higher.


Yangyan rays

It is necessary to consume concentration, so it is not preferred.

However, the control of itself is okay, and it can continue to wound in water. The long-term war income is still very good.



Because it is a force field damage, it is used to get some iconic bones that are not easy to output.

It is impossible to compare with the special spell war of the 5th Ring Road, but it is still possible to deal with special conditions.

Note that it is agile exemption (it is gone if you hide directly), so it is usually useless.


Opaluk ice sealing ball

There is a good range, with a little field control ability.

You can save a hair (10 rounds), and you can also be superb.

However, most of the time, the focus is recognized.


Evoke a dead spirit

It can be used before the war.


Death array

The scope is large but the damage is low.

Basically there is no place to develop. It can be used without consumption with a dead spiritual stick, but what is the lack of a staff.



During the adventure (rescue of people underwater prison), special battle (such as the last boss) is specially useful.

The role is to be developed (or it cannot be developed at all, laughs).



This thing looks like the enemy is not, otherwise we have a headache.

Petrochemicals are almost unsolved, but you have to wait for 3 rounds to take effect in you.

Although it is basically dead after effective, we don’t care what the way to die (laughs).

So it is useless.


5. All spell: Warlock


The warlock is the mage pool of the mage.

Each upgrade can choose 1 spell and replace 1 spell.

Once selected, it can only be replaced and changed when the next upgrade, and cannot obtain new spells by learning scrolls.

Therefore, the warlock and the mage are more specialized but incomplete.

The following is the Warlock Spell Pool (See the Mage See Master):


5. All spells: Evil Master

Evilist spell

Similar evil artists and warlocks are also using mage spell tables to choose and replace spells during the upgrade. Once selected, there is only a chance to replace it at the next upgrade. Usually, it cannot be changed.

Therefore, the evil surgeon is also an applied occupation with limited spells, and you must choose spells carefully.

The following is the magician spell pool (see the mage for the selection of spell evaluation):


Another characteristic of the evil surgeon is that there is only the highest ringgitic position, which means that the spell position does not distinguish between the ring. In so many positions, the 1 ring or 5 ring spells will follow you.

The total number of spells can be applied with a small number of times, and it depends on this professional ability (such as the 0 ring strong play of the magic explosion).

In addition, the evil surgeon does not have the position of 6 rings, corresponding to a mystery, which is equivalent to the 6th ringworm.


5. All spells: Pastor-French Pond


The pastor spells (and Saint Wose) are called divine arts, which are expanded by mage spells.

Therefore, this section only explains the expanded spells. Please refer to the previous article in the mage’s method.

The priest divine art is automatically unlocked with the role level, and the scroll cannot be learned through the scroll, but the unlocked spells can be replaced at any time.

In addition, there are different additional spells in different areas of the pastor, and we will analyze it separately based on the field after the explanation of basic spells.

(Rev. 1 ring spells are very strong and capable of level 2 are also very capable, so the benefits of part-time job part-to-level priests are very high, very high.)

The following is the pastor spell pool (sub-field) –


5. All spells: Pastor-0 ring

0 cyclic divine art (drama)

Divine guide

Basically, you will use it before important verification. Whether it is a stealth unlocking, an intimidating performance or a swimming jump, you can strengthen it by the divine guidance.

The skeleton on the right front of the forest gate also has a god-guided necklace on the skeleton, which is a spell that is easy to use.






Burning fire




5. All spells: Pastor-1 ring

1 cyclic art

Watermaking/dry surgery

The core of hydropower and water ice play can also benefit from wet and frozen and stiff elements.

This is a venue spell. The liter can improve the range without exemptions, and even before the war, people will not have an opinion (laugh).

There is also this spell that can break the invisible, which is a practical model, and the cornerstone of multiple players.



There is no need to focus on control, the effect itself can be used, and the imagination can effectively limit the strength of the enemy.

The key is to leave the weapon so that you can get almost anyone’s weapons.



It is very suitable for the kitchen team, especially in the early stage, the law department often uses the spells of attack rolling dice, so it is more universal.

Both offensive and defensive, one more person every row.

The loud voice of the blooming poet Voro promised a hammer with a blessing of blessing, the middle and early stage artifacts.



The protection law department is constantly focusing, protecting NPCs, etc., many times can be used.

It does not take advantage of concentration, 10 convergence time is very useful.


Healing the truth

Due to the strength and mechanism, most of the recovery of spells is not significant, but the healing mantra is an action, and the cost performance is high.

It is second to add blood. The teammates used to save "hanging" are very useful, saving time and money.



The damage is OK, it can make excellence, and it is convenient to set fire.

However, the attack rolling the dice is not very stable and easy to hit.

But in general, it is also a good spell in the early stage.



In the early stage, it was more practical, especially for a common battle.

On the road to promotion in Chapter 1, find the lost goods that the Chamber of Commerce, rescue two people surrounded by werewolves, and then use the dark code they gave to the rally at the horse’s horses behind the Duke of Gao.

The rescue of Ruben and the zero area of the female boss of the Tarinn Association -Disaster Disaster Crossbow, allowing the shooting system to have disasters, split arrows can be more cost-effective. This is the most cost-effective gameplay.




Pious shield


5. All spells: Rev.-2 ring

2 cyclic art

Guardian chain

It is equivalent to sharing damage after linking, and also attached resistance, AC and exemption.

The survival power of the team’s key crispy skin is greatly improved. Needless to say, the use of the motion mercenary blood package link is used.



It is more average when the 2 ring of 2 rings is, but the upper limit of the life of the 5 ring group 20 is indeed very strong.

Summoners are also bonus, so the summoning game is more beneficial.

You can also use professional tool mercenaries to put this magic.


Spirit weapon

It is equivalent to a summoning object that can attract firepower and create a pinch advantage.

The movement itself is slow and the output is average, but it is still very useful in the early stage. It is mainly a cost-effective.


Secondary restoration

Some are used in the plot.



Under the current game mechanism, it is not very useful.


Enhanced attribute


5. All spells: Rev.-3 ring

3 cyclic art

Group healing the truth

It is equivalent to the healing of the AOE version, and it looks unnecessary.

However, with the equipment, such as gloves and rings that can be used in the forest land, a giving action can give the whole team a 2 round blessing+2 rounds of sword shield, and suddenly it is amazing.


Soul guard

Occupy focus, there is an exemption, you can only use it for yourself, limiting the gameplay.

However, the shields are good, and they are very strong when cleaning up a large number of miscellaneous soldiers.



Specific scenarios, such as the second chapter of the tree person, the vampire enemy, etc., have wonderful effects.



Because there is a resurrection scroll, it is difficult to use him in the 3rd ring.


Hope beacon

It is not very useful to occupy the concentration level, and it feels that it is assisted for the auxiliary method.


Talk about the deceased

The plot is sometimes useful.


5. All spells: Pastor-4 Ring

4 ring mirror

Free action

Mainly there is no need to focus on concentration. It is available before the war and continues until long.

The two-level pastor of the camp can cover the whole team, and the toolmaker’s pastor is particularly easy to use.

In this way, you can have more choices on shoes.


Faith guard

The effect of the terrain is very different.

When the terrain is small, the road can block the door, the enemy is concentrated, it works well. It can attract firepower and provide output and delay the enemy.

At other times, the discount is very large, and many times are not as good as spells such as dagger clouds.



Due to the difficulty setting of the game, it is not very useful. Most of the time, it is not as good as seeing the situation to cure the truth.

If it is open in the later period, the value will be much more value.


5. All spells: Rev.-5 Ring

5 ring mags

High recovery

It must be useless during battle, mainly the plot.

The current version of the enemy is too small, and there is not much time for this spell.

(If you add permanent attribute injuries and negative levels in the future, it will be greatly useful.)


Flame strike

Using this is not as good as a priest in the field of light, it can only be said that there are no other output methods.

Note that two damage is not beneficial. As long as the enemy has a kind of resistance, you eat it, and the agile exemption is not good.


Group healing

It is not as cost-effective as believers such as believers.

Each mercenary level 10 can be done.


Anti-good and evil

It needs to be focused and only fighting, which greatly limits its value. Is it not good to use shield techniques.



As a 5 ring, the effect is too weak.

The way you can use is to add it to your barbarians and keep it violent.


5. All spells: Rev.-6 ring

6 -ring mirror

Different Alliance Oath

The priest’s 6th ring has to rely on the necklace to have 2 spell positions, so the spell is very powerful (relative to the 5th ring, which is huge).

The alien alliance vowed to summon things is generally strong, and can be summoned before the war and continued until long.

Giant spirit gathers strong, and the cooperation of the law is very strong; the angel is outstanding, and the high strength is 10,000 -golden oil;


Heroic feast

It is available before the war, no need to focus, and it continues until long.

The upper limit of life and immune status are very practical, and the perception test is also icing on the cake.

Mercenary tools are more cost-effective to use. Pay attention to the scope of skills. The protagonist is at Will, the mercenary goes to the cemetery, and runs to the cemetery. Wait for the shadow heart to approach Well, and choose the mercenary to open the skills. Well, Gael, Geis Yanji, protagonist, Allen Del, shadow, mercenaries can be eaten.



Power is powerful, but there are too few 6 rings, consuming and agile exemption, many times cannot be used as the first choice.

It is a enhanced version of the cloud of dagger, and the visual effect is good. After the weird, the effect is more explosive.

(Note that it will block the shooting world.)



It is still a pot with too low game, otherwise it is still useful.


Severe injury

If it is 3E to hit 1 blood directly, this is not useful.


5. Full Spell: Rev.-Realm Schiler

Reador Territory Terrace

After the field of divine art selection, the field is obtained, and it cannot be selected. Therefore, the divine art is actually mainly selected in the field without the magic (laughs).

The intensity of God is used for reference comparison when choosing a field.

Most areas of spells have explained in mage spells. Please refer to the previous article. Here are only what is said in the statement.

-The area

Calling Lei can be used as one of the core output methods, and others need to be part-time mage to supplement lightning spells and auxiliary control.


It is necessary to focus, agile exemption, general damage, small scope, which is a weak point.

However, the key is that within 10 rounds, you can click on the right side of the right side of the skill bar for each round.

With dual moisture, it can make good damage and save a lot of law.


Annihilation wave

Compared with flames, physical exemption is not very good.

However, there is the advantage of falling backwards, which can be used, but the main problem is similar to flames, not a preferred choice.


-Linko field


Demon fire

The gospel of the early kitchen sword can break the high stealth.

As long as the kitchen knife team is very useful, the law system is useless, you can’t use the attacking spells of attack.


-The area of life

The divine arts in the field of life have been explained earlier. This field cannot be used as the main fight. It can be used as control, defense assistance, and part-time mage.


-The knowledge area

Without new divine arts, there is currently lack of choice significance.


-The natural domain

It is equivalent to adding some natural spells of Druid, and spells explain in Druid.

The natural field is not very meaningful, it is better to choose Druid directly.


-The field of surgery

There are no new divine arts and the domain spells are too weak.

The choice is not significant.


-The field of war

The field of war was finally a bit of the powerful sense of the 3E version of the pastor, leading the pioneer official of the kitchen sword team.

Many professional part-time trips 1 war pastor have greater benefits.



Affiliated with action, the middle and early stage kitchen knife team plus offensive weapon.

There are also pious shields, just like Shennan, focusing on defense.

The two spells are used according to the occasion, and the cost performance is very high.



Compared with blessing and acceleration, you know that the value is not too great.


5. All spells: Druid-Spell Pool

Druid Natural Spell

Druid’s natural spells are similar to the pastor divine, and they are expanded on the mage spell table.

Druid Spell is automatically unlocked during upgrading, which can be prepared to be used at will. Spell preparation is equal to Druid’s perception adjustment value level.

At present, the earth and spores are not significant. Son can only say that entertainment is entertaining. See below for the earth description.

The Druidfa table is very comprehensive, the transformation ability is also very powerful, and the professional ability is a leader in the current 12th version.

The following is the Druid Spell Pool (the analysis later also explains only the unique spells of Druid, see the spell of the method of the method of the method of the method of the method of the method of the method of the method of the method of the method of the method of see):


The topographic and spells that the earth associates can choose:

(Note: If you want more magic than a part-time mage, if the mage has the ability to learn high-ring spells, it is not modified.


5. All spells: Druid-0 ring

0 ring natural spell

Rubber stick

It is easy to use in the early stage. The powerful Druid happened to be slightly weaker in the early stage, making up for it well.

The team kitchen sword is also a good enhancement.


Thorns whip

It is also a good transition spell in the early stage, medium and near-range damage+appropriate control.


5. All spells: Druid-1 ring

1 Ring Rings Spell


Need to focus on, strength exemption.

Group control, long distance, and medium range, can make excellent+inferior but unstable.

As a 1 ring, it can always be used.



In the camp, the level 5 and 6 of the Droye provides team God Berry Supply.

Very good auxiliary spells.


5. All spells: Druid-2 ring

2 Ring Ring Nature Spell

Scorching metal

In the face of the armor of armored enemies, physical exemptions are a bit regrettable, but they can let them leave their weapons/armor (who picked it up, laughs).

It does not need to be exempted from disadvantages. The effect of spell damage is also good. It has strange effects to deal with some powerful enemies.

How much to focus will still affect its value, after all, focus is too expensive.


Light of Moon Hua

The cloud of Druid’s version of the dagger was very practical in the early stage, and there were many alternative spells in the later stage.


Flame knife

Let’s put this in the early storage skills. This stage is quite easy to use.


Tree skin

It can be used in the early stage and can be applied before the war.

With potions, the value has been further reduced.


5. All spells: Druid-3 ring

3 Ring Ring Nature Spell

Plant nourishment

The control effect is too weak, and the lack of the cooperation of spells, skills, and gameplay is of great significance.

There are not many spells in the 3 ring.


5. All spells: Druid-4 Ring

4 Ring Natural Slogies

Summon forest land fairy

You can summon before the war, and the tree essence can continue to call a tree man.

Tree essence can continue to add rubber sticks, and the damage can be greatly improved.

Overall is a good summoning spell.


Greedy vine

The vine blood is too small, but there is no need to exempt.

You need to focus, there are not many timing, but you will have strange effects when you need to gather monsters.



Mainly, there is no special beast that can increase the value of spell and replace too much high-quality summon.


5. All spells: Druid-5 ring

5 Ring Natural Slogies

In the 5th Rings, in the mage and pastor table, the summoning element creatures are very strong, and others must be played as depending on the situation.

For details, refer to the previous article.


5. All spells: Druid-6 ring

6 Ring Rings Natural Spell

Spiny wall

The damage venue spell can indeed have a very eye-catching performance in the appropriate position.

Each enemy is harmed every time you pass through, and the control effect is also good.

If there is a road blocking and gathering monsters, you can also explode in the future.


Royal Wind

As a 6 ring, the value is not high, and it is difficult to have opportunities.


6. Equipment: armor and shield (1)

6. Equipment

1. armor and shield

① Armor skilled item ARMOR Proficience. Anyone can dress nails at will or equip shields in their hands. Only by having the role of the corresponding armor mature item can we know how to effectively use its characteristics. The occupation you choose will give you the corresponding armor proficiency item. And if you have a armor that does not have skilled items, all your attributes verification, exemption verification, and attack tests conducted with strength or agile will be disadvantaged, and you cannot perform spells in the should be put on.

② Armor class (AC). The armor will protect its users in attack. Your armor (or shield used) determines your basic armor level.

③ Heavy armor Heavy ARMOR. Heavy armor will prevent the ability of pretenders’ rapid, secret, and free movement. If the "Power 13" or "Power 15" is displayed in the "Power" column of a armor on the "armor", the costumers who cannot meet the requirements of the power will be reduced by 10 feet.

④ Hidden stealth. If the "disadvantage" is displayed in a "hidden" column on the armor of the "armor", the costumers will have a disadvantage when they perform agile (hidden) verification.

⑤ Shield Shields. Shields are usually made of wood or metal, which can be used with one hand. Holding a shield can add 2 to your armor level. But at the same time you can only benefit from one shield.


6. Equipment: armor and shield (2)

1.1 Light Armor Light Armor

The light armor made of soft and light materials is loved by the dexterous adventure because it can provide certain protection while providing certain protection while sacrificing mobility. When installing light armor, you can add agile adjustment to the basic value of the type of armor as your armor level.

① Padded. The armor is composed of several layers of fabric and cotton.

② Leather armor leather. The armor and shoulders of the armor are made of hardening skin. The rest of the armor are made of softer and more flexible materials.

③ STUDDED Leather inlaid. The armor is made of strong and flexible leather, and its surface is strengthened by tight rivets and spikes.

1.2 Medium Armor

The lighter armor provides more protection, but at the same time, it also gives up some of the movement capabilities. When you dress in the armor, you can adjust the agile adjustment value (the maximum is +2), add to the basic value provided by the armor type as your armor level.

① Beast-skinned armor hide. A rough armor made of thick fur. Commonly used people include: barbarians tribal, evil people’s creatures, and other people who lack resource production of better armor.

② Chain armor chain Shirt. The armor consists of a metal ring locking, and is usually packed between cloth or leather jackets. This armor provides moderate protection for the upper body of the dressor, and the sound of collision between the locks can also be weakened by the outer clothes.

③ Scale Mail. The armor is composed of a leather jacket and a tibial (may be attached to a skirt). Its protective part is covered with stacked iron pieces, and its structure is like fish scales. This armor is also attached to the hand.

④ Breastplate. The armor is mainly composed of metal chest-fixed-fixed metal chest. Although it does not provide additional protection for limbs, it provides a very effective protection effect for its life organs while ensuring the freedom of the costume activity.

⑤ Half Plate of the half body. The half-body plate is composed of most of the casting metal plate covering most of the body. However, its leg protection is only a simple tibial tibetan tied to the leather strip.

1.3 Heavy Armor

In all armor categories, heavy armor can provide the best protection effect. These armor suits cover the entire body, and their design is enough to prevent various types of attacks. And only the quite skilled samurai can cope with its bulky and restraint. Heavy armor cannot use your agile adjustment value bonus armor level, but if your agile adjustment value is negative, it will not be reduced because of this.

① Duanjia Ring MAIL. The armor is a special leather armor sewed into the inner layer of the heavy metal ring. The metal ring can strengthen the resistance of the armor on the sword ax. The circular armor is lower than the chain armor, and it is usually used by those who are unable to pay better armor.

② Chain armor chain MAIL. The armor is compiled by the metal ring that is locked in each other. The chain armor also includes a layer of fabric lining under the armor to prevent scratches and slow down the impact of swing. This armor is also attached to the hand.

③ Splint Splint. The armor is mainly composed of riveting and the vertical metal narrow strip inside. It is covered outside the cloth clothing, while the joints are protected by flexible chain armor components.

④ plate armor. The plate armor consists of the mold-casting metal plate covering the whole body and connected to each other. A set of plate armor includes handle, heavy leather boots, a helmet with a armor, and a heavy cloth armor on the bottom of the armor. The lock and belt structure can distribute the armor weights to the body.


6. Equipment: Weapon (1)

2. Weapon

Each weapon is classified as melee or remote weapons. Melee weapon Melee Weapon can be used to attack the target within 5 feet around you, and the remote weapon Ranged Weapon can be used to attack the target of a certain distance. Some monsters with immune or resistance to non-magic weapons will be vulnerable to damage to silver weapons. Therefore, some cautious adventurers will invest additional money for silver plating on their weapons.

① Weapon Profile WEAPON ProfitionCy

Your race, career and expertise can give you the skilled items of specific or specific categories of weapons. Among them, the two weapons categories are simple weapons SIMPLE and military weapon Martial, and most people may have skilled items for simple weapons. Simple weapon refers to short rods, hard head hammers, and other weapons commonly common in ordinary people. Military weapons include swords, ax, and long-handle weapons, which require special training to be effective. Most samurai chooses military weapons in order to use their own combat styles and give full play to the results of their professional training. When having the corresponding weapon skilled item, you can add the proficient value to the attack test with the weapon for attack. When you do not have the proficiency items of the corresponding weapon, you cannot add the proficient value to the attack test with the weapon attack.

② Weapon attribute Weapon Properties

Many weapons have some special attributes when used and are recorded in the "weapon watch".

③ ammunition ammunition. You can use a weapon with ammunition attributes to launch a remote attack, provided that you must first have an ammunition corresponding to the weapon. Every time you use this weapon to attack, you have to spend one ammunition. The behavior of taking out ammunition from the arrow, the ball box, or other container will be part of the attack (you need a free hand to fill the ammunition for a one-handed weapon). After the battle, you can spend a minute search for the battlefield to recover half of the ammunition consumed. If a melee attack is launched with an ammunition weapon, the weapon is considered equivalent to a temporary weapon (see the "temporary weapon" entry of the following article). In addition, a stones must be filled in the loading state when using this method.

④ ingenious FineSse. When using a dexterous weapon to launch an attack, you can freely select strength or agile adjustment value as an additional value of attack testing and damage. And the value of the two dice must be the same adjustment value.

⑤ Heavy Heavy. Small body organisms are disadvantaged when using heavy weapons. The weight and size of a heavy weapon is a bit difficult to control for a small creature.


6. Equipment: Weapon (2)

⑥ Light light. The size of a light weapon is exquisite and easy to control, which is very suitable for double-holding weapons.

In Loading. Since you need time to fill this weapon, when you shoot with a movement, an action or reaction, you can only shoot an ammunition and consider the number of attacks you can launch under normal circumstances.

E range range. A weapon that can be used to launch remote attacks has a range marked by parentheses after ammunition or throwing attributes. The range lists two numbers. The first is the conventional range of the weapons with a ruler, and the second one pointed out the maximum range of the weapon. When attacking a target that exceeds conventional range, your attack test is disadvantaged. And you can’t attack a goal outside the maximum range.

C Touch Reach. When using this weapon to attack, it increases 5 feet to your touch range. When using it to attack, the value-added can also take effect.

I Special SPECIAL. When using special attributes, it must follow some uncommon rules when using special attributes, which has a detailed explanation in the description of the weapon (see the "special weapon" entry in the post).

① ① Throw Thrown. Weapons with throw attributes can be used to launch a remote attack of throwing. If the weapon is a melee weapon, when you conduct melee attacks, the attribute adjustment value of the attack test and damage roll is also applicable to the long-range attacks performed. For example, when you throw a hand-to-hand ax, you use the power to adjust the value; and when you throw a dagger, because of its dexterous attributes, you can choose to use the power adjustment value or agile adjustment value.

① ① ① ① ① Two-Handed. The weapon needs to be used with both hands, but you don’t have to use your hands when you hold it.

① ③ Versatile. This weapon can be used with one hand or hands. This attribute will follow a bracket, and the damage value within it is the damage value when the weapon uses the weapon to use the weapon for melee attack.


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