"Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" full achievement guidelines, the full ending has reached conditions."Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" full trophy strategy."Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" is the last work of the Witcher Series Trilogy. The story will have the final climax of the grand narrative (multi-end). This game is made of the latest Redengine3 engine. The next-generation version update has raised the game screen to a new height. Players can explore arbitrarily in the seamless world. The game adopts the setting of non-linear plot, coupled with real character settings, charming stories, and an open environment. Players have a more realistic experience and complete sense of substitution.


Strategy description

With the update of the 3rd version of the Witcher, the 3DM Raiders Station will gradually replenish and revise the Witcher 3 Raiders.

The main supplementary content includes-

-The achievement strategy

-The full ending strategy

-The Quanquet Collection Raiders

-The hidden task strategy

The main revised content includes-

-The whole process full branch line strategy

-The data collection


-Witcher 3 -generation Layout Text Raiders Encyclopedia: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868995.html

-The second-generation update and detailed explanation of this version, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868282.html

-The hidden task/branch line task strategy, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868539.html

-For the main line, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868855.html

-Profinance list of Quanquet, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868468.html

-This strategy: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868283.html

-The conditions for full ending: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868283.html

-The heart full process full branch line: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3869302.html

-Pestance of the old version of the process, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3500312.html

-Pybolic and wine-based raw meter (DLC) Raiders, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3570301.html


This strategy will include:

-The fulfillment (trophy) reaches.

-The conditions for the full end


Cheating code

Before starting to achieve a strategy, I will give a lazy Fa -Dafa. Players who like to complete their achievements with their strength should not watch it (laugh).

Full achievement Unlock cheating code: unlockallachievements


1. Fully achievement guide: main line

1. Full achievement (trophy) reached a guide

1. Main line plot achievement (as long as you experience the plot, you will not miss it)

-In Ding and Vinegar: Looking for Ye Naifa.

-Sucho the aid: Find Dande’s grace and rescue him (preferably archive before rescue to avoid the console version of the bug without a cup).

-Forian Consultant: Find the Baron Wife and Daughter.

-Suxun asked: Help Ye Naifa obtain intelligence from Shi Kaiqiu’s body. It is recommended to complete the tadpole task first: the wolf ⽪ ⾐.

-The thing: Find Hero.

-Cancan Lotus: persuaded Gill to betray Eric.

-Wang is dead: defeat Erin.


-Profin the game with any difficulty (if it is not pure and new, you can consider killing directly without regrets, and it is really difficult to play in the initial stage, but with the acquisition of levels and equipment, it will actually become more and more after level 10It’s easy).

-Chate the adventure: Want to flow!Customs clearance cannot be adjusted in the middle.

-Fotching: Complete the game with the difficulty of death. The difficulty cannot be adjusted halfway.

-Notu Supreme: Level 35.


1. Fully achievement guide: the main line of the expansion film

2. The main line of the expansion film

① The heart/blood and wine of customs clearance are not missed. You can refer to the expansion guide: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3570301.html or full Raiders: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3500312.html

-The kiss of true love


-Thenan of the border


② The main line of the stone heart

-Suctive time: main task-Yangjian party (level 33, located in the Novigue region). When attending the wedding, you can complete all the mini games at the wedding:

—– Backup archives before the task starts.

—– finally complete the task of looking for a firefire.

—– The second floor in the house also has a cow kinter card and a seat cushion to be investigated. The location is just coinciding with the yellow dot of the mirror master.

—– The mission of catching the pig must be won, and the marks cannot be used.


-The shopping madness: Mainline task-Sesame opens!(Level 34, located in the Novigue region), came to the Posndi auction house in Orson Ford, and bought 3 auction products for a total of 670.


-Giring Nightmare: Main Line Task-Marriage Memories (Level 35, located in the Novigue region). After entering the dream, all the nightmares of Alice are reproduced. After entering the dream in the painting, do not go to the fountain first, a scene behind you needs to be repaired. After walking the process, you can get achievement.


-Dypical enemy: main task-Marriage Memories-Alice’s greatest fear (level 35, located in the Novigue region), activate all BOSS avatars, and then eliminate all the avatars (it is recommended to use the simplest difficulty):

—– activate all the avatars with Alda seal, and then destroy all the avatars.

—– Before all the avatars, a avatar cannot be killed.


1. Fully achievement guide: the ending of the expansion film

③ Blood and wine main line/ending achievement

-Grape Heroes: Get the Moral Grape Medal, that is, a good ending achievement-

—– At the time of the vampire attacking the city, chose to save the sister of the Boat to meet with Dirac.

—– Enter the fairy tale world (remember to read the log before). Be sure to talk to the little girl selling matches and get the ribbon.

—– A fairy tale world, destroying Dirac, tried to wear clothes, before seeing the Board, then investigated the fifth victim.

—– Meet with Sister Board, dialogue choice, 3 (abandoned), 2 (forgiveness), 1 (you can ask her).

—– Answer 1 at the site of the ceremony (there is a reason).


-Prison widow: In Taosont, he was in prison, that is, a bad ending–

—– At the time of the vampire attacking the city, chose to save the sister of the Boat to meet with Dirac.

—- Enter the fairy tale world, do not talk to the little girl selling matches,

—– After leaving the fairy tale world, Dirac killed Sister Board and chose to let Dilaf. Will be jailed.


-Net in the eyes: Mainline Mission-Tao Sen Special Evil Beast-defeat the giant (level 35, located in Taosont), use the Cross Crossbow to shoot the windmill giant Guata’s eyes in the crossbow, and kill the giant with one arrow.


1. Fully achievement guidelines: ontology branch line

3. Anthology of ontology

-The friendship: Complete Kara Metz’s thread mission (do not kill Kella, but also persuade her to go to Kelmomham). For details, see the five fingers (front), mouse tower, knife pull-out mission task in the full strategy: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3500312_52.html


-Wang Wang: Complete the line of the king of Shi Kelly. This line task is done before going to the island of Mist. Refer to the gambling bureau of the entire Raiders, the king of U Diwick, and the evil spirits.


-Wang Assassin: Complete the branch line: for the motherland. The front is to return to the eyes, the life and death, the life and death, escape the birth of the day, and the fatal conspiracy, and then complete the main line of fog island, the battle of Kyle Mohan, and the final preparation: Obviously, then start the branch line: for the motherland. He must be completed before the final battle defeats.


-The members to Qi: That is to recruit all teammates/friends and complete all side-in-side combat tasks. The teammates who can be convened are as follows ——

—– Vijima: Enhill (not joined)

—– Weillen: Kalar (persuaded her to go directly to Kelmomham after completing the knife to help)

—– Noviger:


——— Zhuertan (Dialogue recruits during mission)

———— Dickeis Chen (not joined)

———– Luochi (Complete the branches of "Eye Eyes" (Level 12, located in the middle of the Noviger area)

—– Shi Kelly Islands:

——— Cerachi (without joining, send a sword)

———- Ermia (Joining Mission Talk)

——— Cairi (the wicked wicked spirit of the branch mission, the king’s gambling (level 17, located in the Shi Kilijie Islands)

———- Halma (the King of Dewik, the King of the Wharf Line Mission, the Gambling Bureau of the King (level 17, located in the Shikelie Islands)


-Forest Elf: Complete the mission of the forest, to kill the first essence of the deer to achieve achievement.


-Froming Demon: Son to complete the disappearance of the branch mission.


1. Fully achievement guide: expansion branch line

4. Data branch line achievement

-Graphs of mutation generation killing weapons: Complete the branch mission "Facing changes" (level 35, located in Taosont). After the task is completed, the mutation skills and skill columns are added, which is very useful.


-Chnnomirus: Complete the branch mission "Cavaliers Love Story" (level 35, located in Taosont). In archery, horse riding, team battles, and challenging the last championship. Task front conditions: main task-Taosen Evil Beast-defeat Salima (level 35, located in Taosont), protecting the knight Ji Limi, who challenges Salma.


-Rested grapes: Complete the branch series task "Wine Wars-Belgard", "Wine War-Permuno", "Wine War-Colonta", "Wine War-Conspiracy", "Wine Wars-alliance".(Level 37 to level 40, located in Taosont) –

—– After arriving at the "Wine War Belgard" mission place, he took over the two tasks "Wine Wars of the Wicker Fo Mengotino" and "Wine Wars Korona".

—– First complete the five tasks of "Wine Wars of Fermuno" (pay attention to find special items in the task place), and then do not find notaries to hand over the task.

—– Then go to the mission of "Wine Battle Corona", and half of it will find mysterious letters.

—– Unlock the "Wine War Conspiracy", follow the prompts to complete the task, and then find a notary.

—– Unlock the "Wine War Alliance". When you arrive at Belgard, complete the remaining tasks, and you will get achievements for 3 days after handing over the task.


-The ultimate collection mad: Complete the branch mission "Not only the master" (level 40, located in the city of Baokland, central Taoson), search for all the blueprints of all hunter master craftsmanship sets. Including: cat, wolf, bear, griffin set blueprint.


-Wuide incarnation: Complete the "Fate of Destiny" (level 43, located in Taosont). Five virtues are easier to get–

—– Mercy: Mainline Mission: Tao Seson Evil Beast-defeat Saloma, choose not to kill Sharma.

—– generous: In the city, a little boy in the city gave you a letter from Ye Naifa (or Tris) and chose to give him five tips.

—– Honor: In the branch mission "Cavaliers Love Story", after a horse riding competition, he promised the aristocratic provocation when he was drinking, and then won the aristocracy.

—– Ying Yong: In the branch mission "Cavaliers Love Story", the middle Ji Limi asked you if you completed the subsequent games, complete all games and win.

—– Wisdom: The main line task: the curse of the spoon, choose the curse after entering the house, and choose to eat with her without a spoon. Or the branch mission "Brother’s feelings" (level 37, located in Taosont), hand over the task to the people in the cave, and choose "no one will die" when he is out of the hole.


-When the Almighty Manor Reconstruction King: Complete the "Sweet Home" (no grade requirements, located in Taosont, Bai Raus Vineyard), and complete all the decoration items of the white crow garden.


-Suktter addiction: Complete the branch mission-Quinte-Ciner’s Islands (no grade requirements, located in Taosont), Quinte collecting tasks, 19 opponents have clear road points, it is easier to complete it, it is easier to completeEssence


1. Full achievement reached guide: hunting magic achievement

5. Demon achievement

(The town notice board can be collected.)

-The professional player: Complete the entrustment of all the magic mission of the body.


-Stoke monster: Complete the screaming monster commission, (level 8, located in the crow’s nest).


-The deformation strange effect: Complete the mysterious thief commission, (level 13, located in Novir).


-The fearless vampire killer: The entrustment of completing the Mystery of the Byvis murder (level 23, located in Wilun, Oreden).


-Cuudi Dust: Complete the entrustment of the portal, (level 24, located in the Novigue region).


1. Fully achievement guide: fighting and horse racing achievements

6. Fighting and horse racing achievements

(There is a question mark prompt on the big map, which are all series tasks, and all are required to win, so it is best to archive before starting.)

-This pleasure: win horse racing in all regions.


-The fist of the Star of the South: defeated the opponent in a fighting match without injury.


-Adders: winning the Strakle Boxing Fighting Competition.


-Pelayer: Complete all boxing fighting missions of Wellen, Steelle, and Noviger.


1. Fully achievement guide: Quinte achievement

7. Quinte achievement

-Scoda collectors: Collect all kinds of Quinte, each one, but it must be completed on the same week. Many cards have specific tasks/NPC restrictions, and they may miss it if they don’t pay attention. Please refer to the Quinte collection strategy: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868468.html


-Master Quinte: Complete the "Big Gambling" of the Kinte game branch line, and defeat all opponents to win the championship, (level 26, located in Noviger). It is recommended to collect the card to a certain degree, and then challenge it after high intensity.


-The trump card: play 3 hero cards in the Qinte card and win the game. This is easier to try this.


-Lorot and friends: Only a small game of a game with a neutral card. Select an ordinary opponent casually. In the second game, a 15 o’clock Georot or Hillia was released. The other party is likely to discard the cards to get achievement.


-Addo the victory: win a small game of a game with the total strength of at least 187–


— There is a complete Nefgadkinte.

— Leading cards Choose cold and blood ruthlessness.(In the first game, the spy card is placed, and the second game can be used from the opponent’s waste card to get the spy card again.)

— 4 spies. Leading horn, burning, and bait are more with. Two days of dawn. Dandelene. Verantrerus.

— The hero card only brings Georot, Hilia, Ye Naifa.

— 4 imperial classes, 3 Usica cavalry classes, and 2 young special envoys. Black Soldier Archer 2. Thorrine’s heavy fire scorpion.


1. Fully achievement guidelines: accumulated achievements of the body

8. Cumulative achievement of the ontology

(It can be achieved by continuous accumulation in the game. It is not difficult, focusing on accumulation.)

-Do Chong Tianya: Find 100 fast mobile road signs.


-Mascus: Learn 12 potion formulas.


-Lither: Collect 6 formulas of different types of bomb types.


-Chologics: Read 30 books, logs or other documents.


-The firepower: Destroy 10 monster nests with bombs. Near the monster nest, press the attack key to automatically put the bomb. After the bomb is released, you can also investigate the nest of the nest.


-Factist: Equipped with a complete set.(Bear, wolves, cats, griffin sets.)


-Gavalent: The four plaids of the skill bar are equipped with mutations on the equipment.


-Drilling and dreaming: Drink 7 kinds of decoction at the same time. Select 7 kinds of 15 to 20 toxic decoction.


-The tree planting expert: full of all skills of the same skill tree. Save the game first, buy a bottle of washing dot potion (Novigri, near the bridge of Sangeleguri, the shop next to the barber shop is sold), the wash point is full of yellow skills tree, only 20 skill points are requiredEssence


1. Fully achievement guide: the cumulative achievement of the expansion film

9. Cumulative achievement of expansion pieces

-For the coquettish: Collect all the Oufei armor and horses equipment, and at least one Oufeel sword (the stone is limited, only collects without equipment) –

— Find the horse racing of the North mill businessman, win him after winning him, and then buy the Oufei-saddle bag and horsesh eyelids, as well as Oufei Sword and Ouer’s clothes.

— Find the mission of this businessman’s branch line "Produced by Oufeel" (level 33, located in Novigri, Beijiefang).

— Go to the armored master (need to complete the branches of "armor masters" (level 24, located in Wilun, crow nest)) to make these 4 armor to get achievements.


-Eling the rose: eliminate the camps of all eight fallen knights (level 35, located in the Norwel region).


The position is as shown in the figure-


-When clothes: Equipped with a complete set of teacher-level sets.[Limited blood and wine, pre-task: "Not only Masters" (level 40, Located in the central part of Baokland in central Taoxers)]


1. Fully achievement guide: brush brush achievement

10, brush brush achievement

(You need to find the right time and place, and try to achieve with a specific method to achieve multiple attempts. Pay attention to repeatedly depositing the gear can not be accumulated.)

(There are 7 robbers in the devil pit on the right side of Wirelon, 6 robbers, 6 to hit 6, and then send it back to 7 and then reset it to 7, which can be repeatedly brushed.)

-Weito is equal: only two monsters who kill the commissioned mission only are used to kill the commissioned mission, and 2 cumulative (cannot be used to print, decoction, sword oil or bomb). This high-level low-level commission is easy. You can directly open the new expansion file and go to the Norwig Rui City notice board to connect the 13th level of the task, which is easy.


-Lunch pests: destroy all the monster nests of Wilun, Noviger or Shikalie. Just choose one.


There are only 5 monster nests on the Shikaelie Islands, which is very simple-


-The energy excess: Visit 5 places of magic power so that all 5 law seals are strengthened at the same time.


Baiguoyuan, you can achieve the achievements of the six magic power in the map to achieve the achievement-


-When the original owner: the arrow of the soby archer, shooting the archer, a total of 3 — a total of 3-

— Battle skills, full of the third column of the first "arrow offset" skill level 3.

— See the on-time block of the bow and arrow during the battle to hit the archer.


-The enemy enemy: Control the enemy to eliminate the enemy to eliminate 20 enemies with the alternative mode of the Aka seat ——

— Blue Skill Tree, full of the second "Doll Master" skill to level 3, choose the seal of the sub-seat during the battle.

— Usage to print the replacement mode, that is, long press the release key, you can control a enemy to kill each other.


-The center of gravity is unstable: Use Ald’s seal to shock 10 enemies from height. Repeat the position of the suspension bridge in the demon pit.


-Bad environment: use the surrounding environment to kill 50 enemies (such as swamp poison gas, insects). Use Ald’s seal to shock the enemy, and then press the attack key to kill.


-Clemo-hamous: Continuously block 10 offensives of the same enemy (that is, block and cause the enemy’s straight state). You only need to successfully block, no counterattack. Find a seven-eight robber camp, leaving a stick with a stick. The low-level robbers attack mode is very single. It is easy to complete 10 times in a row.


-The body: kill 5 enemies without injuries in a battle (you cannot use Kunne Fa). You can use a bomb or Iignifer to burn wild dogs.


-The brutal and extreme: Use the burning enemy to explode 10 times in the poison gas generated by the Dragon Dream Bomb. Use Egneyfa to seal the enemy first, and then throw a dragon’s dream bomb to the enemy, it must have a gas explosion.


-Barvican’s butcher: Kill 5 enemies in 10 seconds. High-level rotation skills are used to play low-level thieves or wild dogs.


-Tami threat: In a battle, kill 3 enemies (swords, bombs, cross bows or law) in three different ways.


-The response: Make the enemy bleeding, poisoning and burning at the same time, cumulative 10 enemies–

— Create 100 wide-headed crossbow arrows, the attribute is 100%bleeding damage, equipment.

— For the thieves, let the demon’s dust bomb and poisoning the effect, then the Egney Fafa will be burned, and then a wide-headed crossbow.


-Seper Sagittarius: Use a cross bow to kill 50 robbers or soldiers.

— Click out all the skills of all crossbow. Mainly combat skills, the third column of the first "Lightning reflection"

— Cat eye skills with mutation skills, equipped with Bear Cross Bow (29-level equipment).

— Play the robbers below level 8, one arrow spike. Below level 15, two or three arrows spike.


-Thonglei is not as good as to cover his ears: In 4 seconds, attacks, blocks caused hard straight, exerting laws, and bombing bombs (unlimited order). Find a guard in the city, pull the sword to provoke, and then block the hard straight, lightly cut, put Alda seal, and throw a bomb.


-Shabanra: Kill frozen enemies with crossbow arrows. When playing with a cow, throw a north bomb at the cow. After freezing the cow, shoot a crossbow and arrow quickly.


-Liu Niu killer: kill 20 cows.


In the farm in the central part of Vilun, all cows were killed. After meditation, more than 10 cows appeared, and they could get achievement after killing.


-Stile: 10 seconds to slide down the slopes without interruption. The brewery transmitted to the bottom right of the main island of Shikalie Islands, declined from the top of the mountain, and slipped at the foot of the snow mountain to achieve achievements.


The position is as shown in the figure-


2. Full ending: Hilli survive

2. Full ending strategy

0. About Hiri (how to survive)

Hills must be the goal that many players want to achieve, and leaving good memories to Hilli is also part of the condition required for some ending (main line ending).

The following is a way to let Hilli survive and leave her beautiful memories–

-Cylemoham comforted Sili: Choose snow battles.

-If if you choose to bring Hilli to see the emperor, don’t accept the emperor’s money (the ending of the Queen).

— You can not see the emperor (the ending of the devil).

-S when the hotel see the witch: let Hilli go to negotiate.

-In after Hilli was furious by the female elf, let Hori let go to do it and accompany Sili to destroy the laboratory.

-Hiri learned that Shi Kaiqiu was going to collect his corpse and accompany her.

The above requires at least 3 items. Getting 3 good memories can trigger some endings. See below for details.


2. Full ending: main line

1. Mainline ending (Hilli)

① Become a hunting demon

-Battle Preparations

-Blood on the BattleField on the battlefield

-The last preparation for final preparations

In these three tasks, leave no less than three good memories for the daughter, and you can refer to the above "About Hili".

In the blood mission on the battlefield, don’t take your daughter to see the emperor.


② Become an emperor

-Battle Preparations

-Blood on the BattleField on the battlefield

-The last preparation for final preparations

In these three tasks, leave no less than three good memories for the daughter, and you can refer to the above "About Hili".

In the blood mission on the battlefield, he took his daughter to see the emperor (it is also a good memory to see that the emperor does not collect money).


③ Harry’s death

-Battle Preparations

-Blood on the BattleField on the battlefield

-The last preparation for final preparations

There are less than three good memories left by their daughters in these three tasks.


2. Full ending: Jerot

2. The ending of Geralt

①Lone wolf

Both Tris and Ye Nafa pursued or did not pursue, and the ending was the lonely wolf.


② Old with Tris

Pursuing Tris, not pursuing Ye Naifa (when not in the last wish mission).

Complete Tris’s task of life and death, do not lose the opportunity, help Tris and confess at the boat.


③ and Ye Naifa

Pursuing Ye Naifa, not pursuing Tris.

When Ye Naifa’s mission was last wishes, he admitted to love her, as long as he did not admit it, he would not pursue Ye Naifa.


2. Full ending: Empire

3. Empire ending (Nifigard)

① Unified north

The king’s assassination mission chain finally successfully assassinated Radodid, and finally chose to form an alliance with Forton Rich.


② The death of the emperor

Without completion of the conditions of the unified northern ending, the cost ending.


2. Full ending: Baron

4. The ending of the bloody baron

① Leave Wellen

Killing the creatures under the tree in the mission of the hills;


Mrs. Lin rescued the creatures under the tree before triggering.


② Piece suicide

Small the creature under the mission of the hills.


2. Full ending: Kingdom of the North

5. The ending of the northern kingdom

① Laodovid victory

As long as Ladodd is not assassinated.


② Dixchen succeeds

Assassination of Radodid and not formed an alliance with Luochi (in the end, do not help Luochi).


③ Tarmolia resumes country

Assassination of Radodid and helped Luochi at the end.


2. Full ending: Shi Kellyjie

6. The ending

① New Wang Kaeith

Complete the election mission chain of the islands and follow the king’s betting task.


② New King Harma

Complete the election mission chain of the islands and follow Halma in the king’s betting mission.


③ Hope Saviri

As long as ① and ② have not been achieved, this is the ending.


Second, full ending: Kalar Metz

7. Kalar Metz ending

① Patriotic adventure

At the Kalar Metz mission chain, she finally persuaded her to go to Kelmomham, and she would adventure with Lambert.


② Burning witch

Don’t persuade Kara to go to Kylemo.


③ death death

Fight Kalar and kill him in the name of knowledge progress.


2. Full ending: Sarah

8. The ending of Sarah

① Live in the same ghost house

The main line Novigri agreed to leave Xiaodi Salad, and she would live with Zhan Mengshi Kelin with the haunted house.


② Stay in Willron

The main line Novigri let the Xiaodi Jing salad leave, and she will stay with Xiaodi Johnny in Wellen.


2. Full ending: Hawthorne II

9. Holes II ending

① Streaming on the streets

The main task knocked down the II and did not kill Hawthorne II.


The main task defeats the killing of Hawthorne II in the second generation, and he will be replaced by the deformation monster Du.


2. Full ending: Master (finished)

10. Mage ending

① Master Massacre

Before the reunion with Hilli, the Master would be slaughtered without completing Tris’s mission chain (naturally he could not pursue Tris).


② Non-human massacre

After completing the Trisei mission chain (life and death, no good opportunity), it can not be confessed that non-human races will be slaughtered.


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