Witcher 3 console opening method:

This method does not need to download any plug-in to modify the authenticity manually and adapt to all upgrade files

1 Find the game directory and open The Witcher 3 \ Bin \ Config \ Base \ General.ini

2 The last line of the text adds dbgconsoleon = true storage

3 Get Game Press: ~ Open the console

If you don’t want to delete dbgConsoleon = TRUE with the console, just save it

before fixing:

After modification:

Common code

Common code:

AllowFt (1) Allows to use the street signs at any time

Advanced horse:

additem (‘Touseaint Horsebag’)

additem (‘Touseaint Saddle’)

additem (‘Touseaint Saddle 2’)

additem (‘Touseaint Saddle 3’)

additem (‘Touseaint Saddle 4’)

additem (‘Touseaint Saddle 5’)

additem (‘Touseaint Saddle 6’)

additem (‘Touseaint Horse Blinders’)

additem (‘Touseaint Horse Blinders 2’)

additem (‘Touseain Horse Blinders 3’)

additem (‘Touseaint Horse Blinders 4’)

additem (‘Touseaint Horse Blinders 5’)

additem (‘Touseaint Horse Blinders 6’)

Add item code:

additem (‘item name’, quantity) for example ↓

Additem (‘Glyph Igni Greater’, 2)

Glyph Igni Greater High Egney Faculty

Glyph Quen Greater High Kunn Funeral

Glyph Arrd Greater

Glyph Yrden Greater High Yaden Charter

Glyph Axii Greater High Akhali Faculty

Additem (‘Greater Mutagen Red’, 2) Large-scale red mutation inducer*2

Additem (‘Greater Mutagen Blue’, 2) Large blue mutation inducer*2

Additem (‘Greater Mutagen Green’, 2) Large-scale green mutation inducer*2

addmutageningRedients adds all types of mutations

AdduPGrades inlaid Rune

addrinks add whole alcohol

addBolts add full arrows

addcrossbows add a full cross bow

addherBS Add all herbs

addmutagens add all fried medicine

addmutagenRcipes learns all the formulas of all decoction

adDRecipesoils learns all the formula of all sword oil

AddRecipesbombs learns all bomb formulas

adDRecipespotions learn all potion formula

adDRecipespotions2 Learn all senior potion formulas

Cheating code:

addmoney (9999999) Add money (quantity)

addskillpoints () Add skill points (value)

Addexp (1000) increase experience (value)

setLevel () Setting level ()

Levelup () level promotion ()

Wingwint (122) Quinte Victory

addgwintcards add a full deck

additem (‘gwint_card_redin_gold’, 1) Kunte card all gold card

Stoprain stops raining

Teacher crafts set code

Teacher craftsmanship code:

Bear sleeve:

additem (‘Bear Pants 5’)

additem (‘Bear Boots 5’)

additem (‘Bear Gloves 5’)

additem (‘Bear Armor 4’)

additem (‘Bear School Stel Sword 4’)

additem (‘Bear School Silver Sword 4’)

Additem (‘Bear School Crossbow’) Cross Bow

Cat cover:

additem (‘Lynx Pants 5’)

additem (‘Lynx Boots 5’)

additem (‘Lynx Gloves 5’)

additem (‘Lynx Armor 4’)

additem (‘Lynx School Sword 4’)

additem (‘Lynx SCHool Silver Sword 4’)

additem (‘Lynx School Crossbow’)

Gryphon Set:

additem (‘Gryphon Pants 5’)

additem (‘Gryphon Boots 5’)

additem (‘Gryphon Gloves 5’)

additem (‘Gryphon Armor 4’)

additem (‘Gryphon School Sword 4’)

additem (‘Gryphon School Silver Sword 4’)

Wolf sleeve:

additem (‘Wolf Pants 5’)

additem (‘Wolf Boots 5’)

additem (‘Wolf Gloves 5’)

additem (‘Wolf Armor 4’)

additem (‘Wolf SCHool Stel Sword 4’)

additem (‘Wolf School Silver Sword 4’)

Powerful weapon and equipment code

Powerful weapon and equipment code:

Taoson Knight Steel:

300 puncture+Kunn+double explosion+combustion

additem (‘Knights Steel Sword 3’)

Lake female sword:

Perverted weapons do not explain

additem (‘Aerondight EP2’)

The Taoson Knight Competition Set:

It is stronger than the Knight set, the golden suit, and the master craftsmanship, and it is almost exploding!

additem (‘Knight Geralt A Armor 3’)

additem (‘Knight Geralt a Gloves 3’)

additem (‘Knight Geralt a Pants 3’)

additem (‘Knight Geralt a Boots 3’)

Mirror master full set of rewards:

Additem (‘Devil Saddle’) Sad horse-harder, Ma never panic, and randomly chaos a enemy

additem (‘Soltis vodka’) without bottomless bottle, infinite spirits

Additem (Cornucopia) rich horn, unlimited food

Shi Zhixin Super Handsome Set Crescent Moon Set:

additem (‘Thief Armor’)

additem (‘Thief Gloves’) Crescent Gloves

additem (‘Thief Pants’) Crescent Pants

additem (‘Thief Boots’) New Moon Boots

Hill weapon and special props code

Hill weapons and special props code:

Hill’s weapon:

It’s not the strongest weapon but can be used for collection

Hilli’s steel sword Jiwei Aier

800 puncture

additem (‘Zireael Phantom Sword’)

Hilli’s Silver Sword Tolgowei Erier

Frozen+death+law seal

additem (‘Torzirael’)

Hidden tool group:

The donkey headhers can be mixed into the crowd (can be decomposed as donkey ears and glasses)

additem (‘Concealment Kit’)

Look at the shovel of the door:

Shi Zhixin Marriage Memories Receive

additem (‘PC Caretaker Shovel’)

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