In "The Gate 3", there are many items waiting for the player to collect. There is a box in this place in Xiong Cave. Some friends don’t know how to open the box in this cave, so let’s take a look at "then_ye"Introduce the box opening method of the shared" Boden Gate 3 ".


Introduction to the box opening method in the Bear Cave of "Boden 3":

Problem Description:

Is the box swollen in the Xiong Cave?

Question answer:

After the thief jumped to the statue, he insightly picked up the note and gave it to the mage to open the box.

Pick it up, then open the backpack to read it next to the box.

Don’t pick up and look at it directly. After a religious appraisal, you know how to open it.

I smashed directly to the ground and smashed.

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