"Boide Gate 3" is a game using DND rules, so friends who have not been exposed to related content may encounter some difficulties in the actual game process. Players "mice who want to eat traffic" will be for everyone. Bringing the introduction of the insect counterparty method after the crash of "Board Gate 3", let’s take a look.


Introduction to the insect deal of the bugs after the crash of Bude Gate 3 ":

Problem Description:

After the crash, the first group of bug damage is too high, right?

As soon as 5-9 damage, both characters are 10-12 blood

Question answer:

In the early stage, I put a kite in the early stages and let go of 3.

This game’s monster vision was a bit low, and a sneak in the enchantment was half a fire.

The key is that the character can go 9m but you can use jump 5.5m, jump and jump 6.5, and the next round is constrained.

Several brain monsters look like a maximum of 10m.

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