"Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" DLC Graphic Raiders, Full Mission Raiders in the entire plot process (including "DLC’s full plot task process", "Stone Heart DLC Raiders", "Blood and Wine DLC Raiders"). The last large DLC "blood and wine" of "Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" can really excite players, of which more than 30 hours of game content, 10 hours more than the previous 20 hours. And Shi Zhixin DLC (expansion) also has a large number of game content updates, and the two expansion pieces have greatly enhanced the content of the game in the game. Tussaint in "Blood and Wine" is a paradise that is unsatisfactory with the world. People here live a rural life like southern France, with beautiful landscapes and classical buildings everywhere. This is a place full of the spirit of the Cavaliers and majestic, but a series of mysterious events appeared here. Our protagonist Georot was also involved in it, and behind these mysterious events, the players could not imagine. Secret.



-Witcher 3 -generation Layout Text Raiders Encyclopedia: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868995.html

-The second-generation update and detailed explanation of this version, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868282.html

-The hidden task/branch line task strategy, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868539.html

-For the main line, please refer to: https://www.playgameshare.com/gl/3868855.html

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Key operation

Sprinkle: Left shift

Switch/run: Left Ctrl

Jump: space

Lock target: Z

Interactive: E

Modify the attack type: left shift

Fast attack: left mouse button

Strike: Left Shift+Mouse left button

Hunter Hunter’s sensory ability: right mouse button

Block: Right mouse button

Putting method printing: Q

Switching method: Mouse pulley

Use fast field prop: Mouse key

Dodge: Alt

Rolling: space

Call horse: x

Horse running/jogging: left shift

Drop: E

Stop: X

Flowing water: space

Diving: C

Enter the menu quickly: TAB

Consumption 1: R: R

Consumption Item 2: F

Steel sword: 1

Silver Sword: 2

Falin-Alde: 3

Fa Yin-Yaden: 4

Fa Yin-Egney: 5

Fa Yin-Kunn: 6

Fa Yin-Aka: 7

Switch tracking task: V

Role: K K

Item bar: i

Map: M

Game menu: Enter

Task: J

Meditation: n

Alchemy: L

Craft: o

Monster: B

Vocabulary: G

Quinte group: H


DLC -specific system detailed explanation

DLC-specific system detailed explanation

Mutant system

Note: The content of the "mutation system" is excerpted from "Witcher 3 -Muchevo", "12 Skills of Blooding Blood and Alcoholism"

After completing the task "face change", players can unlock this new system. Press C in the character panel to enter the mutant panel.

The mutation system is actually similar to a talent system, but at the same time, it is necessary to consume large mutation-induced objects and capabilities. Different mutation directions can enable Gealot to get different abilities. When you can study the "dead strike", let the player fight against an invalid enemy, the sword damage is+25%, and when the enemy’s health is below 25%, the successful counterattack will immediately perform an ending technique.

Magische Sensibilitt (French seal) -French seal can crit. Chances and damage depends on the strength of the law and seal. The enemy killed by French seal will explode.


DurchDringende KLTE (Fayin) -Ald can freeze the enemy. The enemy is frozen and fell to the ground to be killed.

Adrenalinschub (Fighting, French India) -In the beginning of the battle, except for the first enemy, each enemy, the intensity of sword damage and law and seal increased by 30%, and last 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the conditions remain unchanged, and the bonus is reduced to 15%. Then, then

Zweites Leben (alchemy, fighting, law seal) -The life value can be recovered immediately, and immune damage can be triggered every 3 minutes. It can be triggered every 3 minutes.

BlutBad (Battle) -rin with a sword to kill the enemy will always trigger dispersion or ending techniques. Use a sword to hit 5%damage (up to 250%) for each hit, and continue until the end of the battle. The injury will disappear the bonus.

TDLICHER KONTER (Battle) -An an increasing damage to it by the invisible enemy. For the enemy who can block, when the blood volume is lower than 25%, it will trigger the ending technique.

Katzenaugen (Alchemy, Fight) -The crossbow can cause more damage and increase the chance of a 50%crit. Crossbow can knock or dizzy the enemy. The blood full of blood is fixed and lost 20%of blood when he was hit.

Metamorphose (alchemy, fighting, law seal) -The crit will trigger the effect of random decoction, which lasts for 2 minutes and will not increase toxicity. When using this mutationCapability can make Gealot see more clearly in the darkness.

Euphorie (Alchemy) —— The highest toxicity can increase the intensity of sword injuries and law and seal 110%.

Giftiges Blut (Alchemy) -The melee hitting Jerot’s enemy will be poisoned. The damage depends on the current toxicity.

Mutierte haut (fighting, alchemy) -the number of adrenaline points for each point can be reduced by 15%.


DLC new feature

Open-the level of "blood and wine" plot is 40. Players can ignore the main line to start this DLC content.

The expansion film "VIBE", the huge "Brother Hood of the Wolf" VIBE, there is no explanation here.

The ending- "Blood and Wine" provides two standard endings and a hidden ending. The hidden ending needs you to perform some specific activities in the main line to unlock.

New weapons-there will be a new "bone sword", which may be related to the "Brotherhood of the Wolf".

The new NPC type-the new NPC allows you to change the color of the armor, each of the three major regions of Novigrad/Skelligeige/TouseAINT.

New skills -In order to fight, the alchemy and the law have added 4 new skills, and there are 12 new general skills, three new skill tanks and 1 new mutant trigger agent,

Achievement/trophy redirection-some trophy will give you some gain buffs that are continuously existing in the game.(Achieve the gospel of the party)

New equipment-each set of wizard equipment will have replaceable upgrades.

The size of the map-developers said that the DLC map area has been increasing, and now there are about 75%of Novigrad or Vlen, but it will be larger after the development is completed.

New animation-new combat animation and new combat movements (skills?), Including the fighting scenes of bare hands and empty fists, and the scene of drinking agents may be about the new GC.

Balanced modification -The battle balance is greatly modified, and games with different difficulties in new DLCs will be more difficult.

New French India-the return of the HELITROP law in "Witcher 2" will be slightly different and still maintain alternate mode.

BOSS Battle-there will be some wonderful BOSS battles, which will have the most difficult BOSS battle so far, which is comparable to Kraken of "Witcher 2".

Picture -The light and shadow effect of the cityAINT city will be more complicated. A greater vision distance, reducing the mist effect, and better more details. The TOUSSAINT City will allow you to experience unprecedented amazing, and the changes in image technology will only be applied in TouseAINT. Those in other areas are kept like.

Perspective-new perspective settings and FOV settings, and developers are developing the first-person game mode.

IORVETH and Saskia will not join the new DLC.

Quinte-new skills, new cards, new leaders.


Blood and Wine-1st: A envoy of the wine country

Blood and wine

Blood and Wine-1st: A envoy of the wine country

step1. When starting the game, players can choose "blood and wine" directly in the new game. At this time, the initial level of Geralt is LV34.

After entering the game, ride a horse to Wellen’s notice board to find a new commission. There is only one commission that is "the Request of the Geralia of Zhilivia"

The entrusted person was Parmeline and Milton Prapeland of Lainefar. They followed the instructions of Born of Henry Leaf Tower and came to the north to deliver Georot’s mission. The evil beasts made a shocking crime against the prince’s subjects. Ask Jerot to go to the village of Hallevi to talk about the two.


Step2. Go to the village of Hallevi and see Tao Senste’s two knights and villagers quarrel.

The two of them have to provide assistance to the villagers to drive the bandits, but the villagers do not appreciate and think that it will bring them evil.


Plot: Milton and Parmelin saw Jorot, who came to the face, and the two needed Jorot to temporarily be in this village, because they promised the elders in the village to protect the village. EarlierAfter the retreat of the former Readania’s garrison, the villagers here encountered a robber. The two of them were in the early age. Geralt can choose to support the annihilation of the robber or think there is still a compromise).

Then the robber was invaded again, and they did not listen to the dissuasion of the two of the Milton (Geralt could let the robbers go to the horse).


Step3. The robber is divided into three arms. Shield soldiers, swordsmen, archers, swordsmen are best to deal with, and their sword gears can be rolled to the side to attack; archers are also easy to deal with, but the most should be the most. Step in them first, otherwise their arrows will give Jelot a hard straight; the shield soldiers are the strongest, generally leaders and other characters. They use the law seal of the fire or vacuum wave to break their defense and then launch the offensive.


Although the robber was repelled, the villagers in the Hallevi village were afraid that the two of them were as much as those robbers, and the villagers also said that they were different from Taosont. There were no rewards and flowers here. Two knights.

When making a little preparation, Milton took out the Board’s notice, which mentioned above to help them eliminate the evil beasts, and Geralt happily accepted the Numerous request.

It is learned from Milton’s mouth that no living beast has seen the evil beasts, because witnesses have become corpses that have been brutally killed. At present, there are two victims known to Milton, but this is also the case where the bear sent Milton to find Geralt, and now there are more deceaseds unclear.


Blood and Wine-Section 2: Taosen Evil Beast (1)

Blood and Wine-Section 2: Taosen Evil Beast

Step1. The three went to Talont together. When the trio was chatting, Geralt saw a knight fighting a giant.

Legend has it that this Guoyte giant was a knight, but he was punished by the goddess in the lake in violation of the vow.

Guatt will use wooden sticks to wave (1 below), pull away (1 below), fight back (3 times), trample (1 below). Then Jelot can dodge and then launch the offensive.

In addition, with the help of the three knights of Milton, Parmeline, and Jiwomi, it is easier to deal with Guatt.

It is best to use the magic oil and the seal of Kunn to deal with Guatt.


Plot: It turned out that the Cavaliers Ji Limi was out of love with the Guata giant. He fell in love with Vivian around the bear, and wanted to win a smile with the head of the Guata giant. Because of the help of Geralt, he killed the giant, so he was willing to leave the head of the Guatt giant to Jerot.

Although Jiwomi did not have the experience of fighting the giant, they were dealing with the robbers most of the time as Taront’s knights, and he wanted to be a famous giant hunter -Gutfield for his somederers.

In addition, Jiwomi also informed the three of the Jerot that the evil beasts in Talonett recently committed the crime again. The corpse came out of the river, and the body was rushed ashore at the river bay next to the Petrochemical Chicken Snake Hotel. Now Demin’s guard has been searched there.


step2. In order to prevent the layman’s guards destroying the scene, Milton and Geralt rode horses to the river.

And Parmelin will return to the city to tell the Numero Georot that he has arrived. He will meet the two at the tent of Ji Limi in the competition contest. At that time, he will lead Jerot to see the female femaleJue.


Step3. Arrive at the river, hold the right mouse button to investigate the shoe print on the left side of the wooden box, follow the shoe print into the reed bush.

At this time, Milton and Geralt were attacked by a group of spikes.

When fighting with them, don’t forget that they have a very special bone spike, that is, the sharp object protruding from their bones. When the spikes are dying, the body fluid and enzymes in the body will gather, and then the body explodes to tell the spike that to protect itself from being injured by spikes, and use the Seal of Kunn to protect Jelot’s body.

The use of corpse biological oil is very effective for the spikes.


Step4. After the battle, investigating the debris in the reed bushes, and found that these things were rushed from the river to the reed beach from the river.

Go to the shallow beach on the river and find footprints, dragging nets cut away, and nets in the water.

Press the C key to dive into the water and go to the middle of the river. On the net, the handkerchief of "D. L. C" was found on the net. Milton believed that it was a widening. Si Milton’s former friend, but this person is extremely extreme, the enemy is everywhere, and Milton is not willing to talk more for the time being).

From the above survey, we can understand that the corpse in the river should be transferred by Demin’s guard. In addition, Jorot also noticed that a suspicious figure appeared on the tavern bridge.


Step5. Go to the petrochemical chicken snake tavern and meet two nobles and a civilian who has a corpse.

Civilians are constantly repeating what he has seen today, but no one cares about him. Witnesses then told Jerot that the corpse was guarded in the white crow garden cellar on the other bank of the river. It is not surprising that Baron Russell sells his vineyards at all because he owes a lot of debts.

At this time, Geralt noticed the suspicious woman again, and she entered the tavern silently, and the people around her didn’t notice it.


Blood and Wine-Section 2: Taosen Evil Beast (2)

Step7. At this time, Geralt had to investigate the white crow garden alone and check the corpse in the cellar.

Enter the range of vineyards, first investigate the three corpses, and find that the wounds have traces of being torn out by claws and teeth, like humans, and strong attack power. Like the vampire statue, it should not be a blood demon or a bat magic, that must be the vampire girl.


Step8. Enter the cellar, investigate the two corpses next to the footprints and the fence, and then open the door in front.


Step9. Geralt found that a vampire woman was dispelled the body (she was a mysterious woman who appeared in the tavern). A battle that could have been resolved, but the vampire girl chose to fight hard.

The vampire girl can move to another place in a blink of an eye, and then maintain an invisible state for attack. Therefore, Yuezhichen bombs can help when fighting with vampire girls. Although Yuechen can’t make vampire girls be displayed, it can make the hunting hunting more easily capture her movement. It is also a good way to apply a lot of vampire sword oil.

The vampire girl will use her sharp claws to attack the enemy and attack from all directions to break the opponent’s defense. She will try to bite the prey and take blood blood after the prey becomes weak, so it is best to drink a bottle of black blood potion before dealing with such enemies. The vampire girl’s sound wave attacks are also well known, which can knock down and make the enemy coma.

It is recommended to bring the dust bomb, vampire oil, black blood, and use the seal of the last month.


Step10. Then go to investigate the body and find that the corpse had been soaked for a day, and his hands were cut off.

Investigating the skull, I found that there were money bags hidden in the mouth, and the money bag was filled with currencies in different places. Geralt thought that this was a kind of bad interest of the murderer;

There is no special discovery to investigate the chest cavity;

Investigating the broken hand, I found that the hand was warm and was still bleeding. Geralt had never heard that the cut limbs could be regenerated, and I never heard that the cut limbs were still alive. He chose to bring it to the hand in order to investigate the hand.


step11. After checking, leave the vine estate and then go to Biwarta to meet with Parmelin.

He is telling a story to a group of children, and the children ask if Jorot cannot be evil (players can make their own answers).

The next competition is Jiwomi faced Saloma, and it is difficult for the veteran’s hunter to retreat. So Geralt believes that this kind of competition is inhumane (even for participants or monsters).

In addition, Parmeline told Jerot that Milton was going to the court garden to dress up rabbits.


Step12. Not long after the opening, Salima had broken away from the bell of the tail. When I saw that Jiwomimi was about to be small, Jorot and Parmelin jumped into the martial arts to help.

Schalma lacks vision, so it will use inductive vibration and listening to sound debate. Therefore, the best combat strategy when fighting Saloma is to touch the heavy or noisy things on the nearby stones or walls, and then quietly pray that Salmar will hit the obstacle and give himself. Back dizziness, then step forward to deal with him.

If Salima keeps curled up, all attacks basically ca n’t hurt much of it, so be sure to attack after its halo flipping.

Schalma will use the ball collision and the soil attack. Both tricks can be used to avoid it.

It is best to bring Shalma with a burning bomb, residual oil, and the seal of Ald.


Plot: victors Saloma, everyone, including the Boys, gives Geralt applause (Geralt can choose to spare Saloma). When the Born came down to greet Jerot, Grammy’s Italian person VivienSeems to be more interested in Geralt.

After leaving the Arena with the bear, she led Geralt to meet with Demin who coordinated this evil beast incident. Demin did not agree that outsiders would let outsiders participate in such affairs. However, under the brief scrutiny of Geralt, it was obvious that the murderer was obviously revenge on the bad habits of the old knight with the "funny death". Geralt also explained that these bad habits were that the old knights could not reach the morality of the Talont knight vowed to be loyal. Essence

These include honor, wisdom, generosity, bravery and compassion. There are already three deceased. Jerot believes that the next goal is Milton, who will play a rabbit tonight!The bear did not allow someone to be killed under her eyelids, so she resolutely torn her long skirt and rushed back to the court to find Milton with Jerot.


Step13. Following the porn to come to the Portland Palace, she informed the rules of the Geralt game that the participants must find the horns, a goldfish and a phoenix egg of the unicorn to finally find "Rabbit (Milton)"The whereabouts.

Geralt is responsible for looking for the horns and goldfish of the unicorn, while the bear is responsible for Phoenix eggs.


Step14. Run below the terrace. Under the tree, you will find the white horse (unicorn) with a horns. Geralt walked directly and found that the unicorn ran away. Listening to the nobles next to it, they may use food to seduce unicorn.

There is a group of nobles in the west of the unicorn tree. Here you can get fragrant cakes (this is not a task prop, once you get the accusations of the nobles), you can get cooked in the basket behind the nobleman. Through the apple.

Then walk to the mountain to interact with the unicorn to get its horn.


Step15. At this time, Geralt can ride a unicorn to the harbor, and then dives directly into the water. Although the participants sitting on the boat will complain about Geralt’s behavior, but it is ignored.

When you go to the southern fish net at the southern end of the harbor, you can find goldfish, but it was successfully caught by a participant. When the participant was preparing to dedicate the goldfish to Mr. Kings as a tribute, the subsequent GeraltTake it with one hand and take out a key from it.


Step16. Going to the venue of the Phoenix Egg, I found that the bear and the host also scared the words "I am the rules of the game" with the host. The essentials of the game are collected.

At this time, Jerot had to expose the location of "Rabbit (Milton)" from these three. Treasure, the answer is "greenhouse".


Blood and Wine-Section 3: Blood flows into a river

Blood and Wine-Section 3: Blood flows into a river

Plot: Geralt and the Born rushed to the greenhouse, but it was too late, and the murderer had just killed Milton.

Geralt tracked Heiying to a warehouse in Haotter Village.

Geralt showed the hands that were still moving to the vampire in black. Black Vampire stated that he had no grievances about Geralt, and he was the first to kill the vampire girl he knew.force. This reason is simple, because the vampire of blacks killed the four innocent knights. At this point, the vampire in black began to be rough at Jerot.


Step1. Jerot is now facing the senior vampire Dirac. He belongs to the world’s top terrible monsters. Some of the same types of high vampires live in humans. They have wisdom and motivation.

When he is on the ground, be careful of Diraf’s unique attack. He will use strong power and accuracy to attack the enemy, and he will also use weapons.

As a high vampire, he can be surrounded by blood mist and paste. When you fall into this battle, you must be careful of the magic gas group and the air attack. He often turns into wings when he is injured. His strong and powerful wings can easily make the hunting hunter coma.

Higher vampires are immortal, so they will not be afraid of death during battle, which means that they will risk all kinds of risks to fight. They can also be invisible and restore their lives in the battle. All in all, even for hunters, they are quite difficult to deal with opponents.

It is best to bring vampire oil, black blood, and use the seal of Kunn to deal with Dilaf.


Plot: Reggie, who has become a high vampire, suddenly appeared and blocked Draf’s fatal blow. Reggis was not only a friend of Geralt, but also the friend of Drav. Diraf was so good.

Speaking of Reggis, he had risked with Geralt, but when he was in danger, he was soaked in the pillar of the castle in the dangerous body and was incorporated into the castle. Now he has become a vampire. In his eyes, Dirav is not the evil beast who kills the killing as a movement. There must be a cause of things. He hopes that Geralt can investigate the matter. He hopes that Jerot can follow him in Mella SonlonThe cemetery will talk about the matter in detail, because Talont’s knights track Jorot’s shoe prints to this warehouse.


Blood and Wine-Section 4: Cage of Fools (1)

Blood and Wine-Section 4: Cage of Fools

Step1. After passing the corner, he went to the Mella Sonjung Cemetery. When he walked to the town fountain, a child took Ye Naifa’s letter to Jerot, and Geralt could give it 5 gold coins as a tip.

In the letter, Ye Naifa suggested that Geralt went to find Professor Mo Lu, who studied the hunting magic hunting mutations to learn about the physical condition of Geralt.


Step2. When I arrived at the Mellaxuzlon Cemetery, I didn’t even respond to the door, so I had to find another entrance.

At this time, we must remove the corpse ghosts in front of the cave entrance not far from the entrance of the cemetery.

The gongxian is very similar to the blood spiny corpse. Although it looks like humans, they have no consciousness, and only the desire for human meat.

To deal with them can use the marks of flames.

The cave entrance will still be kept on the giant spiny tree, and it also uses the flame seal to deal with it.


Step3. Entering the cave, Qiqimo spiders will be encountered. Qiqimo will form a community, so group attacks will be performed. It is best to use insect-type biological oil, white bee and Iigini seal to deal with them.

You can enter the tomb at the intersection.


Plot: Geralt showed the alive hand to Reggis, and Reggis recognized that it was only Dilaf. The ring on top of the live hand was to presented to Diracis for Reggis, warning it to be humanitarian (not randomly killing).

Reggis claims that he and Dirav belong to the good factions of vampires, so he hopes that Geralt can make a resonance water with him and find out the whereabouts of Dilaf.

The production of resonance water is still in the theoretical stage of Kavinina. The author has long been traveling for a long time. It is not easy to make it at all. First of all, the body tissue of the tracker is needed. The saliva of the monster is needed, and this kind of demon has been extinct for a century.

Reggis uses the crow to collect information (Geralt can drink some wine to sleep, or choose meditation directly). When Reggie’s crow returns, the two of them have about the two people’s information about the monster of the patterns. Nearby abandoned mansion.


Step4. In fact, Geralt had doubts about this, thinking that he was deep enough, and was the predecessor of Geralt’s predecessor to make the spotted demon.

When I came to the Hunter Hunter House in Disa, in front of the house, Geralt found that the house really had a curse, saying, "No one will dine with you with you. Your spoon cannot be satisfied. See your reflection in the mirror. "

Entering the hut using the senses of the hunting demons to search for the nest of the demon ghost, and found the stairs leading to the dungeon, investigating the large pot, it seems that the demon and ghosts will do everything possible to contact the curse.


Step5. Hard in the closet waiting for the appearance of the spotted monster, players can choose to kill her or choose to eat with it. The latter can get a branch task (recommended to choose the latter).

From the curse text of the previous house of the house, the method of solving the curse was that Geralt had a meal with the spots, so that she could see her appearance without using a spoon and using the mirror.


Step6. After successfully solving the curse, the spotted demon will gradually return to the humanoid, but she is too scared and escapes the hunter hut.

Tracking its smell with hunting senses, a group of ghost dogs will be encountered in front of the hunter’s house.

The ghost dog belongs to group creatures. It is best to deal with the dust of last month, evil spirits, and use the seal of the Academy and the Seal of Yaden.

The smell of chasing the demon monster went to a dead tree and found that she had changed back to an old lady, and Jelorot took it back to the white crow garden to take a look.


Step7. The bear sent a stewardess named Banabasbaso to be the housekeeper of Geralt. In such a vicious curse, she has become a century of the monster of the pattern), and asked him more about the anecdotes about this place, and she could open a sweet homeland.

If you don’t want to develop in this regard, then go back to the cemetery to find Reggie.


Plot: The most difficult to obtain the spare monster saliva is also in hand. The rest is the blood of the senior vampire when the mania is manifested, because Reggis has already quit and drink fresh blood for a long time, but to save his friend DiracEssenceHe proposed to go to the torture room of the ancient vampire. In the early days, it was to punish some vampires who were addicted to human blood. Now Reggis intends to use it to make himself manic and imprison.

This also requires Georot’s help. He needs to kill a lot of monsters, use the bloody smell to promote Reggis’s violent, and then take out Reggis’s blood. This work is very dangerous.


Blood and Wine-Section 4: Cage of Fools (2)

Step8. Go to the torture room of Disharda’s vampire and follow Regis. You can search for some treasure chests and treasures along the road. You can collect the set of Disha Memorial (including steel swords, if you like black players, you will love the appearance of this set).


Step9. Jerot needs to go to four authentic ports to place four bait.

Two of them will be blocked by debris, which will push them away.

Reggis enters the cage and locked himself.


Step10. After hanging Reggis’s cage, there will be monsters appearing, including spikes.

In addition, there will be new enemies to rot the magic and bats.

Rotten food, use corpse biological oil to deal with them;

Compared with other vampires, Bati Magic is low in intelligence. They will fall into a brainless anger and want to make every effort to make them weaker than them. They mainly use their teeth and claws to fight, blindly attacking, even if the enemy dies, they will not stop attacking. Even if there is only one bat demon, its power is strong enough to solve a soldier;


Step11. Killing enough monsters, Reggis became a monster because of blood desire. Take the blood near the cage.


Plot: Jeolot was meditated and waited for Reggie’s recovery to calm. After Reggis restored, the word "decoction" fainted, showing that he was desperately asking for Dirac.

During Reggis’s fainting time, Jelot successfully produced the water of resonance based on his previous experience of cooking potion. After taking the medicine, he saw that Draf killed the La Ruji who had met with himself and became a deep intercourse because of receiving a note of someone and becoming a deep friend (the corpse found in the Petrochemical Chicken Snake Paper. It was transported to the white crow vineyard and placed).

After waking up, Geralt told Reggie about everything about the illusion. This is not like the Diracis that Reggis knows. The two feel that things are strange, and they also get one more clue-shoe rubber.


Blood and Wine-Fifth: Children are diligent, toys accumulate dust

Blood and Wine-Fifth: Children are diligent, toys accumulate dust

Step1. Send to the port of Balland and come to the shoe wipe shop. If you do n’t see the shoe rubber, it means that the time is wrong.

Enter the meditation, adjust until noon, so the shoe rubber will come to open the shop.


Plot: There are three hooligans accusing the shoe polished in front of their shop to the night pot, so that their shoes are so that they have business.

Geralt stopped his words, but these three hooligans ignored the magic master in front of him, and the shoe rubber seemed to be jumping.


Step2. To deal with these three hooligans, they can only use their fists, and they can knock them down in a few fists.


Plot: Subsequently, a guard came to check the situation, and learned that Jorot took away the three hooligans in the investigation.

Geralt asked the shoe rubble about the whereabouts of Dirac, but he was asked to be his first customer today. When Geralt asked again, the shoe rubber asked Jerot to ask for 500 gold coins. Don’t look at his small small coin. At a young age, he has long been planned-expanded shoe shop and acquisition of laundry shops (players can promise or bargain or use the French seal to confuse the shoe).

Geralt moved all over, but the shoe rubber hesitated still hesitated to say where Draf is. The reason is that he thinks that Dirac is a good person, come to help every day, and he will reward a good tip of the shoe. It wasn’t until the rehabilitation of Reggis appeared, and he gave the shoe that can wipe the shoe that was able to wipe the shoes with beautiful shoes, and he said the whereabouts of Dilaf.


Step3. Following Reggis to the red door toy shop, Reggis will turn into a black smoke into the inside, and then open the wooden door. Jerot thinks that he will change his career as a thief. Say it very boring.

Entering the house, the main investigation of the small room next to the two-story bed "letter to the beast target" and the "suspicious letter" next to the treasure chest.

Geralt and Reggis made a simple judgment, that is, Draf might be because his lover Renawed was beaten, and then Dirac was killed by the sorrow.


Blood and Wine-Section 6: Belts are sacred

Blood and Wine-Section 6: Belts are sacred

step1. Although the incident gradually became clear, there are still many doubts, so Jeoro has no choice but to return to the bear.

Transmit returned to the Palace Palace.


Plot: Geralt told the porn that the evil beasts were also hidden. Demin thought that senior vampires were easy to deal with.

Geralt showed the target note with alcoholic stains. The Kuchu immediately ordered the princippling winemaker to identify it. It discovered that it was the 1269 Sanggrei that will be used in the national banquet. This kind of wine cannot be flowing out of the market at all, and it is impossible to sprinkle on a note related to murderous cases.

The Born began to agree with Geralt’s statement that she would go to the Principality vineyard with Jerot to see if it happened.


Step2. This time, the porn is a micro-service patrol, accompanied by her, the close guard Captain Demin and the hunter Jorot.

On the way, the travelers were found to be attacked by the Black Panther, and the Born asked Geralt and Demin to help.

It is best to deal with the black leopard with beast oil.


Plot: Three people came to the Principality vineyard. Even if they saw the bear Zhenrong, the vineyard supervisor Fabuo still denied that there was a problem with the wine in the wine cellar.

The Born asked him to surrender the key to the wine cellar and wait in place.


step3. Enter the wine cellar and find Sangrey in 1269, they are placed on the south side of the second floor of the wine cellar.

Then tapped to store the barrel of Sangrey in 1269, and found that they were full.

The witty porn still has doubts that Georot is used to bring a mallet and barrel plug. They are in the wooden barrels and wooden boxes near the side of the wine cellar stairs (the blue bubble reminder will be emitted).

From left to right, the test drink was the third 1269 Sangglie wooden barrel. As soon as the Born drank, he found that it was contained in difficult wine.


Plot: Back to the gate of the vineyard, the reason for the Fasuo Road, after the trace is revealed, although he is the master of the Principality and nobles, because his father began to fall in the house, now he wants to take the opportunity to sell 1269 Sanggrer to make money to make moneyBuy the manor of the family, how can the nobles have no land.

It was learned from Fabuo’s mouth that he sold the wine to a noble from Singetra. According to the Born, her palace had no aristocratic nobles at all.


Step4. According to the clues of Far Bio, Geralt and Demin intend to execute the next delivery (Sanggrey in 1269), hoping to catch those wine thieves, and then find the courier to find Sindra threatened to threaten Drafnoble.

Jelot pretended that Mafa sent the wine to the ruins of Esdui Fortress. The people who found that Mafa was fighting to fight with Geralt. Like the robber, this group of people was divided into archers, shield soldiers and swordsmen, preferential priorityExcept the archer, and then deal with the shields, swordsmen, shield soldiers and swordsmen, and use the seal of flames to temporarily abandon their defense.


Plot: After experiencing this battle, Demin looked at Jerot again. He felt that Jorot really cared about the case. Then Geralt forced a confession to a robber, and he only knew that the boss behind the scenes called the Sindela and the next delivery point.

The supervisor of the supervisor Demin pretended to be a wine thief to transport Sangre to the location of the Sima.

(When you come to the guardian station), the meeting time is a few hours later, and Demin appeared because their troops were attacked and a large area of personnel were injured. In addition, he also inquired that someone was going to reward the head of Geralt.

Demin stated that the wine was finally shipped to the port warehouse, and it was actually a beggar who found the rental warehouse. Of course, it was a dead ghost. Demin caught this beggar. Red wine was sprinkled on the sterla nobles. At that time, there was a female companion beside him, Sicilia Bealan.


Blood and Wine-Seventh: The man of Sindra

Blood and Wine-Seventh: The man of Sindra

Step1. Thoriya Beatani is a talented singer. Tonight, she will attend the banquet hosted by Manzhuora with the Sindra noble.

The Born asked Jorot to attend with one, but Geralt needs to wear a suitable dress to attend.

Go to the clothing store on the east bank of the east bank of the Balkland Palace to buy a set of noble clothing (tops, pants, boots, remember to take off your gloves).

On the way to the clothing store, you will be attacked by a bounty hunter. At this time, there will be a guard to help, so it is easy.


Step2. At the entrance of the banquet hosted by Manzhuora, Jerot was not surprised that the Born would be late.

When the bear arrives, it will bring the appropriate mask to Geralt.

When entering the banquet, the doorkeeper told Jerot and the bear Sicilia Bealan’s head wearing Kovl’s orchids on his head.


Step3. Enter the venue, walk down from the left stairs of the terrace, you can play a color leak game, throw 15 color balls.


Step4. In front of the pool, another man will see another man in tug of war. He walks to the middle of Geralt and pulls the rope in the middle.


step5. Go to the distant landscape and use the ability to ignite a few sky lamps.

A total of three party entertainment activities were completed.


Step6. Then go to the west room, there is a large suite on the side of the survey area circle. There is an artist who is painting oil for a fruit girl. It is found that this model is on the head of this model. It was learned that it was a gift to the model.


Step7. According to the guidance of the model, come to the meal at the bottom of the terrace. Here we mainly find a box that was originally equipped with perfume. Use the smell of the perfume to use the hunting magic hunter’s senses to go to the tower on the side of the landscape.

When the inner advance, the guard recognized the porn and was willing to let go. He went to the second-floor room and found that Sexilia Belan had been killed.


step8. Go out of the room terrace, climb up the ladder to the third-floor room, and use the hunting magic hunter sensory ability to investigate the things in the room. Investigating all the items that need to be investigated for precious jewelry, blood, blood, and knives are mainly to get the heart of Tao Wans.

According to Geralt’s inference, the Sindra people want to steal jewelry, but they have stopped one of them jumping the window and it will undoubtedly die.


Plot: At this time, the Born and Mrs. Oliana entered the room. Mrs. Olianna led the two to the open-air restaurant. In the room, then the Sindela people killed Sicilia and climbed up to Mrs. Olianna’s room to steal the heart of Talont (the heart of the family that the Herusko was lost), butStop by Mrs. Olianna, and the Sima people jumped off the building and committed suicide.

Judging from the dagger left by the Sindra people, there is the family’s coat of the family of Tang Tyne. Perhaps Donalon Castle is the next clue.

Later, Mrs. Olianna also brought two guests, turned out to be Dirav and Reggis. This was obviously Mrs. Olianna knew that the two were vampires and hoped that they would consensus with Jerot. The two sides avoided the bear’s panic to reach an agreement, and Geralt believed that Dirac was a human side.

In addition, I learned with the bear earlier that the possibly the exiled sister of the bear, Si Anna, participated in the abduction of Lena Willd. So he hoped that Reggis could watch Diracs not let him go to Tangtain Castle.


Blood and Wine-Section 8: Step in a city

Blood and Wine-Section 8: Step in a city

Step1. It is transmitted to the white crow vineyard, and then runs to the abrasive of the Earl Earl Earl to the east.

Then meditated to meet Demin at midnight.


Plot: According to Demin’s analysis, Tang Tien has several buildings, surrounded by walls, the center is the castle, and now the eldest son of the Cavaliers Rodreck is guarded. Demin will be responsible for attacking the front door. In addition, Rodrek recently invited a group of foreign mercenaries, which should be the Siller’s hands.

Then Demin is responsible for attracting the guardian knights, and Geralt went around to find the two ladies to ensure that they were unscathed.


step2. Inside the city, you need to face the guard, including the archer, the shield soldier and the swordsman, prefer to remove the archer, and then deal with the shields, swordsmen, shield soldiers, and swordsmen. India can temporarily give up their defense.


Step3. Before walking to the gate, you will encounter Rodreck and Shield Soldiers. This shield soldier is very terrible to have unlimited physical strength, and the shield gear is absolutely defensive and raised.

It is best to use confusion to make him lose the defense method, and then knock him down.


Plot: After the defeat, Rodreck said that he was instructed by the behind-the-scenes to instruction to accept the mercenaries of the Sinla, and he knew that only one woman was a guest of their guests, and she was in the tower of the castle. Top, and Rodreck did not know what was kidnapped at all.


Step4. Then you will face a group of mercenaries near the tree vine corridor. Among them, there will be a big man who makes the big sword, which also uses confusion to deal with him.


Step5. Unexpectedly, both Reggis and Dilaf felt Tang Tingn Castle to help Jorot fight.

After that, a large number of robbers and mercenaries, Legis and Diraf basically killed them in one shot.


Plot: On the top of the tower, I saw only the Renawed in the mouth of Draf’s mouth. Reggis finally relieved. But Geralt added wooden blocks to the stove, because he had seen from various signs that Rena Wide and Simana were actually the same person. The kidnapping was also the self-directed and self-directed by her, and Drav was also being alone. She used it.

Dirac, who learned the truth, asked Xi Anna to meet with and explained everything in the old place within three days. Otherwise, it would destroy the entire Bowkland, and then turned into a group of blood mist.

The Born also came to Tangtainn Castle. She finally leaned so close to her sister Xi Anna. Xi Anna was sent back to the court, but the Born did not believe that her sister would make such evil behaviors, and hoped that Jerot and Thunder were. Geis can win the first level of Dirac.

Reggis is still worried about his friend Dirac, because he is sure to say that he has to destroy the city.

《3:》DLC ���

Blood and Wine-Section Ninth: Night of the Teeth

Blood and Wine-Section Ninth: Night of the Teeth

Plot: After a few days, Jerot and Reggis did not fall in the whereabouts of Dirac, so they returned to the Palace Palace to sue the bear. Geralt had been prepared for being punished. Sure enough, the Jones were in trouble for both.

At the same time, Dirac’s vampire army began to invade Borland. This was a disparity war. Suddenly, a vampire girl suddenly appeared in the palace. Geralt had to let the Leigis escort the bear to leave.


step1. Vampire girl can move to another place in a blink of an eye, and then maintain an invisible state for attack. Therefore, Yuezhichen bombs can help when fighting with vampire girls. Although Yuechen can’t make vampire girls be displayed, it can make the hunting hunting more easily capture her movement. It is also a good way to apply a lot of vampire sword oil.

The vampire girl will use her sharp claws to attack the enemy and attack from all directions to break the opponent’s defense. She will try to bite the prey and take blood blood after the prey becomes weak, so it is best to drink a bottle of black blood potion before dealing with such enemies. The vampire girl’s sound wave attacks are also well known, which can knock down and make the enemy coma.

It is recommended to bring the dust bomb, vampire oil, black blood, and use the seal of the last month.


Plot: Reggis, after Jerot and the escort of the escort, discuss how to resolve the crisis.

One of the two more ways is to release Si Anna, let her talk to Dirac in person, and persuade Dirac to stop; the second is to ask Mrs. Olianna to help find the most highly respected vampire participating in the siege, let him summon Dirac, Jorot then killed Dirac.

No matter which one of Geralt chooses, Reggis will not intervene, and it will guarantee that Sanna will not be damaged by Dirac (it is recommended to choose the first one, this is the premise of a good ending, and the first one contains the second second one contains the second second. Most of the plot content of each option).


step2. Go to the street to use the sensory ability of the hunting demon hunter to find Demin’s horses.

Along the road, they will encounter the attack of vampire girls and bats. In the face of the vampire girl, their blood is not the one who fights in the courtyard earlier. But the biggest problem is that if you fight with vampire girls, Reggis will not help, and when facing the Bati demon, he will help.


Plot: Finally saw Demin’s troops, Gealot proposed that Demin chose to retreat because they could not fight the powerful vampire legions with their strength, and Jelot also taught Demin’s troops how to slaughter vampires and gave it to give it. They point out a safe path.

Georot wanted to know the whereabouts of Sanna. Although Demin vowed to the Board of Loyalty to the Board, he also came up with a force. Maybe he would be able to help in the future. Bowkland.


Step3. Continue on the road will also encounter the attack of the Bat Wing Magic.

Come to the door of the entertainment room and let Reggis turn into a black smoke into the house to open the door.

Geralt was responsible for dealing with Bat Wing Mo.


Step4. Go to the second floor of the entertainment room, investigate the diary of the bear and Si Anna teacher next to the wardrobe. From this, it is learned that Anna (the bear) and Xi Anna were naughty as a child, but the crimes were belonged to Xi Anna. The labels of the bad children and unknown persons to Si Anna, the label of their father and mother and everyone, gradually made her character gradually leading to extremes.

The diary also records a spell book called "Fairy Tale Country", and you can enter the fairy tale world after reading the spell. Nowadays, Born of it is trapped in the fairy tale world.


Step5. At the second floor of the entertainment room, investigate hanging paintings, get a key, and open the closet to find the "Fairy Tale Country". After Jerot reads a spell, he found that he was also in the fairy tale world.


Blood and Wine-Except Mountain, Gu Zhiyao (1)

Blood and Wine-Section 10: Outside the mountain, Gu Zhiyao

Step1. Antadi Vee created this fairy tale hallway a few years ago, so that the sisters of the child at the time were playing. This entertainment can be connected to a fantasy fairy tale country.

Walking along the yellow brick road to a cottage, he found that Xi Anna was shooting the door hard, and the witch behind her seemed to hurt Xi Anna.


Step2. At this time, she will face the bad witch, she will use three moves, one is to throw venom bombs; the other is the sprint of the venom; the third is to summon the giant spiny and toxic black panther.

And when she launched a venom sprint, the bubbles around her would be eliminated. These bubbles can resist all attacks, and the bad witch has been flying in the sky. It is only at this moment to use the crossbow to shoot down.

The bad witch fell on the ground could not fight back, but her broom would still attack Geralt in place, bypass the broom, and then attacked the witch.

The witch will try to use a jar to attack the ground to hit Jerot. If you are stunned, then the above operations must be repeated, but if Jeolot avoids it, then the dizzy person is a bad witch. At this time, you can continue to attackShe, constantly avoiding the bad witch to death, but if she can’t do it, she will be the most difficult boss in this fairy tale country.


Plot: The original Xi Anna was going to find Jack in the house, and Jack was the magic bean Jack in the fairy tale.

It turned out that Lord Anna sealed a exit of this fairy tale world. Now the remaining gap is to collect three colors of magic beans, plant huge tree vines, and leave the top to leave. But the magic beans are not in Jack now.

Jorot informed Simana that Baokland was attacked by Diracland today. After the measurement, Simana decided to temporarily become the allies of Geralt. As long as she is guaranteed to leave the fairy tale world, she will face Dilaf with Geralt.


Step3. With Xi Anna out of the bad witch forest, they will encounter small fairy on the way, and three knives can solve them.

When you come to the hills, you will see the unicorn. Here you can ride them to travel (for Xi Anna’s memories of pink unicorn childhood, but for Jerot, it is another "memory")Essence


Step4. From the Magic Bean Jack’s mouth, the Qiansi who loves lying may know the whereabouts of the magic beans and defeat the wolf group to rescue the Qiansi.

Qiansi was the master of the wolf. Jelorot asked him what he was about three magic beans, and he said:

Red beans, be sure, no one swallowed the magic beans to his stomach;

Blue beans, it is placed in an empty place;

Soybeans, in a deep place, very deep, so deep to the ground;

Xi Anna pointed out that Qiansi said that all of them were anti-words, so red beans were swallowed by someone; blue beans were in a room; soybeans were the highest places in the fairy tale world.


Step5. At this time, visit all fairy tale characters, (at this time there is no map leading path) first along the road on the left to the nest of the three bears. Except for finding that they are sleeping on the right bed and a corpse, no magic is found.bean.


Step6. Then go to the hometown of Grandma Little Red Hat and see the big gray wolf falling on the ground and covering his stomach. It turned out that he killed the little red hat and hunter because they always teased him. Cut it again, but now he miss the process of acting with Xiaohong Hood, so he hopes that Xi Anna will accompany him, but the big gray wolf needs Xi Anna to dress up like a little red hat.


step7. Jump into the bottom of the well and dive into the water to find the cloak of the little red hat, swim from the cave to the lake.

Simana plays the little red hat and Georot plays the hunter, playing with the big gray wolf (actually fighting with the big gray wolf).


Step8. Big gray wolf is similar to conventional werewolfs. It is best to use beast oil to deal with it.

Defeat the big gray wolf, cut his stomach to take out the red magic beans.


Plot: At this time, Xi Anna said that she was kicked out of the court. At that time, she was hungry in the forest and encountered a group of robbers. Originally, they thought they would do excessive behaviors on Xi Anna. The murderer was more kind than the knights wearing shiny armor. They accepted the young Xi Anna at the time and trained them into the leader of the entire team of bandits.

Xi Anna was angry that Anna completely forgot her sister (remembering these words, and then used to influence Xi Anna).


Blood and Wine-Except Mountain, Gu Zhiyao (2)

step9. In front of the hut of the three piglets, use the Alda Seal to blow down the house.

Then face the three angry pigs, and after defeating them, find the blue magic beans on the plate in the house.


Step10. Go to the Snow Mountain next, although it will not get yellow magic beans here, it is very helpful for the plot after triggering.

On the Snow Mountain is the little girl who did not sell the match to sell cigarettes. Xi Anna found that the ribbon on the little girl’s hand was her, but the little girl asked Jorot and Xi Anna to win back in the way of the Quinte, or orIt costs 500 gold coins to buy.

Although he spent much strength, Simona felt that Jerot wanted to return to recover the ribbon from the little girl.


step11. When you come to the tall tower of the long hair princess, you can go up along the broken wall. When you go to the top floor, you will see that the long hair princess has already been hung up and becomes a demon spirit.

The long-haired princess can deal with her with evil spirits and Yaden’s seal.

In battle, she will send a small fairy to assist in the battle.

After defeating the long-haired princess, you can find the last yellow magic beans on the bed of the long-haired princess, and then jump into the lake from the terrace.


Step12. Then go to the field, with Xi Anna who repelled the little fairy, and went to the yellow soil to plant three magic beans.

Under Xi Anna’s urging, Geralt went to check that there was no response to the piles. At this time, the Magic vine suddenly stood up (Jerot asked Simonna to pay attention, accidentally … may intentionally put his hand on his chest …).


Step13. Climbing to the place where the monster lives along the magic vine, you have to face the giant. The combat mode of Yun giant is the same as the Guata giant encountered by "Blood and Wine-Section 2: Tao Sen’s Evil Beast".

Will use wooden sticks (1 below), pull away (1 below), fight back (3 below), Yunyun/ , this is the four most common moves of Guatt, as long as he swings his upper limbs, then JeroYou can dodge, and then launch the offensive.

If you jump out, just avoid it.

But it is also very simple to Fu Yun, that is, let him go close to the iron that was hit by the thunder, and then paralyzed him. At this time, Geralt could attack him without returning his hand.


Plot: This fairy tale world has been completely crazy, and Jorot believes that this is Simona intentionally.

Because she is also a person who guards her in order to get rid of her. Now that the two are close to the exit, Simona may have felt that Jorot does not need to be.

At this time, Simona seduced Jelot (you can choose to follow her or not to follow her).


Step14. Follow the ghost fire to the water well, and then jump into the water well to send it to the water spring in the Portland Palace.


Plot: At this time at midnight, Reggis reads the diary of the teacher of the two sisters of Si Anna to know the Water Spring. In the eyes of Reggis, Xi Anna was a liar full of lies, and Jorot persuaded the two to quarrel and solve the war together.

When Xi Anna left, she looked back at the castle’s room.


Blood and Wine-Section 11: Dishamamana

Blood and Wine-Section 11: Dishamamana

Plot: When you come to the old place to meet with Dirac, Xi Anna had to return to the little girl’s ribbon to return to the fairy tale world quickly, so that she can avoid Draf’s chase (and in the fairy tale world of the fairy tale world. The lethal monster has cleaned it with Geralt’s hand).

Draf felt fooled again, so he took the Jorolt and Reggie to vent.


step1. First of all, it is necessary to play with the ordinary state.

Draf can be surrounded by blood mist and paste. When you fall into this battle, you must be careful of the magic gas group and the air attack. He often turns into wings when he is injured. His strong and powerful wings can easily make the hunting hunter coma.

Higher vampires are immortal, so they will not be afraid of death during battle, which means that they will risk all kinds of risks to fight. They can also be invisible and restore their lives in the battle. All in all, even for hunters, they are quite difficult to deal with opponents.

It is best to bring vampire oil, black blood, and use the seal of Kunn to deal with Dilaf.


Step2. When Diraf lost 1/3 of the blood volume, he would enter the second form, and he made his wings.

It will use collisions, falling to the ground, and restraint. As long as you do not walk into the blood beach created by Dirac, you will not be dragged, and you will not be attacked by collisions.

In addition, if Dilaf failed to fall to the ground, he would be paralyzed, and at this time he could get close to the fierce attack.


Step3. When Dirav lost 2/3 of the blood volume, he would enter the third form, and Geralt would enter Draf’s body. After the pustules, Dirav will be defeated.


Plot: Geralt successfully chopped Draf, a senior vampire, and the free activity of Reggis stopped Jorot. He had to understand his friend’s life.


Blood and Wine-Section 12: Welling

Blood and Wine-Section 12: Welling

Plot: Two weeks later, Geralt and Reggis went to the tailor workshop to put on a customized aristocratic clothing to participate in the presence of the highest glory of the Glory Grape Cream Medal.

But there is another question in Geralt’s heart, that is, Xianna’s fifth goal (the last one of the five virtues-mercy), so he decided to find a shoe worker because he entered the past before entering the previous enters. When Dirav’s memories, Jelot remembered that every time Draff came to the shoe shop, he received a murder letter. At that time, he had no doubt that the child was delivered to him.


Plot: Geralt and Reggis had to be quite a customer intended to let the shoe rubber say who the person who handed the paper to him.

As a result, it can only be that Reggis uses shoe-rubbed agents to exchange information again, and the shoe rubber sent out a piece of paper made by four beggars. As for the beggar, he did not ask him, but he knew that the beggars were all all the beggars. Living in a nearby retaining place.


Step1. When I came to the closure, I found that the director was complained by the neighbors. These powerful neighbors intended to drive them away with violence.

Learn a meal with a fist, so the director of the retaining house was grateful for Jerot to help find the beggar who delivered the paper.

At night, under the persuasion of the director, a beggar handed over the fifth goal note. This goal was Simona’s sister, Labona.


step2. (The next step is to achieve a beautiful ending.) Geralt chose to persist in finding the motivation of Daena, transmitted to the Portland Palace, and came to the room where the room was placed under house arranged., Talk to Xi Anna after internal advancement.

Why did Xi Anna kill Anna? The answer was "because she abandoned you, forgot you", and then didn’t choose "I listened enough".


Plot: Geralt has read their teacher’s diary. Once upon playing together, the two of them played together and could not be separated at all. Anna sometimes hurts Ana, but Anna also stepped forward for Xi Anna. When Xi Anna had a nightmare dream, only Anna could soothe Xi Anna.

The world will devour memories and distort memories, and Jorot hopes that Simona can remember happy memories. It wasn’t Anna chose to cut off the relationship with Xi Anna, but that she could not change the past or rationalize her behavior.

But Simona did what Anna and Talont did, but Anna had not given up her.

At this point, Xi Anna also seemed to let go of her heart.


Plot: At this time, I went to see Demin and asked him to lead Jorot to award. Lord Anna awarded the most honorary wine grape medal of the Principality to Geralt, and rewarded more than a dozen barrels of Sangrey wine and entrusted fees. In addition, Lord Anna also hoped that Jerot would assist her on the scene while she tried Simona.

Sanna was then picked up, and Geralt said that "Xi Anna did commit a crime, but she was so painful to have a reason." At this time, Xi Anna’s mood broke completely. She felt that she was wronged from her childhood. When she was a child, Anna ordered the fish bladder to burn the baldness of the Ambassador Nifrgard, but at the time, Xi Anna carried all the responsibilities and punishments, but Anna didn’t say a word.

Anna is the only person in the world who understands Xi Anna, but she shrinks in the corner, and she did not try to find her when she grew up. Anna sent someone to find Xi Anna, but Xi Anna did not want to be found at all.

Who is wrong for who is wrong, and it is not important for a family. Anna took the initiative to hug Xi Anna and got the forgiveness of the other party. The two sisters finally reconciled.


Step2. Jerot escaped the award ceremony and came to the cemetery to drink with Reggie.

Reggis made his own wine with the local mandala. He took it out to share with Geralt, and then Reggis wanted to let Jerot pick up two mandala with him.

Bring the specified masks and gloves before picking.


step3. When looking for the missing Reggie, he has to face the vampire with Reggie.


Plot: The vampire girl who just appeared when she abused the Reggieis traitors. The vampire’s society was very simple, maybe some plays. But Legis and Jerot are allies anyway.

Reggis has to leave Talont. He wants to know whether Jerot’s plan will stay in the white crow garden or continue to be a hunter (this is selected by the player, but the development of the story is more oriented, soJelot wants to stop).

Many things are just appearances. Like Ma Mi, they will deceive people, but the process of making a decision is never easy. Reggis said that they have witnessed many big events and even became behind the scenes. They did so many things and should have rest.


"Blood and Wine" has been updated, please continue to read "The Heart of Stone"!

Stone Heart-Section 1: Demon’s first contact (1)

Stone heart

Stone Heart-Section 1: The first contact of the devil

Step1. All the ways to play out of the notice board outside the seven cat hotels, saw a person who was entrusted, and said that if he was interested, he could go to Galin Manor to find Ogild Iverk.

Going to Galin Manor, there is a group of Mosesan people who joked at the beginning of Geralt, but Geralt was still very serious, so one of them had to take Georot to key Ogild.


Plot: Ogild is the leader of this group of Mossigan. He first asked if Jerot would appreciate the sculpture, and then said endlessly about his views on the sculpture, but later he felt that the sculpture was like a stone outside the house. Then pushed the sculpture to the ground.

Then follow Ogild to the lobby, and learned that this group of people was not a good guy (everyone worshiped Ogild madly). They occupied this manor and sent the daughter of the manor as a servant to send it, but JoroHe didn’t care about the matter, he came from commission.

Regarding the monster in the sewer, Ogild said that there was a monster in the sewer. Many women in the estate thought the monster was changed, so he found it. As a result, he did not look back, so he hoped that Geralt would solve the monster.


Step2. Go out of the Galin Manor Hall, a woman with a Mossian head is called to stop Jorot. She has always called Jerot with a cat’s eye ghost. The person called Crucate, because this person killed her friend, she also said that Jorot would inevitably accept the task.


Step3. Send to the port of Osonver, then go to the water well, and then enter the sewer.

Kill one or two water ghosts first at the sewer, and then found Xia Ni when he was rescued when he moved inside.


Plot: Xia Ni is now working in Osonfield’s clinic, and was called to the Reidanian army today.

This morning they received the order and came to this sewer to investigate the reasons why multiple water wells were contaminated with venom, but they were attacked. At first, a large number of water ghosts were resolved, but suddenly a monster appeared.big.

Although Xia Ni seemed to be a weak woman, she needed a monster’s venom sample, so she insisted on continuing to investigate with Geralt.


Step4. Go to the shelf in front and use Ald’s marks to blow down the fragile wall.

I found the corpse of Xia Ni with soldiers at the entrance of the lower floor. Looking at the tragic condition of the corpse, this monster was definitely not playing.

According to Xia Ni’s observation, the monsters were large and smooth. In addition, there was a detail that she used wine to give a companion to a companion to treat her legs. After the monster was attacked, Franz disappeared.


Step5. Geralt jumped to the lower layer and repelled several water ghosts. Xia Ni then came to this layer with the commander Fun’s sewer fence key.

The two and later discovered the body of Frank, and found that his injured legs were gone. Jerot speculated that monsters liked wine and blood very much.


Step6. Then use the hunting magic sense to find the monster’s nest, and Geralt suggested that Xia Ni, who collects samples on the side, leave first.

Geralt used the surrounding body to sprinkle the body on the body, and then the toad would appear.


Step7. Toads use moves that trampled jumping, positive vomiting venom, scattered venom, and tongue.

Except for scattering venom, other moves are basically not attacked as long as Jorot does not appear on the front.

The scattered venom will fly several poisonous liquid balls, but the falling point of the venom is random, just stay away.

Toads are very vigilant. As soon as Geralia is approaching, it will escape from jumping, so it is recommended that you use more flames to deal with it. Basically, you do n’t need to be close, but it may consume a longer time.


Plot: Geralt successfully cut the toad’s abdomen, but the venom poured out of the toad’s abdomen was stained on Geralt’s body.

At this time, a group of foreigners appeared in the waterway (they were sent by King Ouer to find their princes to relieve his curse). Back to the humanoid, but the wound of the abdomen also appeared on that person.


Stone Heart-Section 1: Demon’s first contact (2)

Plot: After a period of time, Geralt woke up and found that he was detained in the cell where the cabin was held. Accepted the trial of King Our. It turned out that the toad was really a prince.

Although the prisoners next door understood some Ouyer, it was difficult to communicate. Geralt had to find a way to escape.

Suddenly in the night of the night, a mirror master who assisted Jana Fa in Bai Guo Garden had previously appeared (at this time, and he was not a leisurely man). Human sentiment and temporarily left a brand on Geralt’s face.

The master of the rear mirror disappeared, and the ship where Geralt was located was sinking by the storm, and Jorot took the opportunity to escape.


Step8. Unfortunately, when he escaped, Geralt was arrested by the surviving Oufel soldiers, and the prisoner next door had already been executed on the ground.

After Jerot broke free, he played against the Oufei soldiers present and removed the miscellaneous soldiers first.

Then it is to deal with Master Ou Feier, he will use tornado, and avoid it when the tornado is approaching;

In addition, there is a gathered tornado. When you see the sand and dust concentrated, you must stay away from the location;

Master Oufei also has a basic wave of waving, and can attack him after rolling to him;

Like Master Oufeel, like ordinary soldiers, will be confused, especially when he uses the wind, it is best, but he dizzy at once, and then step forward to attack him.


step9. Since the master of the mirror assisted Jerot to escape, Jorot also had to pay the debt, so he went to the willow tree at the crossroads.

If time is early, use meditation to enter midnight.


Plot: Geralt is very strange to the mirror master to rescue him why he does not use simple methods, such as handing a key, but he said he does not like so simple way.

Speaking of the topic, Master Mirror said that the debt that Geralt wanted to repay was the guy that both of them wanted to look for -Ogild. First of all, this person refused to pay off the debt of Master Mirror. Ogild knew that the toad was actually the prince of Oufeel. He also deliberately let Jerot kill the prince and attract the hunting of King Ouer.

However, the Mirror Master and Ogild agreed that they must first fulfill his three wishes in order to recover his debt. The mirror master cannot directly meet his wishes. He can only find one agent. This agent.


Step10. Back to the Galin Manor, I found that there was already a fire there. It turned out that the group of Mossian was too hi, and burned the house.

Then Geralt saw that one person violated Ogild’s chivalrous rules, so he was beheading on the spot. The daughter of the manor owner learned that his father was persecuted and took the opportunity to pierce Ogild with a knife from behind, but as a result, Ogild seemed to not feel pain, and he also pulled his knife out.


Plot: Because the house has been burned, Ogild can hardly get anything to pay for the commission.

At this time, the master of the mirror Gangte Odim appeared. He told the more detailed story of the cursed and turned into a prince. First of all, Ogild’s lover fell in love with this prince, and Ogild was jealous. The mantra turned into a toad, but now Ogild is annoyed by Prince Our, and uses Geralt’s hand to learn about his life.

Knowing that he had a loss, Ogild interrupted the mirror master’s words, and he proposed that the mirror master had three desires, because he could only be processed as an agent, so he was driven away by the mirror master.

Three wishes, Ogild only wants two, neither of them is easy to complete. First of all, you must enjoy happiness for his dead brother Fludimi, and the second is to get the room of Mosimilan Posdi.


Stone Heart-Section 2: Yangjian Party (1)

Stone Heart-Section 2: Yangjian Party

Step1. The information of the Oassant Clinic at the Port of Osonfield thought about the information of the Xiani Hall’s Hall Hall’s Iverk family cemetery.


Plot: Xia Ni made antidote from the mucus sample obtained from the sewer and gave it to the soldiers from Ridania. For Xia Ni, the object of her serving people and the treatment are also people, and anyone will help. And this time Jerot came to ask her. Jerot told Xia Ni after killing the toad including the mirror master and Ogild 151.

Xia Ni also agreed to help summon the dead spirit, but she and Geralt also felt that the matter was not right.

Xia Ni found the position of the Ogild family’s tomb from the book, and she brought the incense burner to set off.


Step2. Go to the Ivrek Manor. Before the entrance of the cemetery, she saw Xia Ni woven the corolla. It turned out that she was going to participate in a friend’s wedding, and invited Geralt to accompany him.


step3. Entering the tomb lobby, you will meet the demon spirit.

After repelled the demon spirit, investigate a sarcophagus with a machete on the right side of the entrance. This is the coffin of Ogildm’s brother Fludmi (in the southwest curved channel, investigating a sarcophagus can get a grave room to get a tomb.key).

Then use Xia Ni’s incense burner (pushing down the mouse), let Xiangfu scattered in the four small areas and halls of the cemetery, and then Geralt will read the spell to summon the ghost of the Iverk family.


Step4. The ghosts of the Iphrek family did not see Flodimi, and they were quite irritable. They did not know how Geralol got the blood of their children (Ogild).

They are like ordinary human soldiers, and they can work with confusion. When they are dull, they can attack them.


Plot: Then Fludimi slowly climbed out of the coffin. When he learned that his brother Ogild wanted to make him enjoy a day, Flodimi looked very jumpy and saw such a beautiful Xia Ni.

So Fludmi decided to go to Jerot’s body to pursue Xia Ni. Xia Ni did not know how to be in the upper body of Geralt, so she proposed more interesting activities to participate in the wedding. There are wine and beauty there, and Fludmi immediately agreed.


Step5. When I came to the farm hosted by the wedding banquet, Flodimi felt that Jerot was not wearing orthodoxy, and she stole a suit and helped Jerot to get a hairstyle and shaving.

Then she entered the farm with Xia Ni to send blessings to a couple, but Fludimi, who controlled Geralt, said to the bride a lot of explicit words, which made Xia Ni very embarrassing.


Stone Heart-Section 2: Yangjian Party (2)

Step6. At this time, the wedding banquet officially started, and Jerotmi (Fludmi) and Xia Ni could participate in the event in the wedding banquet until midnight.

First of all, you can see the woman’s parents next to the place where the newcomer blesss. Ask the informed people who they invited, the dogs they invited were scared away by the dog’s dog. People will think that their women’s family is shabby.


Step7. Fludmi thinks that it will be fun to find a fire-swallowing person to watch the performance, so it is decided to force Jorot to help …

When I went to the dog’s nest, I found a dog’s footprint. After following the footsteps, I found the dog named the demon and hid on the tree … I’m afraid to swallow the fire again.

Tamed the demon (dog) with temptation, and the people who swallowed the fire finally came down, but he had to be unwavering, so that Jorodmi (Fludmi) gave him 500 gold and was willing to go back.


Step8. Next is to escort the swallowing people back to the wedding banquet. When spending the stream, the swallow people will scream and have a bear. As a result, the head of the wild boar will go back to perform after killing the wild boar.


step9. Then go to the dining table on the west of the farm, you can drink a glass of wine, and it will be a little drunk after drinking.

Enter the dining table of the barn, you can also drink a glass of wine (these two drinks are an event).


Step10. Then go to the barn stage to dance, and Jerotmi (Fludmi) will show Xiaoli’s dance skills.


Step11. Go out of the barn, there are three dwarfs in the gate of the barn, and Jerotmi attacked the dwarf with a discriminatory language as soon as he spoke.

The dwarf bet with Jerotomi Mi, and the person who lost the kinter had to take the donkey’s ears all night, and he also lost the family.

If you do n’t play, choose to withdraw directly, then you have to bring the donkey ears. The dwarves are also very kind, because they know that Jerotomi is drunk, so I only collect Georoda (FludiMi) 5%of the total amount is given to the dwarves.


Step12. Then Xiaoli led Xia Li into the barn to dance. At this time, the mirror master appeared on the stage, allowing the band to play a romantic dance music for Jerotimi and Xia Ni.

When the dance music was about to end, Jorotmi continued to tease Xia Ni and kissed Xia Ni.

But what makes Geralt and Xia Ni most care about is that the mirror master will never appear here for no reason, so Jorot needs to investigate (you can let Flodimmy play until midnight before looking for the mirror master).


Stone Heart-Section 2: Yangjian Party (3)

step13. Go out of the barn and go to the pig bar, talk to the villagers, and participate in the pig game. As long as you stand behind the two black pigs with a circle of circles, you can drive them in the right direction. When you enter the pig shed, you can give the crown of Xia Ni’s puppet pigs and the king of pigs.

Xia Ni had long wanted a puppet pig.


Step14. Jerotmi (Fludmi) chatted with Chari, and Jerotmi (Fludmi) bet that he could fascinate all women.

Georisti (Fludmi) took the initiative to hit a girl and almost coaxed a girl. As a result, Xia Ni and the girl’s three brothers were interrupted.

The three brothers also irritated Flodimi to Jerotomi (Fludmi). At this time, the three brothers could be knocked down, which scared the girl away just now.


Step15. Go to the pond to play a game of picking shoes. Women will throw their shoes into the pond, and the man who likes her just jump into the pond to find the shoe, then this woman belongs to thisMen.

Charity and Georodm (Fludmi) decided to participate, jump into the water, use the hunter’s senses to find shoes, and you can also find the remaining two shoes.

It stands to reason that Jorotmi (Fludmi) can return other shoes to their masters and then gain goodwill, but only Charle is Cinderella (Fludmi).


Step16. Then you can go back to the barn to find a mirror master. He discussed how to cook gingerbread with the man and woman’s mother, which seemed to emphasize time.

Then wearing a crown ceremony is about to start, and Xia Ni, as the bridesmaid, will temporarily walk away. Regarding Xia Ni’s persuasion, Jelotmi ran to the stage to publish a wedding banquet. On the one hand, he wanted to express the dullness of the people, and on the other hand, he wanted to express that he enjoyed the wedding banquet. There are a lot of words that make people feel confusing.


Plot: The midnight is approaching, Fludimi encourages Jerot to give him a little time with Xia Ni, but the mirror master suddenly appears. He has a headache (the master of the mirror also told Fludimi, and he will see the ugly side of his elder brother). Gild, the letter tells the day when you enjoy the joy. Knowing that Fludmi was leaving, Xia Ni also farewell to Jerotmi.

After receiving a flower ball in the wear ceremony, Xia Ni (meant to get married next year, which caused some pressure to Xia Ni) suddenly felt that Georot, who was facing Mudu, was a little overwhelmed. The expectation of the wedding was too high, and there was some wrong interpretation in her head. She thought that Jerot also loved her.


Step17. After Xia Ni run away, open the character list, check Xia Ni’s message, and learn that she likes peppercorns.

Enter the barn, get the wine made of pepper on the dining table, and then go to Xia Ni, Xia Ni’s mood will become better.


Plot: Jerot and Xia Ni strolled on the farm. They met the groom and his father-in-law who was understanding each other, and the three brothers who were drunk to guard her sister at the pier, and the girl who had found a partner.

These harmonious scenarios made Geralt and Xia Ni release themselves. The two obtained a ship to the center of the lake at the pier, and the two expressed their love for each other …

Xia Ni’s parents have always hoped that she would meet a good husband when she was at the college, but this was not her pursuit. Just as she pursued knowledge was not to meet a good man, maybe Jerot could not stay with her often, but tonight JieLot belongs to her. She still remembers very clearly. After the last time she was separated from Geralt, Jerot had 27 more scars on her body. Women were particularly memorable about her favorite …


Step18. Then go to the tavern at the port of Osonfield and hand over Flodimi’s personal letter to Ogild, then even if it is the first wish, then the second wish will be to help Ogild to take the waves of waves. Di’s house was handed.


Stone Heart-Section 3: Sesame Open (1)

Stone Heart-Section 3: Sesame Open Door

Step1. Go to the Posdi auction house in Osphot, and the guards were guarded by the soldiers of Ridania, which made Georot feel a little strange.

The guard saw that Jeolot did not make an appointment and did not allow him to enter. It happened that Jeomot’s dwarf friend Blim Wivai appeared, and he could lead Jorot to the auction house.


Step2. Jerot said that the owner of the auction house Horster, but Vavidi told him that the guy was very mysterious and would appear during the auction. At that time, Wividi would help them connect.

First of all, Wividi will bring Geralt to the second floor to introduce the participants who participated in the auction.

The artistic agent is a person who has a high self-esteem. If you can’t answer which is the paintings of Master Edward Vanadu’s painting, he will be despised by him.);


Step3. The Duke appreciates Geralt, especially she knows the hunter of the wolf school, and then she will take the opportunity to let Jerot go to the balcony to search for earrings for her. In fact, she wanted to talk to Jerot’s master Vesomir alone, and everything that Jerot knew was taught, but his old man had died, although he did not die in the gesture of the hunting demon hunter. But he also died with the hero (Wisemir died of the crazy hunting commander Ireis in order to guard Herry in order to guard Herry).

After learning the truth, the Duke was very sad.


Step4. The last one is the good player Hibel, who played Kemin, he hopes to compare with Geralt (Quinte).

After the three people’s conversations ended, the auction officially started.


step5. If the player’s money is sufficient, you can buy the treasure statue of Earl Rami Limali with treasure, the "Starry Sky on the Pound River" by the artist Van Lu, and the rare glasses.


Plot: During the rest of the auction, the owner of the auction Horster appeared, and Geralt expressed his apology to him, but the other party seemed to not be able to appreciate it.

Geralt opened the door to see the mountain and directly talked about the house of Mosimilan Posdi, which made Horster disgusted. He learned that he was hired by Ogild to hire Jerot, and Horster reprimanded Wividi and evenAlso let the soldiers go out of Jelot.


Step6. Two guards took Geralt out of the house and deliberately made trouble, so they had to teach them to recapture their weapons in the future.

At this time, a stranger in black appeared. He said he would assist Jorot to get the house of Mosimylan Posidi, asking Jorot to go to the wooden house of the herbal doctor. Essence

At the same time, Horst has been witnessing all this at the window sill!


Step7. Before coming to the wooden house of the herbal doctor, there were three soldiers who knocked on the door and defeated them with the help of confusion.

Entering the house, you can see the stranger in black when you tell the dwarf.


Plot: The goals of strangers and Geralt are consistent. They all want to break into the treasure house of Posy to get what they want. Strangers have spent one year planning this operation. The addition of some personnel.

There are two candidates in the tower, love Buddhalin, known as "Itachi", good at gymnastics and ropes. In recent years, several theft cases have been committed;The houses may be more than the monsters cut by Gealot.

There are two candidates who opened the treasure house. Casimir is a dwarf. He once bombed the entire Novigri. Treasury door was only small for him, but he was married and gave birth to a child; the other was an unlocking expert. Copywin, unfortunately he was caught by the mercenary Sidelis’s Hans a few days ago.

Regarding the patrol soldiers, Jelot and strangers are consistent. Choosing the artificial potion that will not cause fatal guards to the guards, let Jelorot get close to the garrison of the garrison, and then add some food to his food, so that most soldiers are sick. In bed.


Stone Heart-Section 3: Sesame Open (2)

step8. Next is to find a companion who open the door. Chido and Casimir chose one of them at will. I chose Chido. When you go to the mercenary station, you can release Qiduo as long as you deliver 200 gold coins to Hans. In fact, Qido opened the cage long ago and waited for the opportunity to escape.


Step9. Then it is to find a companion who breaks the empty door, Hugo and Ai Felin choose one at will. The author chose Erin. Going to the circus with Erilin, learned that their archer’s eyes were unwell, and they needed a replacement. As long as Jerot came off the bench and completed the performance, Ailin would join.

Press the mouse pulley aim, release it during the launch, and shoot the apples on the hands, top of the head, and right foot of the participants, you can recruit Erilin.


Step10. You can get aconite grass near the circus. In addition, two kinds of raw materials are also collected (1) and rotten magic blood (2). At this time, you can open the alchemy interface to synthesize the cleaning agent.


Step11. Go to the port of Osonfield and then go to Horster’s auction house. At this time, the Georot will be shouted by the deputy investigator Wassermore. Is there a way to use the players such as shells to buy high-selling high-selling money to brush money. As long as Geralt denies all, you can get a good taxpayer certificate.


Step12. Using the sensory ability of the hunting magic hunter to inquire about the auction house, the back door and window of the auction house, and the soldiers in the back of the auction house, none of them did not explore the whereabouts of the chef.

There are two patrol guards by the seaside, keeping a distance from them, and can inquire about the chef’s fishing near the harbor.


Step13. The next day, he went to the dock to find the chef during the day. Jerot asked him to poison the food. He agreed, but he asked to pay 500 gold in Jerot.


Step14. Back to the cottage of the Herbal Doctor and merge with everyone. The stranger said that if someone revealed that the wind sound would not hesitate to kill the people in the house.

Choose to go to the auction house together, then you can ensure that no one sells.


Plot: A group of people came to the auction house. Some of the patrol soldiers were missing because of food poisoning. Then the group also successfully appeared on the top of the tower, but they did not expect to have guards on the top of the tower, but they were also shocked.

Geralt told his partners to kill anyone, and then the group began to commit crimes with a mask.


Stone Heart-Section 3: Sesame Open (3)

step15. It was found that there were still guards in the lower level, which was involved in the description of strangers.

Geralt will repel the three guards here with wooden swords.

However, Horster in the house found that he ordered the alarm and then locked himself in the vault.


Step16. Strangers and Geralt held some hostages to negotiate with the soldiers outside.

Geralt was not good at the negotiations so that the opponent rushed in, and found that one of the associates escaped after a round.


Step17. When it comes to the lower macro, strangers will order Jerot to enter the vault first. At this time, Jorot will fall into the pit, and the spiders in the inside can climb up.


Plot: Back to the vault to show his identity, in fact, he is Horster’s brother -Ivad. Their father originally stated that the auction house was left to him in the will, but Horst played a trick and took AvaDemon’s name is not only expelled from him to get out of his house, but lives the life of a homeless man. Now he is going to retaliate against Horst.

Horster said that as long as Jerot was standing on his side, he could get any reward, and another companion was fell down because of Horster’s proposal (Geralt could also fall back).


Step18. The next step is to knock down Horster. The other two shields and their companions do not need to knock down.

After the victory, remember to search the nearby treasure chests to get treasures and toxic snake steel sword blueprints.


Plot: Ivad didn’t listen to Geral’s persuasion or hammered Horster, because he didn’t even take a word at that time. Now Horster asked to take away a treasure when he asked for mercy. Horst fire was furious.

As for the House of Michael Milan Posdi, it is actually a model made of gold, but Avad is unwilling to hand in, because there is a scroll in it that the two brothers and father’s will, hand over the Masimi Milan PosdiThe house is equivalent to handling family property.

Georot thought that Ogild wanted only the house of Masi Milan Posidi. Instead of the files, then Jerot and Evad obtained consensus. Jerot took the model and Evad got his will.


Step19. Evad escaped along the dense road and opened the rod on the right side near the exit to open the hidden door. In the future, the auction house belongs to Evad. He proposed that the fur or demon horns of petrochemical lizards can be traded with him.


Plot: Then the house of Mosimilan Posdi returned to the tavern to find Ogild. The behavior of Jorot made Ogild embarrassing. He felt that Jorot became more and more like a mirror master, and he was chewing more and more.

Why did Ogild have an hatred with the Posidi family? It turned out that the family of Ogilder borrowed money from the Bosidi auction house at that time, and invested in sawing wood factories. In short, it was not alone. Horster has to force Ogild’s house. No matter how Ogild begged, the other party did not agree.

Because of this, Ogild’s wife, Alice’s parents, learned that Ogild’s family had canceled their marriage contract and found another overseas husband.


Stone Heart-Section 4: Wedding Banquet Memories (1)

Stone Heart-Section 4: Wedding Banquet Memories

Plot: When I repeatedly asked the third wish in Geralt, Ogild released a catfish in the barrel (from the bottom of someone). Go to "Visit him".

Subsequently, Ogild told Jerot’s third wish to get the purple roses above his ex-wife’s head, but for so many years, the flowers had withered ash.

In fact, Ogild did not expect Geralt to complete. If there was a miracle, he could return to this tavern to ask his men to ask his whereabouts, but then Ogild estimated that he was dead.


Step1. Transmit to the outpost of the Giant Dragon Valley, at this time, you must face a riber dragon.

Then heading for Ifrek Manor, on the outer wall of the manor, Jeorot saw a tomb robbers who shouted the wind, but his companion did not respond at all and saw a ghost in the manor.

Geralt suspected that there was a demon spirit in it, scared to run away the wind robbers and handed over the task of looking for a companion to Jerot.


Step2. Enter the manor and use the hunting magic hunter sensor to investigate the front yard, including compost, bench, honeycomb, and painting racks. No trace of purple roses were found. Geralt intends to go to the backyard to see.


step3. Although the game prompt can enter from the main entrance, it is found that the main entrance has been locked, so it has to enter the backyard from the iron fence on the left.

At this time, Geralt would meet a black cat, using the hunting magic hunter’s senses to find the footprint of the thief partner, followed the footprint, and found that the thief’s partner had been killed, and a faceless person was digging a grave for him.


Step4. At this time, you have to face the extremely strong enemy in "The Heart of Stone". Seeing people will use waves, weapons enchanting (ice), ground burst, summoning mobs.

These moves, Geralt can go away from the dodge, and the ground burst immediately avoids as long as the light spots appear on the ground.

But the most horrible thing is that these tricks hit Geralt or the mobs he summoned by himself will get blood recovery. When his blood volume, the lower the amount of HP attack, so the remaining 1/3 blood remainsWhen you quantity, keep it fighting with it and deal with the flame seal.


Plot: Seeing people have no eyes, nostrils, organs are distorted and deformation, which raises this creature at all (in other words, it does not belong to the monster in this world).

At this time, black cats and black dogs appeared. They claimed to be friends in this room. They said that the hostess Alice now in the bedroom upstairs, and then they gave the key to the back door of Geralt.


Step5. From the back door to the big house, Alice’s demon spirit was found in the lobby, from the stairs in the staircase to the second floor, entering the west room, and then from the balcony terrace to the room.


Step6. The rooms walked to the corridor, and suddenly the eyes were dark, and the demon spirit appeared.

The strongest ability of this demon spirit is to release a healing ball. As long as it approaches the healing magic ball, it will continue to restore HP and push it away with the seal of shock waves (keep it away from the healing magic ball) to easily defeat her.

After defeating the demon spirit, another dark, and finally returned to normal.


Stone Heart-Section 4: Wedding Banquet Memories (2)

Plot: Geralt came to Alice’s room and found Alice’s bones in bed.

Why is it not buried so far, and only after burial, Geralt can summon Alice’s soul. The reason is that the person who watched the door was instructed by Alice to never let him get closer, so her soul was still unable to rest and was full of anger.

Jerot had his own way to contact Alice, and he had to bury her body. But you can’t bury the terrible Muyuan of the gatekeeper, there are too much blood there, and the air is full of fear.

The front yard will be better, and the black cat will give the key to the front door of Geralt.


Step7. When I came to the front yard to choose the position of the painting frame to bury Alice, Alice liked to draw painting during his lifetime. In addition, I learned from the black cat and black dog mouth that Alice was afraid of death, worried that no one would come to her funeral, or I had to get it. No blessing.

Then Geralt needs to say something.


Plot: Alice’s soul returned to the yang, but she couldn’t speak. She changed a manor oil painting on the painting rack. Geralt touched the oil painting and entered another world.

This is the world in the painting, which is Alice’s work, and black cats and black dog belong to two worlds, so they can also come in.

If you want to communicate with Alice, you have to wake her up and make her completely awake from sleep. In this painting, the world is composed of blurred and withered memories. Alice wants to forget all of this, but you can’t forget it, so Geralol must find those memories, repair it, summon the fear of torture Alice, and destroy it.


step8. The first paragraph of memories at the gazebo next to the world entrance in the painting.

Pick up the palette on the bench and put it on the table next to Alice;

Pick up the "Grassland Spirit" at the entrance of the gazebo and put it in Ogild’s hands;

Memories were fixed, and Ogild was a little worried about family debt. Alice wanted to resolve his knot, but Ogild chose to return to the big house indifferently.


step9. When entering the garden fountain, you will be attacked by Spider Spirit.


step10. Find the second memory in the garden fountain.

Pick up the cup near the fountain and put it in Alice’s hands.

Recalling was fixed, the marriage between Ogild and Alice was basically determined. The two camped to celebrate. The two only hoped that the time was frozen at this moment, and the two were longer.

Ogild has made this manor as their future home, but for Alice, the house has been empty for a long time, but Ogild has already cleaned up the spiders inside.


Step11. Then we have to face a group of spiders, and one of the spiders is relatively large.

When you go to the door of the house, you will find Alice’s nightmare, which is the body of fear, and Georot must face it.


step12. Enter the restaurant in the house, investigate the murals first, and find that the two candles from left to right in the fireplace and paintings are lit.

Standing on the side towards Ogild, the fireplace and two candles are lit in turn, and the memories will be fixed.

Ogild is not favored by his family. Even his parents-in-law did not want to see him and his daughter-in-law. In addition, the family’s family also paid off debts to Ogild, so as not to break the reputation of Alice’s family. Alice’s family also accused Alice of AliceSilk should not marry this mediocre villain long ago.


Stone Heart-Section 4: Wedding Banquet Memories (3)

Step13. Then I want to repel a few human shapes and go to Alice’s bedroom. This is the fourth memory.

Pick up the blood-stained towel before bed and put it next to Ogild’s washbasin, and the memories can be repaired.

Ogild was unwilling to disclose the blood on his hand. Alice, who was concerned about, repeatedly questioned, the annoying Ogild chose to sleep.


step14. Go to the painting room. This is the fifth paragraph. You need to refer to Alice’s oil painting to place the decoration on the table.

Pick up the wine glass of the window sill and put it in the middle of the table on the left side of Ogild;

Pick up the fruit plate under the mural and place Apple on the right side of the table on the left side of Ogild, and place the grapes on the left side of the table on the left side of Ogild.

Memories can be fixed. Alice painted portraits for Ogild. She asked Ogild to bring the smile on Ogild’s face when her father-in-law promised to marry. But Ogild, who felt pressure again, chose to return to the study, Alice felt that the two should not have a secret.


Step15. On the way to the study, you need to solve multiple human demon spirit.

Entering the study, this is the sixth memory.

First take the "Blood Contract: Alien Life" on the cabinet to learn about the role and painting of the pentagram magic array.

Then take the beesy candle and the chalk on the bookcase, and then select "Put the candle on the circle around the pentagram".

Memories were repaired, and Ogild used the pentagram to summon someone. He wanted to terminate the agreement between them, but it made a fire in the study.


Step16. The door of the study has been locked (escaped before the breath was exhausted). Seeing the murals of the snow scene, you can go to the world in the snow painting.


Step17. At this time, Geralt was going to escape the storm and found the way back to the house.

The guide route is deceived by players. Choose to enter the dungeon on the right side of the front yard to the right side of the house.


step18. Trigger the seventh memory in the dungeon.

Pick up the Mark Cup in the dark place and put it in Ogild’s hands;

Pick up a marriage contract near the barrel near Alice and put it in the hands of Alice’s father;

Memories were repaired. Under Alice’s request, his father-in-law announced that the marriage was invalid and tore the marriage contract. Ogild killed his father-in-law in anger, and he had to feed his father-in-law’s body to eat the beast.


step19. Go to the restaurant upstairs to trigger the eighth memory.

Take a small bowl on the table below the stairs and put it in front of the black cat;

Take a large bowl on the left side of the fireplace and put it in front of the black dog;

Take a dinner plate on the table on the south side of the restaurant and put it on the hands of the door;

The memories are fixed. Although the black cat and the black dog are not animals, the people who watch the door will still spread their bowls. Now Alice is placed under house arrest by these three monsters of Ogild. Today, Alice does not care about Ogild. She didn’t feel it, she just wanted Ogild to stay away from her sight.


step20. Now all Mrs. Alice has the shadow of Ogild.

Go to the living room and face Alice’s greatest fear. Investigating the letter written to Alice on the fireplace, this letter was an apology letter, but Alice has not seen it.

At this time, Alice’s fear appeared, and that was Ogild!

Ogild has an immortal body, but he will still die in this battle. He will have many avatars. The battle mode is similar to ordinary soldiers, but the most special thing is that as long as Jerot does not hit, Ogild, who can’t hit the move, They would not take the initiative to attack, and they did not move until one Ogild died.

When fear of blood volume fell to 50%, a special Ogild would be introduced. He was full of blood fog, indicating that he would use instantaneous body, but the combat method was the same as soldiers.

Using the impact wave seal can push away the fear, and then attack them.


Plot: Alice was finally released. It turned out that she had been waiting for Ogild to liberate her. Today, Alice is not a ghost or phantom. She is the incarnation of sorrow.

Alice can still feel Ogild’s challenge and fate now, with unwillingness to be unwilling, he has a stone heart.

Geralt hopes that Alice can surrender purple roses. She recalled that she received Ogild’s purple roses at the time. She held the rose on her hand and had a dropped pearl slipping from the leaves, or a blood drip? Is her finger stabbingShe has forgotten the blood that has flowed down.

Alice has never had the need to read Ogild’s letter, and it must not be read, so she did not need to keep the flower that Ogild gave her. Alice liberated black cats and black dogs, Alice, Alice, AliceNo one needs to remember her, because the person she loves also gives up her for obsession.

Before the black cat and black dog left, they reminded Jerot to be careful to claim to be a man of the glass of the glass and obstruct his path. Geralt would fall more than death than death and seek redemption from the broken glass.


Stone Heart-Section 5: There are head debts and owners (1)

Stone Heart-Section 5: There are head debts and owners

Step1. Leave the Iverkoror, be sure to leave from the gap in the main entrance, and then send the bar back to the bar at the port of Osonfield to find Ogild’s men.


Plot: Geralt came to the tavern and found that the mirror master was actually in it. Geralt was harassed by a alcoholic.

He said that although Geralt completed the three wishes of Ogild, his oral agreement also included "the three people gathered at the temple", so Geralt also needed to achieve this condition to remove the joint mark.

After the conversation, the mirror master inserted a spoon to the drunk eyes of the interrupted. Then Geralt had a conversation with Ogild’s men, asking Ogild to meet at Lervani Temple.


step2. At this time, go to Xia Ni to ask about more detailed experience about Ogild.

When I came to the second floor of Xia Ni Orson’s clinic, Xia Ni was preparing to clean up the baggage to go to the front line of the East to fight. When she heard Jerot’s help to investigate the case, Xia Ni still put down the things on hand. She said that she knew a professor named Priemesin, and he had met with Ogild several times.

The professor was very strange that he was locked in the college, and there was a mage hunter guarding at the door.


Step3. Go to the Academy of Osonfield. The guards do not allow Geralt to enter. Xia Ni knew one of the guards and treated the knee of the arrow. The other party only agreed to let Xia Ni go to the college alone.


Step4. Jerot fell to the sea and took a boat to the wall of the north of the college. After killing the water ghost there, at night, Xia Ni would leave the rope to let Jerot enter the college.


Step5. When you come to Professor Priemesin’s house, you will meet a witch hunter. After killing them, the investigation professor’s house found that the door was locked.

The ladder facing the main entrance climbed to the three floors of the professor’s house, jumped to its three-layer balcony, and opened the wooden door with the seal of the shock wave.

Then go to the first floor to see the professor.


Plot: Professor has long been aware of the classics of the mirror master. He knows the mirror master very well, so the witch hunter treats him as a treasure.

He tells that Ogild signed a contract with Mirror Master, and Ogild’s house fell. In order to recover the face, he listened to a witch and signed a contract with Mirror Master. The condition was to sacrifice a favorite person. I chose my own brother, but because of the pain of losing his brother, he slowly coldly cold to his wife, which caused the family to collapse.

The master of the mirror is actually the incarnation of the demon. His contract will not achieve any desire for the signing to, and eventually only seize their soul. To defeat the mirror master, you must challenge him. Master Mirror specializes in the vulnerability in the contract and can fight wisdom with others.

The professor was able to help Jerot in the case of his disability. He was also comforted, but after the words, he broke his neck and died.


Step6. Then leave the college, return to the three floors of the professor’s house, jump down from the balcony, and then go to the observation tower by the city wall, jump from the window to the beach to leave the college.

Then go to the Temple of Ralvani.


Step7. The temple is in the cave. When you see the first exit along the cave, there will be a winglong dragon guard at the exit, then turn right to the right (no hole). At this time, you can come out to the Temple of Larvani.


Stone Heart-Section 5: There are head debts and owners (2) Ending

Plot: Ogild came to the Temple of Lalfani at night, and Geralt showed it to Alice’s purple rose. It represents Alice’s love for Ogild. Even if she experienced so much, she stillI don’t forget Ogild. At this time, Ogild’s chest had a hot pain, and the mirror master walked from the air.

At this time, the dust of the ground was blown out, and the three stood on a floor tile with a huge moon. This mentioned the same place with Ogild’s signing of the contract. Soul (Jerot can choose to help, without help, the game ended here).


Step8. Jerot chose to help Ogild. He bet on the mirror master and bet on the lives of the two of them. If Jerot wins, the mirror master must let them go.

The betting conditions are determined by the mirror master, and Jerot needs to guess a mystery to answer where the mirror master is.

The puzzle is that things in the world are related to me, but some people avoid it. Touching and playing will make you lose your mind, but any attack can’t get on me. I was happy when I saw it, and the elderly were afraid of me and the girl. I cried, I also cried, I yawned and I fell asleep, and I smiled proudly (the answer was something that can be reflected, such as mirrors or water).


Step9. Some guidelines have been given in the puzzle, that is, many enemies do not need to fight, and some props should not waste time to get it, but it is recommended that you still take a poisonous snake toxic silver sword.

During the limited time, find the mirror master and walk along the big road. When you encounter the first bifurcation, choose the road with a bridge on the right.

After crossing the bridge, choose to run on the west, and you can get the poisonous snake toxic silver sword here.

Then run into the red window house at the northern end.


Step10. Walking on the negative layer channel, when the mirror near the end of the corridor, Geralt fell to another world.


Step11. There are 4 mirrors in this world, and once Geralt approaches, it will be broken.

Then walk to the southern end, use the sense of the hunting demon hunter to find the pool with water stains, and then use the seal of the shock wave to destroy the outlet north of the pool, so that the water spring fills the entire pool. The mirror master lost this challenge.


Plot: Back to the real world, the imprint of Georot’s continuously eliminated, Ogild finally recovered his freedom, but he also regained the painful taste. All of him was taken away by the mirror master. The person he loved and the person he lovedThings, this priest made him mixed with a taste. Although he found his heart, he felt free and sad, sad, and failed.

But Ogild also has a loyal partner. He also has a home, but Ogild gave up his previous life. Although he did not know his future whereabouts, he should start to master his destiny. Live yourself.

In order to report the kindness of the exposed post, he gave the heirland’s High Karabera Army Knife to Geralt. When delivering it to Jerot, Ogild scratched his hands, and the wound could not heal quickly. The two said goodbye to each other.


"Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt-DLC" graphic strategy, it has been updated, thank you for your reading!

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