In the game "Borde’s Gate 3", many friends may encounter such problems in the early stages of the game. If you master some tricks, it will be effective for the improvement of the game. The player "Innaer" brings the initial skills sharing of the novice "Borders 3". Let’s take a look.


"Boden Gate 3" Newbie Tips Sharing:

1. Seeing many people asking what it means to ask 1D8, it can be briefly understood as a dice ROLL of 1 and 8 sides. The value of the income is between 1-8. A number between 20.2D6 is 2 6-sided dice, and the difference between the income range is 2-12. The difference between the minimum value of the minimum value is different. Uniformly distributed normal distribution. Those who have time to read the rules and books slowly study.

2. Use the ALT key to make it more convenient to find things with high-lit and interactive items. The highlights are the left side of the keyboard number 1, and the specific content can be set in the inside.

3. Players who have played the original sin 2 may know that do not walk to the fire or other terrain that looks more dangerous, just walk around. The beginning of the boat is teaching, it doesn’t matter if you lose blood, the thing that looks like a blue jellyfish can be full of blood.

4. Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder can try more S/L in one appraisal, unless the attribute/characteristics of your identification needs are particularly low.

5. The space can be fast-forwarded. Right-click can cancel the unprepared action in the battle. Of course, the road that has been left is to be able to withdraw.

6. You can also save in the battle, and use F5 (fast archive). After all, the words of newcomers are easy to die at first.

7. Friends who do not want the WSAD mobile perspective can be ESC options-camera settings-edge displacement and hook, and the angle can be automatically moved to the screen from the edge of the screen.

8. Put on a girl who can’t be saved without tangling, but it is best to try to save it.

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