There are many additions in "Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt", but it can be divided into several types, namely the wolf, snakes, griffin, bear and cats, of which the wolf school is the most balanced. A genre, the wolf faction uses Fa seal and swordsmanship to fight, the two complement each other, more as follows.


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Wolf faction: Comprehensive and diverse

The battle of the wolf faction uses the method of seal and sword art to complement each other; swordsmanship must be a two-choice of two choices in light strikes and strikes. In this article, if you choose to lightly hitJust hit. French seal chosen Yadden, Ald; Inigs assist.

In terms of alchemy, if you take medicine frequently, the toxic blade and fear attacks are replaced with endurance increase and increased endurance.


The armor wears 4 -piece set. The steel sword can choose the Tao Sen special steel sword and the Bharwen’s blade, and the silver sword chooses the daughter of the lake.

The clothing enchanting (entangled) other holes inlaid Alda enhanced, one inlaid with Egney enhancement. Double swords attached (broken).

Commonly used players, Eld+New Year’s Swordsmanship. Blood recovery generally uses swallows and food, and he uses Haykna to assist in special situations.


Griffinist: Anti-gameplay

The griffin flow is relying on high vitality to reply. The two-consecutive hair effect of the set can quickly accumulate adrenaline. The skills can be maintained in the battle to maintain the state.

Alchemy option: Crab and spider decoction+ancient deer first fine decoction+owl potion+demon spirit decoction.


Equipped with a 6 -piece set of griffin

The other three pieces of clothes (protection) are inlaid with Egney enhancement, double sword enchantment (supplement).

Commonly used player Yaden+Kunne, output with iInger, sword to assists; the blood back blood is kept on the adrenal glands in itself.

Flying Lion School

Flying Lion School: Alchemy swordsmanship

The core of the flying lion school is the growth of refining metal. Anti-intuitive examples, such as the addiction head can grow according to toxicity, the more the medicine you drink, the greater the benefits. The upper limit of toxicity can drink one more bottle. The damage of the addiction head here can be superimposed to 258%.

This genre can withstand the toxicity of five bottles of decoction, petrochemical chicken snake decoction+Hexna decoction+swamp witch frying medicine+night demon decoction+griffin beast decoction


4 pieces of armor flying lion, the steel sword is used by the Bharwen, and the silver sword uses Goshff

The other three pieces of clothes (protection) are inlaid with life regeneration, double sword enchantment (break)

Commonly used play: In the face of the enemy group, breakout; for medium and large-scale enemies to hit the New Year’s strike, it can make some hard straight, and the immune to dodge the weak side repeatedly;


Bears: Bats Balm Madam Warrior

The characteristics of the bear faction are to prevent high blood and thickness.

Select the alchemy of Gryphon fried medicine.


The armor wears four-piece set, the steel sword uses the Taoont knight sword, and the silver sword daughter in the lake.

The clothes enchanting (partial rotation), the other three inlaid with life regeneration, double sword enchantment (lasting).

Commonly used play: In the face of the enemy who can block, they counterattack. The enemy who cannot block the enemy strikes up and fights back.

Poisonous snake

Poisonous Snake School: Both away

Poisonous snakes have teeth and venom.

Alchemy selected blood magic decoction, female night magic decoction, fork-tail dragon decoction.


Equipped with 6 pieces of poisonous snakes, a cat crossbow or bear crossbow.

The clothing enchanting (retribution) is inlaid with life regeneration, and the dual sword is inlaid into the chance of poisoning.

Commonly used play: Use crossbow to control the enemy. Those who are stunned after being stunned after you are close.


Catist: Fight quickly output.

In the cat battle, he relied on continuous and fast light strikes and dodge with the enemy.

Alchemy chose Thunder and Hekena.


The armor wears 4 pieces of cats, the steel sword chooses the Taoson knight steel sword, and the silver sword chooses the daughter of the lake.

The other three pieces of clothing (retribution) inlaid with life regeneration, steel sword enchantment (long-lasting) silver sword enchantment (break).

Commonly used play: Dodge the gap of light strokes+rotation, burning wind and north wind bomb assistance; use Hexena+Rotary+food with blood.

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