The more useful weapon in the early stage of "Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" is the silver sword Dispin. It was found in a secret treasure on the sea. There are water ghosts in these two places, and the difficulty is not high. More as follows.


Witcher 3 the strongest equipment in the early stage

204 Attack Super Slang Sword "Dasven" to get the location:


62 Anti-high attribute light A "Skaeliejie set" to get the location:


The two things are separated.


There are 2 water ghosts at the bottom of the sword. About LV8.

There are evil ghosts outside the building of the armor, LV5.

The attributes are as follows:



When I get to level 10, the level requirement is level 9.

The upper limit of damage is 204.

In other words, the intensity of this sword is based on your level.

Start the archive in front of the treasure chest, brush repeatedly, and appear the same attribute equipment, go around or meditate nearby and then come to get it.

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