Detailed explanation of the second-generation version of "Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt", the full version of the hard work of the stone and the DLC content of the wine. At a list of DLCs DLC of "Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt", the full version of the next generation was updated."Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" version selection recommendation."Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" is the last work of the Witcher Series Trilogy. The story will have the final climax of the grand narrative (multi-end). This game is made of the latest Redengine3 engine. The next-generation version update has raised the game screen to a new height. Players can explore arbitrarily in the seamless world. The game adopts the setting of non-linear plot, coupled with real character settings, charming stories, and an open environment. Players have a more realistic experience and complete sense of substitution.

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The second generation update list

The next-generation update of Wizard 3 Crazy Hunting pushed this classic production to the player’s vision again and ushered in another wizard boom.

New and old players are more concerned about the update content. New players are more concerned about what kind of content contains the various versions of the Witcher. The author summarizes it here.

First of all, this generation update is free. Players with Witcher 3 can get free upgrades, including various pictures, performance, technical improvement, and problem correction and additional content. The game version is 4.0.

《3:》 dlc

The following is a list of changes (only important changes):

-Add light tracking global light and ambient light shielding.

-The hardware compatible PC players can also open light to track reflection and shadow.

-Che various game modules and module-based improvements to improve the quality of the screen and the overall game. In addition to the adjustment of the environment and the improvement of the scene, the realistic style of the road, and many decorative upgrades, the game also integrates some popular modules produced by community, including::

— The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project (HD)

— HD Monsters Reworked (Monster HD)

— Immesive Real-Time Cutscenes (immersive real-time animation)

— Nitpicker’s Patch (various repair patch)

—WORLD MAP FIXES (World Map Repair)

-Lorot, Ye Naifa, Tris, Herry, Irin and other characters have been raised to 4K resolution.

-All major characters, including Geralt, will produce high-resolution self-projection outside the field. In addition, the problems of hair and armor wearing and other armor molds were also corrected.

-An environmental improvement:

— Added a new type of weather- "haze"

— Update the texture of the sky

— Improvement of vegetation and water bodies

— Various grid upgrades

— Some specified special effects improvement

— Updated global environmental light

-AMD FIDELITYFX ™ Super Resolution (FSR) 2.1

-It the photo mode, allowing players to take beautiful photos in the world of "Witcher 3".

-Add the function of suspending the game during the scene.

-In a new perspective, you can get closer to players and further adapt to battle and movement. It can be adjusted in "Options" → "Gaming Perspective distance", "Battle Perspective distance" and "riding and multiplied perspective distance".

-Ad the graphic settings "ultra-high+" to the PC, which greatly enhances the realisticness of the game. The graphic settings of "ultra-high+" influence are as follows:

— Number of background characters

— Shadow quality

— Grass density

— texture and quality

— Vegetable distance can be seen

— Terrestrial quality

— Water surface quality

— Detail degree

-Add DLSS 3 support. Need hardware compatibility.

《3:》 dlc

List of the following generation update: Online

Online function update:

-It the function of cross-platform inheritance between different platforms. The latest archive will automatically upload to the cloud to continue when other platforms play games. Cross-platform progress will retain the latest archive for each type of archive. This function will be enabled after you log in to your account.

-The "My Reward" in "Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt" can be obtained:

— Nine-tailed fox female sword

— White Tiger armor in the West

— Dor Brean Na Nursing Set

— Quinte: radish

《3:》 dlc

List of the following generation update: extra content

Extra content:

-In the addition of a new branch mission of Welon "shadow under the fire". The mission reward is the linkage props of the Neftlix "The Lord of the Hunter".

-Added the new appearance of Denmurn, which is linking with the drama of NEFTLIX "The Lord of the Hunter". Can be adjusted in "Options" → "Game".

-Nevergardon’s new appearance with the linkage with the drama of the NEFTLIX "Lord". Can be adjusted in "Options" → "Game".

-Add Chinese and Korean dubbing. Language support varies from the area.

《3:》 dlc

List of the following generation update: gameplay

Basic quality improvement:

-Add the function of fast law seal and casting function. Allow players to switch and release the law without opening the ring menu. Can be adjusted in "Options" → "Game".

-Che new default map filter. The new filter will hide icons such as question marks and ships to increase the readability of the map. Switching the map mode to "All" can re-display these icons.

-The high demand for the damage to falling. Now players will not fall to death when they fall from higher places.

-The herbs can now be picked up immediately without opening the extra picking window.

-Added the functions of dynamically hiding small maps and task goals when they were separated from the battle or used the mission. It can be adjusted in "Options" → "Video" → "HUD Configuration" → "Hidden Small Maps" and "Hidden Target" and "Hidden Turbish".

-Added the function of slow walking when using the controller for the game. Now gently pushing forward the left joystick can walk slowly.

-Che new sprint mode when using the controller for the game. Activate by lightly at the left joystick. Can be adjusted in "Options" → "Control Settings".

-Ad the function of adding lens reversal does not affect the target locking function. Can be adjusted in "Options" → "Control Settings".

-The ring menu has been improved, and now you can dynamically switch the bomb, crossbow and pocket props without opening the items.

-Caplated the function of zoom NPC subtitles and dialogue selection. You can adjust it through "Options" → "Video" → "HUD Configuration".

-Che various other small corrections, adjustments, and basic quality changes. Some secrets waiting for players to discover.

《3:》 dlc

Gaming improvement:

-Ad the game module Full Combat Rebalance 3 made by Flash_in_THE_FLESH, including changes in the balance of gameplay and various corrections. We sorted out the module and further adjusted some of the default elements, and also omitted some of the content.

-The treasure hunt: Wolf school equipment-the problem that the treasure chest of a signal tower cannot be opened.

-For the distant coast from Ophi -Fixed the problem of lack of drawings in the treasure chest hiding in the treasure chest.

-The difficult age -I corrected a problem that Geralt could not talk to the blacksmith or handed the letter to the blacksmith.

-Huang West Wind -Fixed a problem that the task will still fail to win the horse racing sometimes.

-The past echo -Fixed a problem that defeated Xiao Wu Demon and could not talk to Ye Naifa, which caused the task to be stuck.

-Craft War -Fixed a player to destroy one of the monster nests when exploring the problem that the task cannot be completed.

-Accover the problem of abandoned hotels on the south bank of Greater Shi Keligg Island in some cases.

-Accover the problem that a master-level wolf-style suit does not require the best props.

-F various tasks and small amendments to the scene.

《3:》 dlc

Complete version/Annual Edition Description

Complete version/Annual Edition Description

-The full version contains the basic version of the game, which offers more than 100 hours of open world grand adventure, including two large-scale plot expansion packages: "Stone Heart" and "Blood and Wine". The two will increase the game of 50 hours!

-The full version also includes all the downloadable contents that have been launched in the game, as well as the built-in photo mode, the new Chinese dubbing, the linkage of the Netflix TV series "The Lord": the sword, armor, new appearance, etc.content!

-Ad additional Chinese dubbing

-Atmoring the restraint of the subtitles, the immersive feeling that I had never seen before experienced the adventure of the white wolf Geralt across the mainland.

• Each dialogue of basic versions, "Stone Heart" and "Blood and Wine" are now more voiced by Chinese.

• The CD Projekt Red and the popular "Witcher’s Quent", "The Fall of the Gongquan" and "The Cyberpunk 2077" dubbing team jointly created.

(The author recommends that novice players directly enter this version. There is no need to buy it separately. As long as I like RPG, the Witcher 3 is difficult to disappoint.)

《3:》 dlc

Details/DLC Detailed Explanation (End)

List of content contained in the full version- ——

-Wizard 3: Crazy Hunt-Season Ticket, including two expansion pieces:

— Wizard 3: Crazy Hunt-Stone Heart

《3:》 dlc

— Wizard 3: Crazy Hunt-Blood and Wine

《3:》 dlc

-DLC1 Temerian Armor Set: Tymolia Armor Set.

-DLC2 Beard and HairStyle Set For Gerald: Geralt Hubybe/Hairstyle Pack.

-DLC3 Contract: Missing Miners: Sky Kelg’s missing miner mission (level 27).

-DLC4 Alternative look for Yennefer: Ye Nai Fa’s appearance, the main menu can be selected.

-DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor Set: Nevaard armor set, sold in the Baron Manor.

-DLC6 Crossbow Set -Three New Crossbows: Three new crossbow, sold in the Baron Manor, Steelig, and Novagler, respectively.

-DLC7 New Quest: FOOL’s Gold: The golden mission of the fool, level 10 is triggered in Licun Village, east of Lindenville.

-DLC8 Ballad Heroes Neutral Gwent Card Set: The new appearance of neutral Kemin is selected in the main menu option.

-DLC9 Alternative look for Triss: The appearance of Trice, the main menu can be selected.

-DLC10 New Quest-SCAVENGER HUNT: Treasure Map.

-DLC11 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -Skellige Armor Set: Strakiger’s armor suite.

-DLC12 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -Quest Contract Skellige’s Most WANTED: Add Stragelig’s reward.

-DLC13 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -New Quest-where the cat and wolf play: New tasks, where is cat and wolf mixed.

-DLC14 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -Alternative Look for Ciri DLC: Hilli New appearance, the main menu can be selected.

-DLC15 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -New Finisher Animations: New Ending Animation.

-DLC16 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -New Game +: New game +difficulty.

-Witcher 3: Hunter Soundtrack (original sound)

-Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt-Hearts of Stone Soundtrack

-Witcher 3: Crazy Hunt-Blood and Wine Soundtrack

《3:》 dlc

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