The number of eggs in "Wild Dart 2" is very large, and it is very difficult to find. The night walker is one of the eggs, and it is specifically in the Lagras swamp. Good weapons, because three people come to give people a head-up, we can’t refuse this kind of good intention. After the incident, we can collect the rope to collect notes.


Where is the Wild Dart 2 Easter Egg Night Pedestrian

Laglas swamps, a corpse hung here, prepared for weapons, because three people came to give people a head immediately. We ca n’t refuse this kind of good intention.

Night Walkman follow-up: There is a chance to have a sad cry at night, and he will pay more attention to crying at night. After the completion, there was an old man who was working here and talked with him to learn that his family was occupied by a group of people. He wanted to let him take it back and complete the old man’s task.

The egg inspiration comes from the Manchak swamp, the most horrible swamp place in the United States, because it was curseed by a virus queen, and three villagers disappeared here. The horror story about this place is also quite scary. It is said that the first evil virus tissue suddenly appeared in the shadow lake of Manchak’s swamp. Both and animals have become bloodthirsty, and they are extremely fierce. The shore of the shadow lake has become a corpse hell everywhere.

The specific location is as shown below

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